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Men’s bikinis is it to small?

a couple posts ago I mentioned I had a problem with wearing a bikini at my gym. I sent them an e-mail and wanted to give them time to respond. They did. I received an e-mail from a VP at Ballys and shortly after that a call from the manager of the location in question. First here is what happened. I have been going to the gym for years and there have been times I skirted our gyms no thong rule without any issues. Funny thing is some of the girls at the gym wear string bikinis and stuff close to thongs. I love women who wear these suits. As you know I love spandex and want to see has many people as possible wearing as little as possible. I would like it to be fair and work the same for men as it does for women and I don’t think that is asking to much but it must have been the other day.
I was swimming laps and had just finished a full hour. I was dead tired when I got out of the pool wearing a Koala Ecstasy Bikini, it is cut narrow in front with about 80+% coverage in rear what I consider a full bikini. I have used that suit for the last couple of weeks and had nothing but smiles. I grabbed a lounge chair and laid down with a towel over my face trying to recover from the swim. A few minutes later I heard sir! sir! and realized who ever it was, was talking to me. Yes I said and he said your suit is to revealing to wear here. I said oh? not a great comeback but remember I was just catching my breath. Do you have your membership card he asked and I said sure. He asked to see it and said he was going to mark down on my membership that I had been warned and walked away. he was young and very polite but I thought the entire situation was bullshit. I realized that this was not a person to be bothered with, to low on the totem poll but that I would escalate what I felt was an injustice to a higher level and when I got back to the office I shot off and e-mail to their corporate office telling them exactly what had happened, that I thought being singled out when the girls at our gym are never bothered at the very least seemed to be homophobic of them.

Part 2 coming next time

Mens swimwear

Mens Tan line Mens laser hair removal

I met a interesting girl over the weekend who is a registered RN and does laser hair removal at a spa in Los Angeles. I asked if she worked on many guys now and that I had a full Brazilian bikini laser a number of years ago. She said over 30% of the people coming in now are guys. I told her that when I had it done I was one of the brave first guys to do it. I told her I was ready for another round but I could not have it done because my skin is so tan and dark. She asked to see it.  She looked and said they did a very nice job. I told her about the hair growth I still get and that I usually have it waxed. She asked if my penis was done too and I told her it was a full Brazilian including penis and  the rear hole. She looked my over very well and said that her company has a new laser system that works very well on dark and tan skin. I had never heard about one like that. She said it is very new. I want you to do it! We decided to wait about three weeks to let whatever hair growth there will be recover from my last waxing session. She commented that my tan line was so small I needed to be hairless. No doubt she likes the look it is after all what she does all day long. I was happy to hear about so many guys having it all removed and that now it is no big deal and in fact very common to have the penis and anus completely lasered. I forgot to ask how long I would need to be out of the sun but I will let you know how much the new system hurts and how long before I get back on the beach.

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Micro G-string swimwear fun

Had a great day on Wed up until the time I finally had a problem at my gym. I will talk about that after they answer my e-mail I sent. I will first give them a chance to replay.

Before I start let me tell everyone out there who is waiting for a back order suit that virtually all of them have shipped as of today. We have a small balance of back orders as I type this and the balance should ship out on Monday. wahoo!  Thanks girls!

Yesterday was like most days lots of work followed by a little break at lunch time around the pool. I am back to wearing the Slut G-string because very few people are around and I fully enjoy my almost nude tanning experience. I must have passed out in minutes when I felt a tapping on my back and a sexy voice saying hi stranger haven’t seen you for a while. It was one of my best friends stopping by to say hello and talk.
I asked how she was and how she got in. Someone left the gate unlocked and she was good. She looked great!
She pulled up a chair and we talked for about 1/2 hour. She told me she was burning up and I asked if she had a bikini in her car. No she said and told me she needed to get back to work but asked if I wanted to sit in the shade maybe in her car and talk a little more. I said sure and thought maybe some fun would happen so I just wrapped the towel around me instead of getting dressed. We talked a little in her car when she said that suit is so small can I see it. That was it. The minute she put her hand on the pouch I was ready to break out of it. We kissed hard core and I pulled off her top and sucked on her tits. I remembered how hot she gets from that and sure enough in a minute she had my cock out stroking it and than in her mouth.
I said pull off you pants and let me put it in but she said she needed to get back to work. You can do it in my mouth she said and I thought that was a wonderful idea. A huge load being swallowed by a pretty girl I had no idea was coming just and hour before. Wonderful afternoon lunch break.

