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going ultra ultra micro

Weigh in 160.6 just a little less but a drop is a drop.
Would love to be under 160 by the end of this weekend.

The last couple seasons my beach suits of choice have all been ultra micro designs. These are suits with extremely small pouches and they are designed to be cut right at the top of your shaft. They do take some getting used too and adjustments when laying out. These suits are so small that it is easy for cock to be exposed. We are trying to skirt the nudity issue with these designs. I recently received an e-mail from a customer who told me that a police officer in Miami had asked him to cover up while wearing the Close Shave and ultra micro. The design is made to sit right on top of the shaft so nothing but the shave pubic area should be showing. though the pouch is micro the entire cock, just barely but entirely covered. If your legs are spread you can see some brown but you see that with girls wearing g-strings all the time. I asked him a couple of questions one being was any shaft showing and sure enough he said at the time about 1/2″ of the base of his penis was exposed. I told him he was lucky that they just told him to cover up. When you wear these micro suits in public you need to make sure you are covered up. I know it is easier for guys like me with small cocks but even I need to pay attention. I always check to make sure I am covered up when getting out of the water. Yes I want them to be shocked but shocked by style not by the scary penis being exposed.
You know I feel all beaches should be nude but not sure that will happen in my life time. For now we make our own rules!

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New product It should be fun!

First things first  still at 161 and I am 5’9″ had a salad for lunch and will do a big workout this afternoon.
Maybe the scale will move a little in the right direction.

Straight guys love anal too! The problem is that many guys who are straight have not tried anal stimulation.
I know that many straight guys have tried our anal penetration designs including suits with plugs and suits based on the Ass Spark. As I have said before our Ass Spark line of suits have been our best selling designs ever! I field calls and e-mails from guys wanting to try these suits but they are afraid it will hurt. If you are new to using plugs there are a few things you need to know. First always use a good lube, try giving yourself an enema before the first time you try anal (toys or sex) go slow! no rush to get the plug all they way in. Take your time and enjoy it. Once you get into it feel free to ask your wife or gf to use a strap on. Most woman will be very excited by the idea, you might just be surprised! Once you get into this action you open yourself up to using our totally insane bikinis, thongs and g-strings based on anal penetration. One other quick note. Many guys have asked if the Ass Spark will work under a regular Koala suits and Speedo suits…Yes it will!

New product. We have a new metal anal plug coming out in about two weeks with the new handcuff chastity cock cage. The anal plug has multi sized metal balls and will work very well with any of the plugs suits in your collection. It will supply deep stimulating fun!

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Join me! Lets do it together and bikini talk

Yesterday I posted a blog about dropping some pounds. I want to hit my mark and have a much nicer body for summer. I will never be a model but as they say in the Army I would like to be all I can be!
A thought came to me last night about sharing my weight every post and invited you boys to do the same. I think posting our progress or lack of it should be motivating in itself and maybe we could offer each other support. I am at 161 this second just weighed in. My perfect weight would be 150 but I would be very happy at 152. Good or bad I will post my weight every day. Feel free to comment on that days blog and post your details and progress. Maybe we can get something started. If I hit my weight I will definitely post photos!

I was also talking about bikinis for my workout and decided that I will try on a bunch of suits this weekend and find the one that looks the best. Here is my list so far: Pumped Up, Delicious Ass Bikini, Ass Market,  Muscle Bound, Ripped, Pleasure Chest and the Power Bikini
I love trying on suits and I will take into account that my ass is bigger then it will be once I drop the weight.

Hope you join me if you are working on your body!

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What to wear and the mad race to drop the pounds

Today is the official start of the drop that extra weight race for summer at least it’s my official drop those pounds race! I hurt my ab muscles a few months ago playing b-ball and it has been hard lifting and giving 100% to my workouts. I’m still not at 100% but I am getting there. Starting to watch what I eat and making plans about what sort of suit will be my standard gym pool gear when I drop the pounds. I am looking to add swimming at least 3 times per week to my workouts by the end of April. I want to go very sexy but stay within the limits of my gyms no thong rule. I love blue for the gym and I selected the Pumped Up.  It has a very small Brazilian bikini rear and a minimal front pouch with a sleeve designed to show off the shape of the shaft. Needless to say I will need to push hard to get to the point of wearing that. I will get to that point and I will give myself the gift of wearing the Penetration Bikini with Ass Spark on one of those days that I want to be a little crazy. Doing pool shoots is coming up soon and I would like to look good for that too!

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Loving the suit and the experience

I just finished reading a book and I highly recommend it. It is called Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh one of the founders of a truly fantastic read. In short it is about their company culture and their passion for the products they sell.
The type of read that gets you thinking about what you do. It is about the customer experience. What type of experience are we looking to deliver? At Zappos they are all about speed and efficiency. At Koala we are about the experience of pleasure. We want to deliver a product that the customer enjoys and looks forward to using. Speed is another issue. Our suits are made here as most of you know. I have tried factories here and overseas to speed up production and have had sample suits made all over. The outcome is always the same. There is no way to produce a super high quality in our case one suit at a time custom quality suit and rush it through. At any given time we have about 90% of all designs in all sizes in stock but that 10% just kills me. I would love for every order to go out the same business day it is received. That is our target. 100% complete orders shipped the same day and that is exactly what happens about 80% of the time. Yesterday was a great example. We had and order come in right as we were closing and UPS was there picking up. It was a 2nd day air order. The book named above motivated me to unlock the warehouse, ask the UPS driver to hang on and pack and ship that order which would normally ship on Monday. I am sure the customer will be blown away by how fast it comes but it also made me feel great knowing that it will most likely surprise him.
Sometimes I wonder if we should offer fewer designs, my feeling is that if it takes and extra week or so to get what you really want it is worth it.  Do you have any thoughts about this. Would love to hear about any ideas you have to make your experience a more enjoyable one.



