Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

We are going to be offering a new line of women’s style tights for men in the near future. These designs are made to be used with our male to female transformation suits like the Clever Girl which we have used on most of the testing. Since the transformation suits are doing all the hard work of erasing your penis and changing it to a vagina we are free to create real female styles but in men’s sizes. I would love your feedback on the kind of tights you would like, high waist tights? Scrunch butt styles? Light fabrics that look painted on?, figure control style cuts and fabrics? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!”

  1. My favorite tights are those that hug the ass, dive into the crack but are smooth (don’t have the gathered back). I’ve even heard of sewing elastic into the rear seam to enhance the effect. I imagine thinner fabric works better than thicker.

    1. Brocker, I completely agree!
      I love tights that totally accentuate the crack and voluptuous divide of the ass cheeks, but I don’t like many executions of that that are shirred with a bumpy, uneven puckered look. Tights are to be exactly what the word means: “(of a rope, fabric, or surface) stretched so as to leave no slack; not loose.”

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