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Spandex Legging and tights

Spandex leggings and tights are one of my favorite subjects. Not quite at the same level as bikinis, thongs and G-strings, swimwear is always first but girls in leggings always catch my eye.
Love passing a girl on the way to work who is out running is leggings that are painted onto to her.
Shape of her ass and legs are just perfectly displayed.  Still shows us guys have a long way to go as far as showing our bodies in public. Girls wearing a little sport bra and leggings with no panties are ever so close to being nude. How fantastic is that. Needless to say I saw one this morning that gave me an immediate cock tingle.
New product. I am excited to tell you about another product coming early next month.
Anal Hooks have been fantastic sellers for us but many guys have asked for a unit without the large ball on the end. I love the anal ball and though even lubed it is a very tight fit once it is in the feeling is awesome.
The new anal hook will be great for those who do not want the ball on the end. This is a pure anal hook, can’t wait to take some shots of it and post it with the other new Extreme anal hook and Extreme Ass Spark!

One more thing might have an interesting micro bikini meet today by the pool. Will let you know.

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Little nub tiny penis bikini and OK with it

Went into the office Saturday morning to get a jump on things and try to get some work done. Had a friend drop by and we decided to grab some lunch but first go by the gym and swim. I think this was my first time ever at the gym near my work on a Saturday. My friend knows I only wear spandex swimwear so there is no shock value for her in fact she was surprised by me wearing something as low key in Koala terms as the Ecstasy Bikini. I am really getting back into this design. It has an impossibly narrow front pouch which is perfect for me since it was a little cool out and my pouch looked like a tiny penis nub virtually head and little else and the color blends in with my very tan skin. What caught me by surprise was the totally different make up of people at the pool on a Saturday early afternoon. On the weekdays it is mostly older folks swimming and a handful of housewives some of them hot but usually not. PS Happy Mothers day!
Saturday must be teen swim day. The pool was full of 14-19 maybe early twenties girls. Every one of them looking at me when I strolled over to the pool with my friend. She said maybe they had never seen a guy in such a small bikini? I said what would they have though if I was wearing one of our truly tiny ultra micro suits? There were plenty of giggles and funny thing was this new generation of girls has no problem staring at your ass while you are swimming. I caught a number of them looking and now a days they don’t look away when they are caught. Maybe there is hope for use.
My friend was wearing a cute pink bikini with black top the bottoms not quite string bikini but close. I’m pretty sure most of the guys walking by us much more then normal were looking at her. We walked hand and hand to the outdoor shower around the pool and got the pool water off our bodies. Wonder what all those boys were thinking?

Mens swimwear

Back to my micro and sorry no newsletter for May

We have been so swamped with our new design orders, in fact orders for all the different designs I just could not get a newsletter out for May.
I promise to get a great one out in June!

Did take my lunch today around the pool just did not have the energy to swim laps at the gym even though it turns me on to be around all those fellow gym rats wearing my tiny bikini.

Got to my favorite tanning spot today and there were 4 guys fixing the fence around the pool. Since I was wearing only an ultra micro the though occurred that maybe I’ll pass and come back next week but it was so nice out and I needed that hour so I slipped off my shorts and by the looks on the workers faces they had never seen a swimsuit like that before. Oh well it’s my pool and they work for me. Got me sun and they kept on working once their jaws were back in place.

