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Perfect day for a photo shoot and cock magic.



It was hot, hot, hot in the valley this weekend we were in the low nineties and it’s still winter but the beach was pea soup and stayed pea soup all weekend. I would always rather be at the beach but Saturday turned out to be a great day for doing the photo shoot with all the new metal devices. One of the new male chastity cages literally blew me away it’s called the Little Joe and short of finding a way to cram your cock into a thimble with a cock ring and lock attached using the new Little Joe brings a whole new meaning to ultra micro. I found it easy to force my entire shaft into an area you would think was impossible to fit into and best of all it was amazingly comfortable I could have had it on all day if I had not needed to try on all the others. You will see in the up-coming photos how small the cage actually is. The Little Joe is so different from all the other cages in its superb engineering to be able to perform what looks to be magic. It worked for my rather small cock but there is no doubt it could have worked its magic on a much larger penis too.

One more thought that just popped into my mind this Monday morning as I work on getting the new chastity and anal products ready for the website. We had a lot of orders this weekend from guys all over the world taking advantage of our sale suits. Looking at the orders I was reminded of how much I love many of these styles and how once we are out they will be gone forever. There are actually two newsletter sales that we kept running and we still have an amazing selection of styles at sale prices that will never again be duplicated. Make sure to check the list and then check it again. There are truly diamonds to be found. There are bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other designs that will blow you away!

Sale Suits 1

Sale Suits 2

Male chastity photo shoot



We are shooting all the new male chastity cock cages on Saturday. All the new designs are in stock and should be online by the middle of the week. There are some extremely interesting new stainless style cock cages including two of the smallest tiny cock cages I have ever found. There are a few new stainless steel anal stretcher toys coming too.


Men’s swimwear and male chastity gear.


New suit design



One of the new designs is going to be based the Pink Lips our best selling sheer swimsuit of all time and one of the best selling suits period. We will be doing a version in nude sheer, that color always attracts a great deal of attention at the beach. We will be making some changes to the rear of the suit making it sit a little lower on the butt for guys who want for a slinky femme look in front and a sexy low cut rear. I can’t wait to try on the first one!


Koala Swimwear Sale


I’m busting it at night to get to the beach during the day.


We had a little rain over the weekend so I decided to bust out hours of work that I had scheduled to do this week. The reason for knocking it out early was the beach weather forecast which was showing high seventies for the latter part of the week which is very warm for this time of the year. It’s hard for me to miss getting out and getting some sun wearing a favorite micro suit. The warmth of sun on my almost nude body, the thrill of wearing a tight little design that shows off my tiny bulge (I might even go total femme and show off my tiny little vagina) and seeing other men and women wearing their little swimsuits is just too much fun to pass up. I have been getting some of my spandex fix at the gym wearing my short shorts which are so skin-tight they look like they are sprayed on. That makes for an exciting workout!



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Garter Belt Question and a working out hard.



We received an interesting e-mail the other day from a customer asking about having garter belt accessories for our male to female transformation designs like the Pink Lips and Girl Crazy along with are many varied pussy style suit designs. I would like to know if you that sounds interesting and something you might like to have.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I wanted to mention how much fun I had yesterday at the gym wearing spandex tights and sporting an erection I could not get rid of. The more I worked out the harder my cock became rubbing against the spandex until it was so solid I felt like I was eighteen again. The Predator bulge tights can handle that type of pressure without breaking a sweat but you have to be OK with all the details of your cock being on display. Lucky for me it is something I enjoy and while I was working out I was busy talking to people I know, I did not get one funny look like it was out of the ordinary. I thank the girls for blazing the spandex trail right into the gym. Girls virtually nude barely get a second glance, I’m talking about single ply leggings that are stretched so tight across their butts and pussies you can see if they are shaved and if there is any birthmarks on their asses. I guess sporting a huge almost 5” erection must look to most like a flaccid penis to people catching a glance no matter how hard it is.


Just a note: We are running our giant newsletter sale (actually two newsletters!)  until we are out of stock on the items or until I get tired of giving them away:-)

Make sure you get some  of the action. These are the best sale prices we have ever offered in our 25 plus years in business!

Maxi mini Pad for spandex wetness?



