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Koala Update and more.

No I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. We have been absolutely busting it trying to get the new website all set up and ready to go. I must say I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The new will be modern, extremely functional on both computer and smart phones. It will offer what I feel will be an excellent E-commerce shopping experience.

In case you missed it the newsletter sale is still up and running. It is highly likely with the website change over coming in the next couple of weeks we will not do another sale for at least a few months so make sure to check out the fantastic deals.


Update on the male to female transformation neoprene suits. We have two new styles coming. They should be online within the next six weeks give or take. These neoprene designs feel awesome on the body, look great and do a fantastic job of transformation.

Koala Newsletter: Sale, Fun Facts and Important updates.

It’s the holiday time and though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over that does not mean the good times are over. That is especially true when it comes to The December Koala Newsletter and Newsletter Sale. Products that you love and crave are on sale and a number of heavily discounted blow out sales…First come first served limited to stock on hand are there too. There are important updates and fun facts/ information to keep you up to date on everything Koala.

New site, Koala Sale, New designs

Hi guys I have been busting out the new Koala e-commerce web site and it is coming along nicely. This long weekend has been mostly work with a smidgen of friends, family and turkey. Lots of work but it is exciting to see headway being made. Remember the site you are familiar with is still up and running fine. We never do a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale but we will have the Koala December Newsletter Sale coming this week. It will be one of the biggest sales of the year and it will also feature a special $16.99 discontinued suit section, great for gifts and great for getting yourself something special.


I have some interesting bits of information in the newsletter too including intel on some of our upcoming new Neoprene styles!


Men’s Swimwear

Hello Bikini Boys!

No I have not left the county, I’m still here in beautiful semi sunny Los Angeles.

I have news that many of you will appreciate: we are rebuilding the website. The old site which I love but I know is hard to navigate, not mobile friendly and maybe, just maybe a little dated will be replaced in the next six to eight weeks by a new streamline, easy to navigate, very modern and totally mobile friendly new website. The old site is up and running and we are shipping out your favorite designs as fast as our little hands will let us.


I just wanted to drop a little update note to let you know I was not lost a sea wearing only the tiniest little micro thong. (maybe I will do that after the new site is up and running!)


Men’s Swimwear

Salute of the small beach penis. New chastity gear from Koala.



I did a little beach clean-up on my own Saturday afternoon. The beach was actually very clean but I managed to get some of the small stuff like foam and cigarette butts that the truck normally misses. It would be amazing if each of us could do this once in a while at your favorite beach, lake or park. Maybe we could get a trend going. The beach weather was a bit mixed during the day, cloudy which is perfect for cleaning the beach though the beach gods allowed me to bask in the sun for an hour beforehand. It was a little cool out and this kept my cock much smaller (if that is possible) than usual. It was tiny and standing straight up almost like the little guy was giving a salute to non-stop walkers going by. Because of the way the waves were coming in they all had a dazzling view of my little head trying to work its way through the fabric.


If you have a moment please take a look at the two new items under the “Male Chastity” section at A very cool new type of plug and what I’m sure will be a very popular new cock cage.

Hey that’s Koala!

Hey that’s Koala!


Yesterday was a typical perfect Summer day in Los Angeles but lucky for me it came in early Fall. I decided to have lunch at the beach since earlier I had a meeting with one of our Fabric vendors downtown. It was so nice that my hour lunch turned into almost three hours. The night before I had shaved my legs and what little chest hair I had mostly because I love the male feminine look but also because I knew there was a chance of hitting the beach. My suit of choice was the Lucky Girl which is one of our best styles for exposing lip, no I did not use the metal anal stretcher though I have used them at the beach in the past, I was not going for the total slut look. Amazing for a Wednesday there were people on the beach, guess that is what almost 80 degrees in the Fall will do. Three girls nearby were wearing Thongs and there was one man in a bikini another had his running shorts made into a bikini, it was kind of sexy. When I go feminine I am proud of it but I do realize that from a few yards away I appear female especially with my body oiled up. There were more guys around me in no time.  The waves were large and I was not going to swim but I did wade in the water enjoying the rush of salt water over my body. From over my shoulder, I noticed a guy walking towards me. A young nice looking guy in very tight little shorts (not Koala but the world is not always perfect) He walked right up to me and asked if I was wearing Koala, yes I was and wondered how he knew. I’m a fan and I wear Koala too. We chatted and off he went on his way never knowing that I’m with Koala. If you are the guy I met, you have a great ass! Hope this made you smile.


Men’s Swimwear

It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

Sorry about this last weekend I know a lot of people had issues trying to place orders with their credit cards not being accepted. Our shopping cart is by Big Commerce one of the largest and most secure providers in the market place. We were updating to their newest fastest checkout page and some of our credit card processing did not move with it. That is all fixed now and everything is working great, faster and easier than ever! We have also added the Amazon Pay option (Hooray!) for all you  400,000,000 Amazon users out there. I have used Amazon Pay to checkout on many others sites and thought it was awesome. We are extremely excited to now have this option at

If you haven’t checked it out yet make sure to take a look at the Newsletter Sale for some of the best deals of the year. Make note: if you order ANY three sale suits you will receive a FREE surprise suit included with your order!


All the guys must be watching the NFL on Sunday because it seemed like it was only me and tons of girls at the beach where it was close to 90 degrees out. Lots of thongs and lots of Brazilian style bikinis on some very large and lovely rears. I actually was one of them choosing to wear a Brazilian style bikini, but of course a micro, micro front.