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Why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined

Why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined

The question why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined comes up often as does wearing other unlined styles. We will talk about men’s bikini swimwear unlined more than other styles because we are asked about unlined bikini swimsuits much more then say thongs and G-strings. The reason for this is that men that have moved on to wearing skimpier styles like thongs understand why you would want your suit unlined. If you are one of those asking about these types of swimsuits than read on and in a few minutes, you will understand fully why men’s bikini swimwear unlined, is the preferred choice of most serious bikini lovers. Main reasons why to choose an unlined swimsuit: The way it looks on you, the amazing fit an unlined suit offers you, the shape of the pouch, some of the fabrics are see-through when wet (many guys love that), You can wear a smaller cut with more skin exposed, men’s bikini swimwear unlined designs offer great support for beach sports, you can see the outline of your equipment which looks very sensual and is visually exciting. Bikinis style swimsuits are the first step a man will take on his journey to wearing sexy swimwear designs since they offer full coverage of the front and at least 50% and often up to full rear coverage. Changing from surf shorts to a bikini swimsuit is a big jump, much bigger in fact than going from a bikini to a thong and that is why it is so much easier to go smaller and smaller in your suit choices the more comfortable you get wearing these awesome little designs. Unlined bikini swimsuits look like they are painted on you if the fit is perfect and when they get wet things really get hot. Many first-time unlined bikini wearers are so aroused by the feeling of spandex on their bodies they need to wear a head cover, the most popular one on the market is called the Tango Cum Head Cover by and this keeps you from getting the suit wet when you are overly excited, this happens often when you are new to wearing something so slinky and sexy as men’s bikini swimwear unlined.

Choosing an unlined bikini swimsuit or any unlined spandex swimsuit is all about fit, how it looks on your body and how sexy the actual design will be. If your suit is fully lined it is not going to show very much and the outline of your equipment is completely hidden, strike one. When you add lining to a suit you take away the form fitting function of the spandex and that is why a lined brief like a Speedo swimsuit will not give you the same skin tight perfect fit most men are looking for with these sexy little suits, strike two. Design options are much more limited when a bikini, thong or G-string is lined, again very few are but we are giving the reasons for it here. When you add a liner to a suit you are limited to how small you can go, you limit bulge and feminization options and you limit the actual pouch shape, strike three.

Hope this blog post cleared up the reasons why you should always go with men’s bikini swimwear unlined and for that matter thongs, micro shorts and G-strings too.

More info on the new Micro Penis Maker G-string

I figure the readers of men’s swimwear blog should be the first guys to see the world’s smallest bulge style penis form G-string swimsuit. I talked about this design in the June Koala Newsletter but now that we have a photo of the new suit, I thought I would post it here for you to see. We are excited about this design which is based on the Micro Penis Maker sleeve and can be used with or without the sleeve. You will be able to show off your penis which will be so tiny, no one will believe it belongs to a man! Stunning to say the least.

The Worlds Smallest Bulge Swimsuit

I figure my newsletter readers should always be the first to know. We received a final production model today of the worlds smallest bulge style male form swimsuit. It is a G-string with a tiny penis bulge and other then a swimsuit that changes your penis to a vagina it is the world’s smallest swimsuit. One of our best-selling new products is call the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve which is a $13.00 marvel designed to train your penis to be ultra-tiny. It has been so popular with Koala men and I love it so much that we decided to make a G-string that will work with or without you wearing the Micro Penis Maker sleeve. Being ever so creative I decided to go with the obvious and name the new suit which should be out in July the Micro Penis Make G-string swimsuit. Here is how this suit works. Your micro-sized penis most likely at first wearing a Micro Penis Maker Sleeve is slipped into the shaft pouch and the balls go in their own pouch. The suit is adjustable which allows the balls to be pulled down between the legs and out of sight. What is left is the largest possible nude tan area of skin along with the micro spandex pouch showing off what everyone will know is the smallest penis ever seen on a grown man. If the suit is adjusted just right the penis bulge is a fraction of an inch. How amazing is that!

I want some early Feedback!

I want some early Feedback!

You will see this idea that we are working on mentioned in the next Koala Newsletter but being me, I am too impatient to wait so I will run my idea to the readers of the men’s swimwear blog. Here we go: I am working on two new designs one thong and one bikini style swimsuits the thong has a femme front and the bikini will have a bulge front both are sleek and very sexy but the big change for each happens in the back of the suits. Lots of guys including myself like to wear beautiful jeweled and fun style butt plugs and there has been a trend among young ladies to wear and show them off generally with a flick of their skirts with no panty’s downstairs. My two new designs and most likely more styles to come will feature a hidden slot that is big enough to push your favorite butt plug through will fully exposing the beauty of the plugs end, in my case a jeweled plug. I love the idea of how the jewel looks against the fabric and how you will be able to wear them to the beach and many but not all will know there is more to what they see than the pretty jewel. They will know there is a plug up that sweet ass, that seems so erotic to me. How does that sound to you? Let me know!!!

