New idea for a swimsuit design.

I was trying on some swimsuits the other day and decided to take a few styles to the beach to take some shoots for my Instagram account. Even though I don’t have many followers yet, I find it fun and exciting posting shoots of my nearly naked body for everyone to see. BTW it’s Michaeldavid766.

One of the suits I grabbed was an Evil Angel, a design that is discontinued though we still offer in some sizes. It is been years since I had that design on and two things hit me right away. First the pouch was one of the smallest bulge style pouches we offer and two wearing this design could make my tan-line even smaller. The cool thing was once I got home and viewed the photos I realized that this design not only fit extremely well I really liked the way it looked on my body. The only change I would make is to add a smaller thong rear like the suit I normally wear. As quickly as that thought came into my mind it was followed by “hey foolish boy you can do that” The next design I give to the girls after they have completed the mini collection of four new designs will be this one. I have a sample of the suit on my desk with a sample of the one that I want to use the rear from and I am leaning towards going with white but feel free to add your color choices.

One thought on “New idea for a swimsuit design.”

  1. Last (southern) summer I went with Playful, with a similar goal of a minimal tan line at the front, although it allowed me to have a bikini rear tan line, although the smallest one conceivable.

    It’s hard to imagine the pouch being big enough before putting on the suit, but it is just big enough, and the tan lines are fabulous.

    Now that spring is underway downunder with the sun shining and weather warming, it’s time for me to recharge that tan!

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