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More Ass Spark based suits

We have new suits based on the Ass Spark cock ring.Butt plug suits have been our most popular line of new suits in years. I am sure it helped that we sold tons of Ass Sparks before any designs came out and that the suits could be ordered with out the Ass Spark because we knew so many already had one.The samples of new designs are already approved and we have started production. The one I wanted to talk about today is a Brazilian bikini rear suit with a full front. We have a bikini and we have a thong to complete the line we needed a g-string and a Brazilian rear suit. The finished product is fantastic. It can be used in most public beach, hotel and other areas where you want to be seen. The metal section is fully exposed only when your legs are spread while laying down and even then most people would have no idea that  very moment you were having excellent sex. This designs was created with the idea that you want to be seen wearing it hell thats half the fun!

Mens swimwear

More new stuff and a funny story

First the funny story. We have had great weather this week with Monday being an awesome 88 degrees.
I spent lunch around the pool. Had it all to myself even though it was a holiday. While I was sipping on my diet
Coke I noticed the nice old lady whose townhouse is right next to the pool walking over with a camera in hand. I see her all the time and we always say hi to each other. She has seen me in just about every suit we make that I can wear in public and most likely has caught me through her window slipping nude into the Jacuzzi every now and then. She came up said hi and asked if she could take my picture, before I could answer she said she wanted to e-mail it to some of her friends who were freezing in Chicago. She said they would never believe how warm it was here without a picture. I said sure being the exhibitionist I am and she snapped off a few shots and told me she was going to e-mail them right away. I was back out at the pool today and she must of been watching for me. She came over smiling and said her friends loved the photos and wanted more. I’m so thrilled I can still turn on those 75+ year old ladies!

Another new as yet unnamed design is a version of the Penis Stretcher on steroids. It was suggested by many customers that a penis stretcher with even more pull would be something they would like to have. I gave it some thought and came up with a design that offers an amazing amount of pull on your shaft, of course you control the amount of pressure. While playing with it I was able to pull my shaft  super hard and even when I became aroused it still kept the pressure on.If you are into cock stretching or you feel you have gone as far as you can with the standard penis stretcher you are going to love this ultra version.

Mens swimwear

Mens swimwear new idea, bulge break and the beach

Maybe not in that order.

Los Angeles Monday 11:43 and it is over 80 outside. The Sun God is calling for me to pull out my tiniest g-string and spend my lunch break around the pool, it is a holiday here though we are working a normal full day.
Hope I have the pool to myself. If not  some neighbors are going to get an eyeful!
It was beautiful here all weekend, Saturday was a great beach day the first in quite some time. Grabbed my Slut oiled up my body and found a great spot. Funny there were almost no guys on the beach, maybe watching football games lots of girls walking by a more then a few comments like that is tiny, wonder if they are talking about my suit or my cock, one for sure was talking about my cock but if you are going to wear a suit that starts at the base of your shaft and just barely covers shaft and balls with your entire lasered pubic area tan and showing I expect it. Sometimes us micro suit wearers forget that many people actually have pubic hair down there and when there is absolutely nothing it is going to attract attention.

Wanted to talk about our new exposed vagina look suit. This is not the one we are working on that not only shows the lips but works in such a way that the penis is transformed to a clit thus showing a complete pussy.
This design shows exposed lips completely hides away any thought of a cock shaft and does so in a stunningly beautiful fashion. Everyone who took a peek agreed 100% that I looked as if my anatomy was female. Very hot.
If I lose a little more weight maybe I wear it as a girl eats my pussy and I will take some shots and post it.

Mens swimwear

New design info, did I mention I was jazzed?

If you did not get the vibe from the last post about how jazzed I am with the new designs at the last fitting let me state again I was blown away and I can’t wait to get this collection out to you guys. Talked to the girls this morning and they think we will have full production of the new designs by the end of February. Knowing what I do about making suits for the last 15+ years I will tack on another 4 weeks to that but will be pleasantly surprised if they deliver any where near the date they told me, just being realistic.

Since none of the designs have names yet I will use a similar suit to describe this one. It is a micro sized version of the Smoking Gun design in the beautiful mostly sheer bronze fabric we use on Pierced. We made this design for Chris a customer who is into the style and I liked it so much that I knew we needed to offer it to everyone else. The first sample right off the bat was beyond perfect. I say that because the fit was superb, the extra small shaft made me instantly feel like a man. I filled it the second I was in and the way it is designed the pouch stayed full hard or not. It had enough stretch to handle my hardest erection and the sheer fabric looked stunning. The balls in the lower section looked tantalizingly tasty.