Micro Penis style swimsuit

Hi just checking in with you guys and I thought I would mention a new design that came to me in my dreams the other night and we are already working to bring it out in a couple months. It is based on our new product called the Micro Penis Maker and it will be a bulge style thong or bikini, not sure which yet. What I am sure about is it will be the worlds smallest penis style bulge design that highlights how incredibly small the Micro Penis Maker let’s you get. I can see the finished swimsuit in my minds eye.

I am back!

I am back!

Not that I ever left but since the pandemic we have been extremely short handed, and I have been working making sure everything gets shipped dare I say faster than ever and that we keep adding lots of awesome new swimwear styles more then we have in years along with more insane cock gear including building the largest selection of male chastity devices including our own line of the most insane micro cock cages and inverted cock cages. We have the largest selection of male chastity devices under one roof that you will find anywhere on the planet, we also have the largest selection of transformation style swimsuits you will find anywhere, and they are all our own exclusive designs. That was a mouthful, but I am happy to say that I will be able to get back to writing blog posts which I love to do, maybe not too many at first because I have a lot of employee retraining to do. Being a total micro manager, I want things done my way and this gives me a great chance to start from scratch teaching my awesome guys to be their most efficient selves.

I hope while I have been away you have noticed that we are offering more new designs and bringing them to the website faster than ever. It is so exciting for me to come up with designs I love to wear and be able to offer them to all you Koala boys without waiting forever. I hope you are already subscribing to the newsletter at We just sent the April issue out yesterday and will be resending it on the weekend. It features new suits including our first new neoprene suits in a few years. We introduced many new chastity cages and other fun gear.

Paddle boarding surprise

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have been extremely short staffed at The rules here in Los Angeles as it applies to employees makes it difficult for me to do anything but work (that is if I want to get everything shipped on time which I do. My OCD at work) and that includes writing blog posts and getting to the beach to enjoy the summer. I have been able to sneak away in the afternoons here and there. One of my favorite things to do is go paddle boarding. For me it hits the mark for a lot of things I enjoy. I love being on the water, I love the breeze coming off the ocean, I enjoy the intense workout and most of all I can wear my skimpy suits. Now unlike the beach where you now see lots of guys in spandex shorts bikinis and thongs most of the men paddling are wearing baggy shorts nothing sexy. On the other hand, the ladies are wearing lots of sexy stuff. With so many girls in thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis it is like a wonderful ass show out there. All shapes and sizes. The ladies are not nearly as concerned about showing some skin as the men seem to be. Which brings me back to my paddle board travels. Whether I am wearing a tiny bikini and as you know all Koala bikinis are tiny or a pair of micro shorts, I am getting all sorts of attention. The other day I was wearing a pair of Deep Penetrating Micro Shorts working up quite a sweet paddling around the marina and out to the ocean. These shorts fit like a second skin and though my bulge is not big, you can clearly see the outline of my cock. Between all the people hanging out on their boats and all the other guys along with way more girls paddling and kayaking I stood out as the only guy wearing something hot. Between my body glistening from a hard workout, a fair amount of ass showing and a small but well shown bulge I received lots of smiles waves and a few boats loaded with ladies drinking hooting and hollering. If it were a bunch of guys doing the same to girl wearing a sexy suit it would not be socially acceptable but no problem when the shoes on the other foot. Lucky for me I like the attention.

Men’s Swimwear

Dancing, working and getting the new suits ready while playing it safe!

What a crazy time it has been. Like all of you I have never seen anything like this. I’m following all the rules. I’m still working but all the employees are safe at home. At work I am literally in total seclusion but still getting all the orders shipped every day working hard does help with my sanity. Making sure to get out and walk 5-10 miles a day and lift weights at home. Not seeing all your friends and family for me is the hardest part but I’m happy we are all social distancing for the good everyone. One thing I have added to my daily routine is a thirty minute session of disco dancing, it makes me happy and it seems I still have some moves after all these years, it works up quite a sweet too. I might just keep it when things get back to normal, whatever normal will be in the future.  We have been way past due getting the new suits out and I am happy to say they should be posted online in a couple days!

Keep safe and do the right thing.

Peace and Love

Michael David

One of the wildest devices ever!

Coming soon, maybe in the next day or two is one of the craziest, wildest and wickedest transformation devices you will ever have a chance to play with. Look for the introduction of The Mr.Vagina Pussy Maker at Talk about an aptly named product one that does exactly what its name implies. The question is are you ready to see what you would look like sans penis with a lusty beautiful vagina between your legs, one that is all you! I will guarantee you this is one extreme experience.