Lunch break by the pool.

Lunch break by the pool.

One of the benefits I have working at Koala is that there are a couple pools within minutes from the office, close enough to go on my lunch break. One is the pool at my gym which is around the block but these days the smallest we can wear (men and women) are bikinis and though I love wearing bikinis I prefer to tan in a thong or G-string. One of our employees has a townhouse minutes away and the pool areas are beautiful, just like a resort. I wear my smallest suits there be it a pouch style G-string or a transformation style thong. Most people know me and most of the time the pool belongs to just me. I can’t get my clothes off fast enough when I get there and when stripping off your work clothes( most of the year my work attire consists of shorts and a tank, one of the perks of being in LA which most of the time offsets the insane traffic) What a great way to spend my lunch break.

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3 thoughts on “Lunch break by the pool.”

  1. I’m jealous! Would love to be able to head to a pool over the lunch break for a quick dip and tan. Like you, can’t strip out of my work clothes fast enough, although suspect I’m wearing more than you are. I’m sure everyone would be quite surprised to see a guy taking his conservative business suit off to reveal a micro g-string underneath! Always good to keep them guessing!

  2. I too am jealous! I am just starting my collection of Koala Swim transformation swimwear and I have nowhere in town to wear them except under my clothes. I will be doing plenty of that though!

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