One, two, Three Black Thongs in a row.

How times have changed. The other day I was doing my thing at the beach wearing a tiny black thong. When I arrived there were few people out three but in the matter of an hour or so there were quite a few. There was a large group of ladies that seemed to be having some sort of meeting by the water they were dressed in summer clothes but not swimsuits. To my left was an older guy maybe in his sixties but in amazing shape wearing a little black thong that looked just like mine! To my left was another guy maybe in his thirties or forties also with an amazing body and strange enough wearing a tiny black thong that looked just like mine. I noticed some of the ladies taking pictures of us with their phones. Thongs in a row like that must be some sort of perfect harmony. Even cooler than that was the girls all around us in Brazilian cut suits and thongs but not one other guy wearing a surf short style swimsuit. I would love to see that on a really busy day. A dream come true all the guys in bikinis, micro shorts, thongs, G-strings and maybe a cock shaped suit or two to make it nirvana.

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