Mens swimwear

New wonderful design

OK back to what we were talking about yesterday. New designs. I talked to the production department today and asked if they had an appx complete date for the 12 new designs. They will get back to me in the morning but I am hoping for 6 weeks.
I had previously mentioned the idea of a suit similar to the Shaft suit design ( The Shaft suit has a separate pouch for the balls and the shaft and is designed where the shaft is pointing down at all times even when hard) but with adjustments so when wearing it and laying out I could put additional pressure on the shaft to keep it inline with my legs thus showing what would appear to be an extremely narrow pouch. The balls in a separate pouch would be pulled lower just about between the legs and what people would see as a very narrow extreme micro pouch would actually be your shaft wrapped in spandex pointing down and most likely hard.
It would be micro not because of the length but because of how thin it would appear. The idea is that when level with your legs while you are out tanning people would not really be able to tell that it is just the shaft showing but would view it as a pouch. The sample I tried on yesterday was everything I could of hoped for and more. It was perfect.  We decided to make the shaft portion of the pouch a little more round at the head and just a little tighter over the shaft. I was hard the second I slipped the four way spandex shaft sleeve over my cock. My girls adjusted it and we all thought it looked beautiful. I laid down and sure enough with a pull of the strap between my legs the appearance was amazing. Just what I wanted and needless to say I was very excited about the end product. This is the way the fitting went and I will give more details over the next week.
This design was done in white spandex. Hope you get the idea of how happy I am with the results

Mens swimwear

Sorry about todays website problem and then some fun

First let me say I am sorry about today’s website problems. As I type this we are working on getting the credit card processing section of the site back up and functioning. Payments using paypal are still working fine.
We expect the credit card function to be up shortly. Quite the pain in the ass!

Thats my big drag for the day. Answering e-mails and phone calls from frustrated customers who have tried many times to place their orders just to get a crazy error code message. Computers and the internet you gotta love them.

The great side of my day was spending about 2 1/2 hours trying on a whole bunch of designs and taking notes about it so I can post more details about the suits and how I felt wearing them.
The next blog will have specific suit details but I thought I would tell you about the customer idea we tried.
I liked the idea of an Ass Spark connected to adjustable strap like the ones on the Options Stretcher. The blogger
who posted his idea said it would be great if tension was put on the Ass Spark from the straps making it go in and out as you walked. Those were not his exact words but definitely his idea of what he wanted. Well we made it and fooled with it for a while and I can say it is not going to work though I had a great time trying to make it work. Bill the blogger thought it would just pop out when the straps pulled and that is what happened. I could adjust the straps to pull it out most of the way and the suction from my muscles pulled it back but just as often it came out followed by a flying bit of lube. I must say the experience was akin to having sex,  my cock was so unbelievably hard from the 1 3/4″ ring and the plug being constantly re-inserted along with having a number of other anal style designs in and out of me. The girls have a funny saying when they see the precum flowing from my cock, he’s crying and yes as they dabbed my little eye over and over again the tears were flowing thanks to the non stop stimulation.

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What do I wear daily?

I get asked all the time what suits do I wear. For the most part it is about what I am doing. At work I often wear a pouch only design under my shorts or sweats. The Testosterone is my favorite but sometimes I will go
with The Beast, I enjoy the way it makes my cock feel. I stick to pouch only suits when I go Horseback riding. Not being a very good rider I like the way a small tight pouch keeps my balls from bouncing all over the place.
For Tanning most of the time it is the Slut-G-string but it depends on the beach, hotel or friends house I am at. Sometimes it is just about being shocking and I will go with one of the new anal suits they are all attention whores. At the gym pool it is a bikini, sometimes I will go Brazilian and on occasion I will sneak a thong in. They do not allow men or women to wear thongs but so far I have not been bothered much.
I will almost always go for a suit that makes my bulge look smaller if I am out in public but again it depends on my mood. There are times where I will wear a suit with cock straps to make me look big and as most of you know I am not well endowed, these suits level the playing field making me look much larger as they force my balls and shaft out and keep me semi hard to fully hard depending upon how hard I crank the adjustable strap.

Mens swimwear

Extreme Brazilian Bikini

When it comes to wearing bikinis I prefer a Brazilian cut. Sure I am an exhibitionist but if your ass is nice why not show some cheek. One of my favorite Brazilian bikinis is the Bald Eagle Brazil. String sides, extreme Brazilian rear and a very interesting front pouch design. It is a shaft up design but it is still very compact.  There is an interior strap which holds up the your cock head and the top 1/4 of your shaft. The outline is very sexy and the strap forces the penis into the front top of the pouch creating a nice visual.

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Need your feedback and bikini love

My favorite high fashion Koala bikinis are Pleasure Chest and Ripped. Very sexy yet classic lines. In my opinion these suits can be used anywhere even around the most conservative people. They are very stylish suits far sexier then any Speedo but still able to be useded as a Speedo substitute. Great first suits to wear in public and the great fit will knock you out!

Great customer idea. I want your feedback on this one. We have sold more Ass Sparks then we could have ever imagined. No doubt word is spreading fast that it is one of the most stimulating anal products around.
We have also found that most people who order the Ass Spark end up ordering the special suits made to work with them, the ones in our latest collection. In addition to the suits we now offer, we are working on four more new designs to be used with the Ass Spark one more exciting then the next. A customer sent an idea
to me that I am thinking about doing even though I promised my girls I would not give them any more designs for the collection they are working on.. This idea seems so hot to me that I might just go back on my word and give them one more but first I want to hear what you think about it. The idea is adding adjustable straps that hook to the Ass Spark running down the legs with a strap to go around your legs like the ones on the Penis stretcher and Options stretcher designs. The idea is that whenever you walk around with the Ass Spark hooked to these straps it will tug out a little and then pop back in. Can you visualize the in and out motion and how exciting and stimulating that would be?  Let me know.

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