Coming up for air

Wow have not posted for a few days very unlike me.
The past few days have passed at blinding speed including a trip to the emergency hospital
(everything looks OK) and just trying to keep up with the new suit sales. It has been our most insane April in the last 16 years we have been doing this crazy wonderful business.
Some of the designs are already on the third run in just the last couple of weeks with many of the new designs selling out before we can get them back in stock.
The design that started off strong but went completely crazy this last weekend was the Changed Man. Guess I’m not the only guy who wants to see and feel what it is like to have a pussy!

Our more conservative bikinis (wild by everyone else’s standards) have been selling great. We were talking about that today and our feeling is that the winter was so nasty almost everywhere that guys are planning vacations and little trips to warn sunny places as I type this.

I will catch my breath and try to post more tomorrow

Mens swimwear

What is your swimwear comfort zone

Shorts, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, pouch only suits, sheer swimwear I have used them all in public but it took me time to build up to being able to do that and of course not all designs will work for every beach, hotel or lake though I like to push the limits of what they allow you to wear Everytime I can. My way of saying fuck you to the rules. Most of you know I go nude whenever I am at a beach that allows it but alas so few places to do that. Even at nude beaches I always wear something very sexy and enjoy peeling it off when I get to my spot. Even on nude beaches extreme swimwear designs attract attention.

Many customers I talk to on the phone and via e-mail will not allow themselves to go as extreme as they really want. Be it too shy, worried about what others might think,  not sure how far they can go (you can always ask but I have found it better to just wear what I want. It has been very few times over the years that I have been told to put on more and that includes wearing completely sheer suits on public non nude beaches)
Some men have the confidence to wear the most micro suits right off the bat for others like me it is a slower progression that takes time to go smaller and smaller and some guys will never get past their own sun deck. I am not judging but it would be great to see more men out showing their wonderful creations of nature, their bodies!

Feel free to post about your comfort level

Mens swimwear

Working on swimwear and sex wear?

I call all our designs swimwear out of habit but so many of the designs we offer are sex wear.
I can’t think of a better term then sex wear, it seems to hit the target dead on. I love wearing the suits with toys involved and as I mentioned a few blogs ago we have a couple new designs that will be here in about 4-5 weeks that can be incorporate into suit and sex-fetish (forgot about how good the term fetish wear is)
designs. These are items no one else has because they are my designs and I believe we are all going to enjoy them. I look forward to new and interesting items just like you do. On that front we are completing a deal that I hope will come through by Monday for a number of very high end products that can be added to our designs. Hope it happens it will be fun for us all!

Mens swimwear

Social Media and swimwear

I know a lot about bikinis, thongs, g-strings, micro suits, pouch only designs and even Speedos (the first design that got me into spandex) but I don’t know shit about social media. I know there are many companies opening Facebook pages. Do you have any favorites and if you are into Facebook can you briefly explain why it would be important to be there.
Your help and responses are always appreciated.

Mens swimwear

New best sellers and works in progress

It must be that many Koala customers channel their swimwear style energy through me.
It has to be more than knowing what guys like because some of the designs are so extreme compared to anything out there that we must attract each others vibes.
The new designs are selling fantastically. The best sellers so far are
Blade, Bliss (we sold out of our first run but we will have more in today!),
Changed Man(insane vagina look), and the Micro Blast
Of course Bliss is about the most difficult suit we make and the girls complain that it is so hard to do you know it would have to be the best seller. It is a beautiful piece of work. Male artwork!

Mens swimwear

Getting close

Most of you have been stuck inside for months. I know it has been a very cold winter in the US and most of Europe. Hopefully you’ve been having fun playing with our fetish suits and modeling your bikinis, thongs and g-strings in front of the mirror. That said I hope you are making plans for when the heat arrives. It’s coming and I can feel it. I hope you have some exciting, fun and maybe even wild activities in the sun set up. Love to hear about them!
I am always talking about my favorite tanning suits and I have used the same one now for two seasons, that is the Slut g-string but for this spring and summer I have picked a new suit. My new beach suit will be the Shy Slut. I designed it with me in mind. The idea that the extra flap of fabric pops up and covers more skin so I can head down to the water without any shaft peeking out works for me. The flap of fabric folds down when you are tanning and it is then the same size as the Slut. I am also ready for a change of color and along with black, yellow is my co-favorite color. One thing about yellow spandex is if the suit is unlined when you get wet it is virtually sheer. Can’t wait for the beach!

Do you have a favorite beach, pool or hotel suit?

Mens swimwear

Update on new suits and new design

As of today my web master has all the copy and the photos. He is busy getting the new pages together and we are planning on having the new products online mid week. One of the new designs that excites me the most is the Explosive Sex Eruption. It is based on the Explosive Sex which is by far the best selling over the shoulders suit we have ever offered and one of our best selling suits ever. The new design was a direct result of customer requests.
The Explosive Sex Eruption has all the features of the original( butt plug anal hook and three ring cock cock cock ring) with the addition of a full cover and removable front pouch. Yes you will now be able to wear it to your next erotic party and some wild boys just might pop up on the beach sporting one. The models had a great time wearing this designs and just to prover to them that it is one of the best sex designs we had our fluffer give each of them oral so they could get the full effect of wearing and enjoying this wonderful design. This is a design a highly recommend from my own sexual experience it brings pleasure to a new higher level. Mens swimwear with a higher purpose! Your Speedo was never this much fun!

Mens swimwear

Great shoot with two models

It was hot hot hot today it reached 100 degrees at Koala. Sucks that I had to work and missed a prime bikini beach day.

Last nights shoot was fantastic with Vlady and Gabe most of the shots with both together it was very erotic.
It went so smooth. Gabe is Bi but I had no idea until after we finished that Vlady is Bi too. You never know what is going to happen when you shoot with two models together especially when there is full frontal nudity with cocks just about touching. These boys are literally on top of each other.
In the past we have had situations where a straight model just will not work that close to another guy.
That is so ridiculous but we always respect the models wishes and try to keep things on the lite side. There was great chemistry from the moment they both stripped down and that makes things so much better for us.
I can’t believe how many great photos we have. I’m busy picking shoots for the website, tough work but some ones
got to do it.

Mens swimwear

New suit update and FREE live shoot

Lets talk about the FREE live shoot. We are shooting the balance of the new designs with what I believe will be two very hot young models. Join me and KMC as we do the live shoot tomorrow Wed 3/30/11 at 6:00PM PST
The free part of the shoot will run about 20 minutes and is being supplied by KMC. They believe it will be a good way to introduce mew potential members to the site. Carlos runs KMC and I tend to agree if people get a taste they will want more. Many of their members have been with them since day one! Almost 3 years now!
Log on to their site and check it out.

We will have the balance of the new designs in stock  tomorrow and they should be online by the end of next week at the very latest. I am so excited to show off these new styles to you and then get busy working on the Summer collection. Got an hour today of beautiful warm sun and a very cool dip in the pool.
Forgot to update about my weight I am up to 162 but I started taking creatine over the weekend to bulk up my muscles and it makes you retain water, its most likely that or it ould be all the homemade cookies I had this weekend. Hope its the water.  Mens swimwear

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