Neoprene orgasm

Neoprene orgasm

We have so many designs that sometimes I forget how awesome certain suits are. A customer asked me a question about the Wet Slut which is a neoprene transformation swimsuit. I actually had to try it on to answer him. I stripped right in the office to my birthday suit and tried on the Wet slut. I could not believe how incredible the fit was, how smooth the flat girl like bulge was and how wonderful neoprene feels on my body. I was having so much fun I had to try on all the neoprene designs. I became so aroused that a went back into my office still wearing the Wet Slut answered the customer and had to blow a load before I could get any more work done. Now that’s fun.

Men’s Neoprene Swimwear

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  1. The two neoprene transformation designs were my first two orders, and honestly still my favourite to a large extent. They combine both a very flattering feminine outline with a high level of comfort.
    I tend too wear mine as underwear or beneath my swimsuit to complete the look.

    Glad to hear you take customer service to the next level and will try the products to answer questions.

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