It’s kind of like cheating.

It’s kind of like cheating.

I was at the beach Saturday with friends wearing my Man Power thong with a little extra help. As I mentioned in my last post this is my new go to suit but there is a downside to it. The rubberized fabric shows all that pre-cum like a little lake at the tip of my penis. It seems to spread fast and cannot be wiped off from the outside unless you go in the water. I have found it wipes off easily from the inside but that is a bit awkward to do on a crowded breach. Since I was going with friends I decided to wear a Tango. For those unfamiliar with one of our best selling items it is a cum dam that fits over the head of your penis. It comes in clear, tan, black or pink. I picked the tan color because it looks like part of my cock though the clear is the most popular.  It works amazingly well and not a drop of extra excitement ended up on my thong though there was plenty in the Tango! The other benefit is that it nearly doubles the length and thickness of my tiny guy enough so that one of my friends mentioned how large my bulge looked today. That is something that almost never happens to me unless I am using a cock ring but the Tango does a nice job of keeping the pouch clean and making me look like a real man. I know it is a little like cheating but my intent was just to keep the wet marks away in front of my friends not to show off a big bulge. I must admit it was fun to sport a big one even if it was not the real deal.

Men’s Swimwear check out the Tango!

3 thoughts on “It’s kind of like cheating.”

  1. I kind of want to try the ManPower thong, but I think I might be a little big for it..
    The photos at the top of the page — what is the name of the styles of the blue and yellow models?

    1. Not sure which suits you are talking about but I think the blue one in the Male Room



  2. Kind of a Catch-22 situation. No Tango, soaking wet bathing suit; Tango, bigger cock. What to do?!?! Personally, I’m quite well endowed, so don’t need the enhancing benefits of the Tango. Also like the look of my tiny bikini soaking wet with my oozing pre-cum, so tend to pass on the dam. Get very turned on seeing how much the wetness actually enhances the outline of my cock though the wet fabric, and how many looks I get when I’m walking down the beach!

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