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New suit idea, got the name working on the design

Most of my best ideas come to me while tanning at the beach or around the pool in my micro.
Last few days have been absolutely stunning west coast days. Yesterday was so hot after an hour in the sun I was so over heated that I took a plunge in our non heated pool.  It was so cold that when I got out even my micro pouch was almost empty. Laying there the thought of another micro design came to mind and a name too. That rarely happens. The idea is a tiny triangle flat pouch only large enough to cover your cock head but designed to push the shaft completely inside of you. The balls would not be inside but pulled smoothly between the legs. It would be called the Triangle Teaser and would be among the smallest designs ever.
I was thinking about the tiny clit cover suits that Wicked Weasel makes for the ladies. I don’t see them often on our beaches but I have. They only cover the clit and completely expose the lips. I not sure they still make them but It would have been the perfect suit for me after a cold dip in the pool.

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Just think about my Speedo days and the start of my Lycra fetish

I was talking to a friend today who had asked how I started in this business. The reason I started Koala is because I could not buy the spandex Lycra suits and fetish designs I wanted to wear. They just were not made ,that is the short answer to the start of Koala. The real beginning was most likely my first Speedo when I cut out the lining as a teen and used it for swim class at my school. You have no idea how extreme that was then and needless to say if you cut out the liner of a Speedo you see almost everything when it gets wet. The start of a Lycra love affair. Hate to date myself but started watching The Runaways Movie last night, funny thing we all used to go to the same clubs and I new Joan and Cherie when they dropped Cherry Bomb ( For you boys in the know) The start of the movie with Dakota Fanning wearing those hot spandex pants that still get me aroused.

P.S  Kim in Australia drop me an e-mail I lost yours!

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Fetish Idea and link to newsletter

Here is a link to the latest Koala newsletter for March

Whole masturbating with myself last night(I think it was Woody Allen who said masturbation is sex with some one I love) an idea about a suit design that helps you with overall control for when you will ejaculate came to me. It is just a blur but the basic idea would have large hard beads connected to adjustable straps that would be set in pressure points under around and on top of the penis. We all know a few and maybe you could offer some placement feedback.  A design like this could be used for a number of things. First it could help teach you to prolong erections. It could increase the intensity of ejaculations and make sex even more fun.
I have been reading a book about Zappos a very good book. It talks about a companies core values and it got me thinking about Koala’s core values. A few that come up right away just off the cuff are getting our customers excited, expanding our own and our customers sexual adventures and getting men to show more skin!
I working on others!

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Wonder if it can get smaller?

If you stretch a shaft and do it consistently it will get longer. I wonder if you compress a shaft all the time if it will stay small? The thought occurred to me yesterday while is was enjoying a perfect lunch break around the pool wearing my custom Slut G-string, the pouch is half the size of the already very micro pouch. I both love the way it looks and the way it feels. So small, so exposed and so great looking. After an hour of having my shaft and balls in what can be described as a cock compactor when I peeled the suit off my shaft stayed at what must of been under a 1/2″ in length. Other then when I am in cold, freezing cold water and it becomes an inee I have never seen it that small and it stayed that way for a while. Very interesting. Wonder if I should create a g-string, thong and bikini the purposefully compresses the equipment? On that excerts way more pressure then a standard micro.

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More Vollyball and a question for you

First let me ask you a question. One I have asked before but need whatever you can give me.

Please e-mail me the sites you feel are most user friendly to order from.
Just trying to make easier to use. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.

Back to our game Saturday. I was happy to see the girls suits were almost as small as mine. The Work That Cock bikini really leaves your penis out there on it’s own to fend for itself. Sure enough jumping around, diving for balls bumping into cute butts my pouch was full to capacity. Lucky for me it does not take much to fill that micro pouch.  A couple more local girls came over and joined the game. One said to me she was sure I was European  seeing me wearing my bikini and was surprised to hear my non accent and see I was local. I said you don’t need to be from Europe to want a great tan. She smiled and agreed. We played for over an hour and it got competitive to the point that I wanted our team to win every game. I dove for a few shots that changed my bikini to a thong and by the end I was sweaty enough that parts of my pouch must have been see through. Not a big deal with this group as I found out later they were all use to visiting nude beaches. They loved it here but said how much nicer it would be if we relaxed our rules of nude and topless sunbathing. I whole heartily agreed. We exchanged e-mails and ended up having a great day. Too bad Sunday was back to cold or I would have met them down there again and would have gone micro g-string for sure!

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