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The Depth Charge

Intense anal pleasure anytime all the time.


The Tear Drop Ultra

An Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plug with attitude!



The Tango is the answer to that age old problem of spandex pre-cum spots along with being a whole lot of fun to use.

Something new cums this way.



We have a new product coming out late next week called the Tango. The Tango is a pre-cum/cum dam that fits over the head of the penis keeping all those juices inside with nothing left to spill out. I was so excited to find the Tango since I have been looking for something like this for years. Something I could wear under any swimsuit, shorts or tights that would keep me from getting those big wet spots I always get while wearing spandex, I know many of you have the same issue. The Tango is a soft clear silicone head cover with a little separate dam to collect the juices. It can be used all day long, is easy to clean, looks great** and feels amazing. Once on it stays on and it is easy to get over any cock head no matter how large or small. I have already used it extensively at the gym while wearing Koala bulge style tights and it works great. There is an additional benefit some of you might like. **the Tango makes your cock look much larger and it keeps it looking large and natural. For you boys into wearing the feminine style designs we have tested it with those too and it is soft enough to almost completely flatten out while still staying firmly attached to your penis. A win, win, win.



See it at

One sun day one squat day


Here in LA Tuesday was one of those perfect eighty degree sunny days made for wearing a micro swimsuit which in fact is exactly what I did on my lunch break. I was hoping for the same today after all there are few things as fun as slipping on a micro suit to enjoy the sun and strut your stuff. That was not in the cards today. It was warm enough but lots of clouds and too much work. I actually had lunch in front of my computer. I was still able to sneak in some spandex fun. I have been doing two hundred extra squats per day at work using a fifty pound dumbbell. I wanted to add some spice to my workout and decided to wear a thong. Wearing a thong and nothing else I was able to make sure my form was perfect using the mirror with a direct view of my ass, sweating the reps with spandex and a hard cock makes it a much more fun experience. While doing squats with a thong on the deeper the bend the more stimulation from it rubbing your hole. I wish I could wear nothing but a thong at the gym.


Men’s swimwear, tights and spandex micro shorts.


Questions about Neoprene Fashions

Questions about Neoprene Fashions


The new Koala neoprene bikini and thong have been going great in fact so much so that we are going to be adding more neoprene styles and I wanted to ask you boys some questions. As many of you already know the two styles we offer now, the Wet Slut and the Skin Diver are both transformation style suits that give you a complete feminine look. I would like to know if you would like more male to female transformation designs or you would like to see bulge style neoprene thongs and bikinis. If it seems like the demand is there we will most likely do both types.


Neoprene Swimwear


Stepping out wearing spandex men’s swimwear

Stepping out wearing spandex men’s swimwear


It is not as easy for some men as for others to go out in public wearing spandex men’s swimwear. The skimpier the swimsuit the harder it is for some men to take the leap and show themselves in public wearing so little. When I first started wearing micro swimsuits it always felt like people were staring at me. At first this made me uncomfortable but as I became more comfortable wearing them something that always happens with time and the more you do it the less I noticed people staring. If you wear a small enough swimsuit, the ones I wear on busy beaches just barely cover my penis and my ass is always completely tan and exposed, people are going to look. Times have diffidently changed where no matter what you are wearing even very little no one seems to be bothered. I think it is all the crazy things that people now see on reality TV. You now see shows like Naked and Afraid along with women on regular TV with full butts exposed and over all just a lot of nudity on cable, phones and computers. All that exposure has made wearing micro swimwear for men and women a non issue which I think is a wonderful change. I can be so close to nude in public it is barely legal, maybe one day soon nude beaches will become the norm.


Men’s Swimwear


“Like Me” or whatever you do on Facebook :-)

Like Me-That sounds so lame but I am trying the Facebook thing again and I just set up a personal page under Michael David. I would love to have you friend me and I will do it back to you. If you could “Like my picture too that would be awesome. I have never really  used Facebook so you can help pop my cherry. Thanks


Michael David

Men’s neoprene swimwear is officially hot!


I am happy that the new neoprene femme style bikini and thong swimsuits have been hot sellers right out of the gate but I’m even more excited by the feedback I have received. Thanks for the e-mails and keep them coming I would love to hear about your reaction to wearing neoprene swimwear. I know for most of you it will be the first time. Smooth and lovely come to mind when I think of the way they fit. I do like the idea of ordering a size down from your normal size. I am normally a medium but I love the tight compressed fit the small offers me.


There’s just a few more days for you to order off the Koala Newsletter Sale. It will be gone for two months so make sure to take a look!


Two old friends. Ass Spark designs we thought were gone for good.



Two of our best selling Ass Spark styles are back from the dead and it only took us begging non-stop for three months! We have just added to the site under “Plugs and Ass Sparks” and under “Cock Rings the Cherry Bomb and the Tear Drop Ass Spark. These designs will work great with any Ass Spark powered swimsuit and is a fantastic addition  to any spandex design when you want to fill up the pouch to the max while enjoying some thoroughly intense anal stimulation. God I love the sound of those words:-)

If you are in LA this weekend I hope to see you wearing very little at Venice Beach, it should be very nice on Saturday and I plan on being there maybe even wearing a Tear Drop Ass Spark. Look for the guy with a huge smile on his face.

Stop hiding your penis!

Stop hiding your penis!

Women might not say so but the truth is they love showing off their assets and after all, the micro swimwear trend started with the girl’s years ago. It is now a well established and powerful trend. I have said for many years that men should not be afraid to show their assets too. That includes both your ass and your penis. It does not matter how big or small either is. It is highly pleasurable to be sporting a spandex bulge and just like when ladies show off their breasts or a little camel toe it is never about the size but about the beauty of the human form (OK sometimes it is about size but my cock is small and I love showing my little bulge, sometimes I will wear a penis shaped pouch with a micro sleeve a very small sleeve that fits me showing the world the exact size no guessing needed) If you have ever been to a nude beach something I have done on many occasions you quickly find that since almost everyone is nude, nude becomes the norm. Often at that point you are wondering why some people are wearing suits. I’m not sure nude will be the norm anytime soon on beaches in the USA and Asia, many European beaches do offer nude sun bathing. We are working hard at making almost nude the norm at and we are hot on the trail blazed by the ladies.



Men’s Swimwear

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