Wearing spandex micro swimwear means never having to worry about your penis size.

Spandex is the great equalizer. I say that because most spandex suits and definitely Koala micro swimsuits all compress the penis with the exception of penis display designs. My penis is very small but once inside a micro suit my cock does not look much smaller than a guy with an eight incher. Even though he may be much larger in length and no doubt much, much larger in thickness our cocks look very close in size once compressed into a tiny pouch. His pouch may look like it’s ready to explode but it would still be tough to tell without a trained eye how much bigger he is. That makes wearing a micro in public pretty much the same for all guys there is no unfair advantage for a big penis. The fact is many of us including myself are into have our penises look as small as possible in the smallest swimsuit design.

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