Mens swimwear

swimming laps and gym bikini surprise

Yesterday and today I went to the gym to get a hardcore workout swimming laps. No screwing around but the deal for me this season is nothing larger than a bikini any time I am around water.
Yesterday my suit was the Ecstasy bikini and it definitely attracted attention. It really is a great suit to swim in and I went 40 minutes in my gyms very large pool. Was wiped out after that and regained some energy relaxing around the pool. Not sure why but I felt funny hitting the locker room in my bikini to change so I just slipped my shorts over them and was on my way. On my way out of the gym I told the girl at the counter that the pool was not very clean, possible filter issue.
She said she would take care of it in the morning.  Decided after lunch to do it again today, btw this is on top of my 60-120 minute afternoon workout. Today I grabbed the Ass Market Bikini no doubt one of our sexiest ones and headed to the gym. I slipped on my bikini at work before I left to make sure it looked good. Got to the gym and up front was the same girl, asked if they got to the pool and she said they did, then she asked me if I was wearing my same swimsuit. Her desk faces the pool something I forgot about but realized she could see everything out there
(I better be careful when I wear the Ass Spark bikini) I told her I had a different suit today and she said “can’t wait to see it”
Did a full 50 minutes and got some sun regaining my lost energy. Swimming and trying to get back into pool shape is a tough workout. Way more work than lifting weights. It just completely zaps me. I decided to be brave and folded up my towels grabbed my stuff put on my tank top and walked to the mens locker room wearing just my very small bikini and shirt. Most of the guys walk in wearing Speedo’s but walking by in my suit felt like walking onto a stage everyone looked!
The locker room was packed. I just picked a spot put my stuff down and dropped my bikini. half a dozen guys were looking and the guy 12″ away from me was just starring at my shaved cock which by the way was the only hairless one in the bunch.  I was a little nervous but took my time and let everyone get a good look at my very tan ass. Again the only one there. Getting comfy again in the locker room is going to take some time.

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Thats never happened and a great swimwear shoot

The photo shoot Sat went great I hope if you are not a member of KMC that you still took advantage of the free first 30 minutes to see what can only be called one of the best looking models ever with a super cute ass, have it waxed hole and all than suck some cock and blow a nice load.
The next model was a super hot young man from Israel. He was so good looking and his body was so perfect I think we might use him for the next catalog shoot.
I got to model the new Ass Spark Extreme, Anal Hook Extreme and a new anal plunger that can be used with any of our plug suit designs. These samples just came in late Friday and the shoot was the first time anyone has ever tried them on. They were simply amazing. They go so deep and you are not sure you can handle the second large ball but once it slips in it is pure bliss.
I have never had my Prostate milked but once Jane worked the Ass Spark Extreme deep inside my without any feel or advance notice I had a huge blog of white cream bubble up out of my cock.
The first model was still there and watching and was happy to lick it off so it did not go to waste.
He would not try the new items on in front of the camera but he did want to try them. He had the same exact flow happen to him once we fully inserted it.

If you watched it post what you thought about it!

Mens swimwear

First 20 minutes are Free Live photo shoot

Join Sat April 30 at 1:00PM PST for their live photo shoot. I think we will be waxing a cute models ass, plus modeling and showing the new Ass Spark and Anal Hook extreme version.

KMC member we should be going about 1.5 to 2 hours but non members log on and get the first 20 minutes
Big news for Koala and KMC May’s swimwear model photo shoot will be something very special.
Our most popular model ever James will be back to do a live shoot with us and it should be fun!

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Starting over again and a big bikini choice

Wow this pulled Ab strain is cramping my style. I just can’t get in the work outs I would like and it is very frustrating. After talking to some doctor friends I think I am ready to try working out in the pool.
I am at leat 10 pounds heavier than I would like and not quite micro bikini ready for my gym. I feel wearing a micro bikini at the gym in front of all those people is not only daring but something I need to earn by loosing the weight. I feel like I am going around in circles but I am going to work swimming into my daily routine.
So the big question was which suit should I wear, something stylish and not too extreme. My ass is one of the nicest parts of my body and the truth is it looks better with more cheek showing than fully covered up.
I took home a bunch of suits and tried them on tonight.  Tried on the Ass market, Delicious ass, Pumped up and a few others and decided I have not earned the right to wear these yet. I want to but I need to be able to motivate myself to action. I ended up choosing one I have not had on for a long time. I think with the extra weight it actually looked much better than the last time I tried it on. The winner is, The Ecstasy Bikini. It looked sexy but being cut a little higher looked better on my body (right now) and the front is narrow which looks good with my small to average sized cock, it fits great! The rear shows about 30%+ of cheek which is ample without being over the top. I hope in the next month or so to be able to get over the top. I swear if I hit my weight goal I will wear a suit with an Ass Spark to the gym and have at least on picture taken!

Mens swimwear