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Thanks for the photos

Chris the photos you sent of your custom made suit look great and yes I am sure we could make it even nicer.
Would you like me to post your photos and add a link for everyone to see?
Boys make sure to share your photos with us. You can post them in the Free section
at KMC . I think it would be fun to see regular guys in skimpy stuff. I see models all the time but what is more fun then seeing the guy next door.

Mens swimwear

Smoking gun micro?

We have a very good customer that actually buys 15-20 of the same suit design at a time. This way we are able to make a few changes to the design for him. His order he wanted the exact design of the Smoking Gun with a slightly tighter pouch for the balls and a substantially shorter shaft pouch. We made it for him and he loved it. I thought it was a great idea for those of us smaller or for guys who are larger but want the spandex extremely tight around their shafts. When we made his last batch I had one made for myself and I do think the smaller shaft size actually makes me look larger since it was filled to capacity something I rarely can do with a suit.  Got a call from the same customer (you know who you are!) asking to make the same design again in a fabric more similar to pantyhose fabric and in a sheer nude color. We have sent out a sample of it to see if it is what he likes and again liking his idea I had one made for myself. Maybe it was the unusual feel of the fabric, not quite pantyhose fabric it was thicker but nothing like regular spandex and before I could pull it on over my cock I was hard. The fit was nothing short of spectacular and I can’t wait to hear about our customers reaction.

Mens swimwear