Some days I feel different about my gender.

Some days I feel different about my gender.

I work out all the time trying to keep my body as tight as possible. Not quite a body builder but I am fairly muscular. While getting ready for the beach today I happened to be in front of a couple of full length mirrors and was admiring my tan. When I slipped on my micro thong my first though was that I was rocking it today. The second thought was that my very dark tan and tiny suit made me look very feminine. I was wearing a bulge style suit and though my bulge is little it still looks like a bulge. If I was wearing a suit like the Spicy Girl I think I would have looked completely and utterly female. I love being able to feel the emotion of being feminine, after all being male day in and day out it is a nice break to feel otherwise. Once I got to the beach, it was just me alone today ready to get some R & R. After a nice nap I realized I was surrounded by young hot guys on both sides of me playing football. There were two different groups of guys with very hot girls hanging around wearing their own impossibly tiny swimsuits. Two thoughts came to me, first I felt even more feminine laying there with my ass fully exposed as the boys played around me and second I wonder how these young guys are not hard all the time with the girls wearing so little around them, I know I started getting a bit aroused. The world is changing and I like the direction.

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  1. I’ve never felt feminine in my micro bikinis and g-strings. If anything, they make me feel even more masculine. Love the thought of being able to showcase my body to its fullest, especially the fullness of my bulge. Like you, I work out regularly, both for health reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. I want to show the results off to their maximum, and the tiniest bikinis are perfect for such. Would prefer to be nude on the beach, but know that i would be big and hard most of the time, and not everyone would appreciate the view. A shame…

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