Spandex and rainy days.


It is getting cold again and it looks like we will be having a blast of one storm after another from Wednesday through Monday. Through that span of time we might get as much rain as we received in all of 2015! Don’t worry we will share. The projections are these nice large storms will flow right across the country.  If I sound like I am complaining that is not the case, I am thrilled as can be to get the rain, the rain we need so badly. It looks like a lot of my fun is going to be of the indoor variety. As most of you blog readers and spandex freaks know I like to spend as much time as possible wearing spandex. It has been rather cold the last couple weeks in LA and I have found myself wearing many different pairs of spandex compression tights to both work out in and to hang out in. They are so sexy and so comfy. Since it is still sunny today but on the cold side I think I am going to mix it up a little and wear a pair of Man Heaven Short Shorts to work out in. They are risqué for a man but hardly earth shattering compared to what the girls at my gym wear. I guess I’m just doing my part to enable men to be on an equal spandex footing with the ladies and that it gives me an extreme thrill to wear them in such a busy public place is a nice benefit.  There’s no hiding or trying to blend in.


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Are Penises in hibernation?



On top of being flooded with orders for swimsuits and tights this last weekend which was one of our busiest in ages, actually busier than any of the pre holiday weekends we also sold a bunch of male chastity cock cages which we shipped all over the planet. Does this mean more cocks than ever are being put at least temporarily into hibernation? The thought of that many caged cocks excites me. I wish all of you men, slave boys and sissies would send us more photos to post!  It is so arousing to remove your penis from a male chastity cage and slip it into some new, warm and spandex. There is a 100% possibility of you getting wet from the experience.


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In between the rain



Wow January 8 and I eked out a little quality micro bikini time at the beach today. Amazingly enough there were even people in the water and I was not the only one showing off some ass, there were at least three others wearing string bikinis and thongs nearby.  What we had was a nice seventy degree day right after a rainy day and tonight we are in for a huge downpour maybe the biggest in the last ten years. Looks like rain for most of the next week which might come close to what we had in total last year. Guess it’s back to tights and a hoodie.



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The question is:

How much smarter are women?


When it comes to fashion it’s a great question. How far ahead women are with the swimwear designs they wear compared to that of men until companies like ours and other progressive men’s swimwear companies starting expanding and in our case annihilating the boundaries of what men could and should be wearing to the beach, to the gym and the pool? The same can be said for tights. I have been wearing tights to the gym more in the last month or so than ever but living in Los Angeles my default is almost always to shorts. Sometimes spandex shorts and other times baggy basketball shorts. This last month and especially the last few days have been wet and cold something we are not used to. Yesterday I had on a pair of shorts which I wore to work knowing I would hit the gym right afterwards. That said I was cold all day but so busy I didn’t stop to grab a pair of Pinnacle Tights to warm myself up. When I got to the gym it was packed and the one thing you notice being a spandex freak is every women in the place was wearing spandex tights. I have no doubt they were nice and toasty in them and of course amazing to look at. Today I came to work wearing a pair of tights, a long sleeve compression short with a tank over it. The spandex is keeping me warm it is skin tight and feels great. I can’t wait to get to the gym and strut around. Its shoulder and bicep day but I’m going to throw in some legs exercises just because.


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Enjoying the New Year.

Happy New Year!



The end 2016 went off with a bang for us as one of the busiest weeks of the year and the first few days of 2017 has been amazing. One of the reasons is we figured out many of the people on our mailing list did not receive the December Koala Newsletter. They did not see the sale suits and were not informed of the new designs being added to the site. We corrected the problem with our e-mail system and resent all the e-mails. Lot’s of the sale suits are already out of stock in some sizes or in total but there were so many designs on sale that we still have a nice selection. Since many customers just received the mailing we are going to keep the sale running another two weeks.


I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. Mine was low-key with friends and family which is the way I like it to be. As I type this I am at work wearing a sexy pair of compression tights walking at my treadmill desk and enjoying the feel of spandex on my body. I hope 2017 brings you great health, happiness and lots of opportunities to enjoy the feel of spandex on your body.


Michael David


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The shorts have it.



The new Sheer lady Gear micro shorts were the hot shot seller of the holiday weekend. We were a little surprised by how many of these new micro shorts we shipped yesterday after the long weekend. I knew they were going to be a great selling design because they are so fucking hot (excuse my French). The Male Room is still the hottest seller of all the new designs, actually in the last week and half it has been our best-selling design period.

If you have not had a chance to visit now is the time to do it!


What’s hot for the holidays?



Wearing spandex is hot all year around. Is it cold where you are? If so how about a sexy pair of tights. You can choose from soft and stretchy Supplex or steamy hot wet look spandex. Maybe a great looking bulge set of tights to show off your small, medium or large cock in time for your next run or workout. Want to try something truly exotic than you might want to slip on a pair of our male to female transformation tights and see how hot a vagina looks on your supple body. There are either a lot of guys who are planning vacations to warm and sunny destinations or more likely you are into wearing sexy spandex no matter what time of the year as am I. The new collection is out and the runaway best seller is the Male Room. The next two hot designs are in a neck and neck tie for second place: the Perfection Micro Shorts and The Pink Lips. I actually thought that the Pink Lips would be the best selling new design since its style and effect are fantastic but that hot scrunch Butt style is lighting up the sales charts.

It’s holiday time don’t forget to treat yourself to something special, something sexy, something that we make you feel wonderful all year around, you deserve it. Of course I’m talking about picking out a new spandex design the one Santa was to shy to get for you.


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Off to an early lead!!!



The Male Room has jumped off the starting line and is by far the best selling of the new designs for the first two days the new suits have been online. If you have not checked it yet make sure to take a look. There is still another week or so of the December Koala Newsletter with the biggest sale we have ever offered and at the lowest prices to boot! Make sure to check out the newsletter before the sale items are gone.


I might need to squeeze one more beach day in this year. It has been cold here the last couple weeks but today is looking good and tomorrow might just be close to a perfect 72 degrees. To make things even better I just might have a meeting tomorrow that gets me very close to the beach around lunch time. I’m not sure I can think of many things better than having lunch on the sand wearing a micro thong and getting some sun on a late December day.