They are here! All the new swimwear designs are now on!

We just finished adding all the new designs to It has been a while since we have added an entirely new Men’s Swimwear Collection and we are so excited for you to see them.  It has been crazy here and we are completely drained from working straight through Friday evening to Saturday afternoon then into Sunday morning to get it all online. We had the photo shoot Friday and the model worked exceptionally well. He has a great body, a very nice eight inch cock shaved totally clean and an ass to kill for!  You would never be able to tell how wonderfully endowed he is because many of the new designs are transformation styles that totally tamed his penis virtually erasing it and changing it into a vagina. There are bikinis, thongs, shorts including some very hot sheer ones, bulge style suits and more. In total there are twelve new designs that I hope will blow you away. All are in stock now! Have fun checking them out.

Michael David

Fling Thong

Man Power

Male Man

Black Diamond

Bang Me

She Squad

Tender Lips

Luscious Lips

Fairy Tale

Crafty Girl

Girl Town

Chick Shorts

Princess Sheer Shorts

2 thoughts on “”

  1. Tasty new suits : hard to make a choice. Love the scrunchie butt style.

    When will you put the new tights on sale?

  2. Michael, nice new stuff!! The first 4 are what I really like!! Makes me lubricate a bit. Love the color and shine of the Fling Thong. Gonna have to order that for my guy.

    I was hoping to see some new pouchless g string designs. I would love you to do one just like the Fling Thong without a pouch, just a “cock ring” opening for my BF to strut his smooth, hairless stuff!! Delicious! Name it “Strut”! 🙂

    Do you have any new pouchless stuff on the way?

    Could you make some simple fabric cock rings in fabrics that match your suits to “fluff” things??

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