One of the most popular male chastity devices and swimwear fun.

One of the most popular male chastity devices and swimwear fun.

I spent some time today with my true love, a spandex micro G-string, just me and my lovely little suit lounging by the pool during my lunch hour. It was beautiful out today and just hanging in my G-string got me very aroused. When I get back to the office I decided to do something fun with my cock. We have a couple new ultra heavy head rings coming out in a week or two called the Cyclopean Massive and the Cyclopean Rainbow. I slipped on two of these heavy weights and added a very tiny 1” round head ring to keep them from sliding off. Adding almost a pound to my flaccid shaft was so erotic and going panty-less letting the shaft hang freely with the weights made for an exciting afternoon of running around the warehouse and office. My normal flaccid shaft is well under 1” but after a few hours and a lot of dripping pre-cum my shaft measured in at a ridiculous but real 5”. I wonder if it would stay that long flaccid if I used them daily?

Big news: As most of you know we are not only spandex freaks but male chastity crazies too. We have the largest line of male chastity products found in one location anywhere on the planet. There is a new product we are offering called the Cellmate. It is made by a company called Qiui and it is all the rage because it is the first App controlled male chastity cock cage. There is a lot to tell about it but you might as well take a look at it on our site it was just added it today!“App-Controlled”-Male-Chastity-Device_p_1053.html

I love wearing tights in the winter.

I just dropped off a load of laundry to be done and the girl at the counter was surprised to see so many pairs of tights. You must really love wearing tights she said and my answer was doesn’t everyone? I don’t think anything is more comfy then a form fitting pair of spandex tights on a cold day. Our warehouse has been so cold the last handful of weeks I got to breakout some of my favorite designs and wear them around the office and warehouse. I go between the bulge style and the feminine transformation style tights. There were some transformation tights in my laundry but I’m pretty sure she had no idea what the difference between each style was. Maybe she will figure it out by the time I pick them up…I hope so.

Off the deep end.

I’m back though I actually I never left but have been too busy to write the blog which is something I really miss doing. No promises this time on how often I will post it adds to much pressure to a pressure filled day but I will be posting on a regular basis.

We have added so many male chastity devices it is insane. We have the smallest micro cages on the planet with some new borderline disturbing creations coming in the next few weeks. They are unlike any cage I have ever seen anywhere and they are the brainchild of my ideas and those of our hardcore chastity customers. I can’t wait for you to see them. We have been busting it the last few weeks completely re-shelving our warehouse to give us more room for the up-coming new swimwear designs. They were supposed by be ready before the holidays but when they are being done one at a time by our lovely ladies who have been working with us for almost thirty year’s we let them work at their own pace. Sometimes perfection requires patience. The weather here is beautiful today and I think it’s time to stick my tiny penis in a tinier G-string and get some sun during lunch.

Men’s Swimwear and Male Chastity Gear along with other tasty products for your cock.

Pool Daze

While three quarters of the country was in a deep freeze we lucky bunch in Los Angeles were free to spend our lunch break around the pool in 88 degrees of bliss. We are having a very late summer which does not bode well for our water situation but it is awesome weather to wear a barely cover the penis micro thong. My ass is staying nice and tan at least for a couple more weeks.

Going for two posts in three days!

What do guys that wear micro swimwear designs and guys that use micro cock cages and cock rings have in common? As it turns out almost everything because most of our customers that order cages are also into transformation style suits big time. When we first started offering cock cages it was because I liked wearing them and being the spandex freak I am (and proud of it) I had a feeling that guys who were into spandex might just like cock gear too. Fast forward a decade later and most of our hottest selling micro cock cages are the ones we design ourselves. Exclusive styles that I believe appeal to our type of guys…Koala men.

Make sure to check out the New Munchkin Screwed and Mistress Fury Screwed male chastity cock cages. They are both stunning!

Awesome November beach day.