When I was younger getting wet all the time while wearing my spandex bikinis, thongs and G-strings could be a little embarrassing, that is getting totally wet without getting in the water. There were times the arousal level was so high pre-cum would shoot out almost like having a full orgasm or a wet dream. Those were the days! Oh how I miss those days. Lying on the beach getting a tan with my cock so hard it felt like it might actually break through the spandex and then before you knew what was going on a full shot of pre-cum decorating your swimsuit. Though my cock is no longer like a leaking faucet I have been getting very wet while wearing micro shorts and tights during my workout. A few times I needed to cover up big wet spots. I’m happy there is still such a nice flow and I know it is from getting highly aroused while exercising, with my cock rubbing vigorously against spandex. My question is are any of you boys who workout in spandex having the same issue, my guess is you do but do you have any ideas for soaking up the juice before it goes through the fabric? Girl’s workout all the time while on their periods and they use pads to protect themselves. Have any of you boys used any sort of pad or tiny piece of a pad to control the flow of your love juice from seeing the light of day?


Men’s Swimwear


Back to working on new designs!

We are finally getting back to working on new designs for our summer 2017 collection. I already have eleven new styles many of which are based off of our best selling designs. Our last collection produced three suit styles that are among the best selling designs Koala has ever created including the Male Room bikini which is drop dead gorgeous, the stunning Pink Lips thong and the irresistible Sheer Lady Gear Micro Shorts. We have always done very well showing off stunning bulges but now we are doing equally well changing boys to girls. I love my job!

I will be posting updates on the new designs.



It’s almost over! The largest sale in Koala history is still going strong for another week. Treat yourself to something spectacular!


New Male Chastity cock cages and anal fun.



We have been on a mission to become the largest supplier of male chastity cock cages on the planet. I’m always looking for hot cock cages, styles that arouse me and spark an interest. It’s like detective work searching out new and exciting cock cage styles for our submissive or soon to be submissive customers. One of our specialties is finding micro cages for tiny cocks like mine and I have found some incredible new stainless steel designs. You submissive boys with normal sized cocks need not worry because I have found some truly stunning designs for you too. In addition to the new cages which I will comment on in upcoming posts we also have some super hot new anal plugs with removable plungers to open and expose the hole. These are great looking stainless steel plugs with through holes for anally inclined men and women.


Male Chastity Gear, Anal Gear and the Hottest Men’s Swimwear on the planet!


More Beach Day

I must say that walking along the beach wearing a little sweatshirt and a skin tight thong is very girl like but it sure is hot looking. What was very masculine was my always present bulge display and although it is for the most part very small it is a nice tight little package to be viewed. I could tell by the response from other beach folks as I passed by most assumed I was female until I was almost next to them. The other tell-tale sign was the few whistles from the surfers from the water who could only see legs and ass and had no way of knowing I was a guy. It’s fun to walk around wearing such gender neutral clothing. I have been working on my core including my ass which is looking tighter than ever. I’m not sure how long it will last but while I’ve got it why not show it. It might not be even close to perfect but I see a lot of asses I enjoy that are nowhere near close to perfect. I got some miles in walking on the beach and my legs and ass got a nice toasty brown tan. I’m glad I got it while I could because as I am typing this post we are in the midst of one of the largest storms to hit LA in decades. Lots of rain but I just checked the Venice Beach cam and the surfers are still in the water.


Men’s Swimwear and our huge sale!

Not quite the perfect beach day but sexy fun anyway.



I headed down to my mid-day appointment on the Westside and my extra long lunch break at the beach yesterday with high hopes of a mid seventy degree beautiful sunny beach day. I was fully equipped having grabbed a Surfer Boy thong and a pair of Perfection Micro Shorts. I was hoping to get some quality time relaxing on the beach but when I got down there it was in the mid sixties and though there were a few girls chilling on the beach in their bikinis it was a little cold for me. It was amazingly sunny out and I thought that a nice long walk on the beach would be in order. I was about to slip on the Perfection Micro Shorts when I decided to go with the Surfer Boy Thong and my sweatshirt. I figured if I’m wearing a sweatshirt I will stay warm but my lower half will be fully exposed to the sun. The combination of sweatshirt and thong looked real cute. The top was not too long and exposed just a hint of skin above the thong and a full view of my legs, ass and pouch which on that suit looks spectacular. Not to get to far off track but the Surfer Boy Thong’s front pouch is very special. The fit and the matt rubber like spandex keeps the pouch nice and firm while providing a beautiful exposed head print. By head print I mean that no matter where your penis shaft is on the pouch there is a clear head outline showing. That was true when my penis seemed to be less than ½” or closer to a nice 4” display while I was doing a run.


More on this next post


Our biggest Men’s Swimwear sale ever!!!!