It is mid-November and we are still hitting the beach here in SoCal in fact today was as busy as most summer days. It was in the 80’s and beautiful. I was parked between two lovely ladies wearing micro thong bottoms and nothing on top other than their extremely lovely breasts. To the side of me was a nice looking younger man wearing a very small bikini and a few bodies away was another guy wearing a thong. My cock felt as small as ever probably because I was playing with so many chastity cages yesterday and my shaft was completely compressed for hours. If the beach was not so busy today I think I would have opted for a transformation style thong and just have gone for the full pussy look.  I hope everyone who reads this blog is getting the newsletter. I published some very tantalizing news today. Big news! On the way back to my car I passed another guy wearing an absolute micro pouch thong so small even I thought he was a girl at first. I wanted to ask him if it was a Koala but he had his faced covered with a towel and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Sorry about not posting to this blog for a while but it has been so insanely busy around Koala I have hardly had time to breathe. I will try to do better.

Michael David

New idea for a swimsuit design.

I was trying on some swimsuits the other day and decided to take a few styles to the beach to take some shoots for my Instagram account. Even though I don’t have many followers yet, I find it fun and exciting posting shoots of my nearly naked body for everyone to see. BTW it’s Michaeldavid766.

One of the suits I grabbed was an Evil Angel, a design that is discontinued though we still offer in some sizes. It is been years since I had that design on and two things hit me right away. First the pouch was one of the smallest bulge style pouches we offer and two wearing this design could make my tan-line even smaller. The cool thing was once I got home and viewed the photos I realized that this design not only fit extremely well I really liked the way it looked on my body. The only change I would make is to add a smaller thong rear like the suit I normally wear. As quickly as that thought came into my mind it was followed by “hey foolish boy you can do that” The next design I give to the girls after they have completed the mini collection of four new designs will be this one. I have a sample of the suit on my desk with a sample of the one that I want to use the rear from and I am leaning towards going with white but feel free to add your color choices.

One, two, Three Black Thongs in a row.

How times have changed. The other day I was doing my thing at the beach wearing a tiny black thong. When I arrived there were few people out three but in the matter of an hour or so there were quite a few. There was a large group of ladies that seemed to be having some sort of meeting by the water they were dressed in summer clothes but not swimsuits. To my left was an older guy maybe in his sixties but in amazing shape wearing a little black thong that looked just like mine! To my left was another guy maybe in his thirties or forties also with an amazing body and strange enough wearing a tiny black thong that looked just like mine. I noticed some of the ladies taking pictures of us with their phones. Thongs in a row like that must be some sort of perfect harmony. Even cooler than that was the girls all around us in Brazilian cut suits and thongs but not one other guy wearing a surf short style swimsuit. I would love to see that on a really busy day. A dream come true all the guys in bikinis, micro shorts, thongs, G-strings and maybe a cock shaped suit or two to make it nirvana.

Men’s Swimwear

Feeling Sexy

Feeling Sexy

I played a little hooky yesterday and hit the beach for an afternoon of fun. The water is so warm and the sun was great. Summer is almost over and soon the beach will be relatively empty but for now there are still lots of beautiful bodies to be seen even mid-week. I took a handful of suits with me and my selfie stick. I wanted to get some shoots to post on my Instagram account. Michaeldavid766

It was so much fun changing into different micro suits without anyone that I know of catching me. I figure being totally naked for a minute or two gets less attention then if I wrapped and towel around me each time to change suits. I pranced around wearing a Spicy Girl which is so much fun. I even got some shoots at the lifeguard tower. My suit of the day is the Man Power and I found that wearing it while playing in the surf provides some funny moments. It turns out that the fabric holds in water similar to a water balloon and as I was getting out of the water I didn’t notice that my pouch was engorged with it. It honestly looked like I was packing a huge 12” cock! Right before I noticed my huge bulge a couple ladies walked by staring at me and whispering to each other. My guess is they were chatting about my huge cock, if they only knew the truth:-)

All in all it was a very sexy afternoon trying on different suits and taking selfies.

Men’s swimwear

Fun with a new MTF suit

One of the new designs going into products is a sleek white G-string style male to female transformation swimsuit/lingerie. The big difference with this particular design is there are no adjustments just slip it on and there is no more cock showing. What is showing is a perfect little vagina. How perfect you might ask? I was trying on what turned out to be our production sample today and while I was modeling it for the ladies one of them said something in Spanish to the other. I asked what it was and they just giggled. With a little more prompting I was told that I looked like a pretty girl and pointed to how flat the front was nothing to show but my little lips ala camel toe.  I thanked her and said that was exactly the look I was going for.

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