A little water fun

Thought I would post a couple of clips on x-tube from the underwater photo shoot.
Guess who the model is?

I posted it on X-tube this weekend and had a ton of people viewing it.

Clip 1
Clip 2

No more underwater shoots until it warms up.
Our next KMC  live shoot is 11/18 6:00PM PST One of the models will be Gabriel, he is ready to try the fucking machine while wearing some fetish wear. Should be fun.

Mens swimwear 

I was 12 or 13 the first time I slipped on a bikini

How old were you the first time you slipped on a tiny bikini made of spandex? Feel free to include your sister or girlfriends swimsuit.
Do you remember the sensation, were you nervous, were you excited, were you confused, a combination of those or something entirely different?

Did you ever and if so when did you first wear your suit in front of friends?
Do you remember going out in your bikini, thong or g-string with a boxer style swimsuit covering it and checking the area out before you got up the nerve to slip the boxers off.
How did you feel?

I am completely at ease in almost any situation wearing the smallest suits now but I do remember those early intense feeling and would love to hear about yours.

Mens swimwear

Bulge perfection

I wanted to make sure that you took a close look at the new Sweet Boy Thong while checking out our new collection of designs.
Look at the close-up shots and the attention to detail. The stich work is fantastic and as you can see the bulge shape is perfection.
The penis shape is not only high-lighted with this design, it is in my opinion displayed as the beautiful center piece of the male body that the cock is. The Sweet Boy Thong is a great anywhere style, very bold and compelling a fantastic beach suit that is not too extreme for public viewing.

Mens swimwear

Quality beach time but no Penetration bikini

It hit 97 degrees at work today so I decided to take a little sanity break and head to the beach. How often do you get beautiful hot summer beach weather in November ? Not often. My beach trip had a dual function, I was trying to gauge if the new Nissan Leaf electric car could handle the ride from home to work to the beach and back again. Not quite sure if it will but I am working on the math.
The beach was amazing and there was a spattering of other people out there. I was not the only one playing a little hooky.
I wanted to but opted not to wear the new Penetration bikini with Ass Spark, I need to keep that a treat as part of the goal I talked about yesterday. I went standard ultra micro and even took a little stroll down the beach wearing just my little Slut G-string.
Seems like the rest of the country is moving more to the right but as everyone knows California always seems to go against the grain.
We even picked up a Democrat governor. Hope the congress does not move to far to the right but not to worry, Koala will continue to go extremely liberal, that is extremely liberal in the showing of skin. Ours and yours! 

Mens swimwear

Penis vagina? New sexy weight targets and check the new clip

Carlos just posted a new clip at KMC and there is a free one you can click on to check out the new suits underwater.

I took an hour to warm my body in the heat today. It broke 95! very strange weather but I will take it. I jumped into the pool to cool off and froze my cock. It retreated to the size of a vagina in my suit and it was so cold it felt nice and smooth and tight almost like a pussy, it was so small I could not feel it there but it did look hot in an ultra micro way.

Setting some new weight targets. I am at 157 and want to drop to 150. My first goal will be 154 followed by 152 then 150. Each time I hit my weight mark I will wear one of the new anal spark style suits in public. Beach, Gym or? and will take pictures to prove it. I will start with the Penetration bikini and work my way down in suit size as I get smaller. I love this type of challenge. Have you thought about something like this for yourself or are you chicken? Like they say just do it!

Mens swimwear

Change of plans!

I know I told you earlier today that the new suits will be on the site Thursday and when I said that I believed it.
To my amazement I received an e-mail this evening telling me to check out the new update to Koalaswim.com
My Webmaster missed the part about putting the suits online when every last one was in stock. They are all online now but the entire new collection will not be in stock until Thursday. Many are in stock and ready to ship so if you order and it is here it will ship right away if it is not in stock yet it will ship by Thursday. I am very proud of this collection and I hope you enjoy them.

Mens swimwear

The suit Least likely to be in stock and todays new suit update. Which male chastity device?

The suit we have the most trouble keeping in stock is the Hooked Up. We are always a week behind on this one. There are two problems that cause this. The first is a good one, we sell more of them then we can make. The second is that it is one of the more difficult designs to produce. I wish there was a short cut to make things easier. If you are ordering one please be a little patient, it is worth the wait and guaranteed to inflict pleasure on you.
Latest info on the  2011 collection is that the new pages should be online no later then this coming Thursday and all suits will be in stock too.
A question I get everyday is which male chastity devices is best? I like them all and most people ordering them generally order more then one. I can use and enjoy them all and a favorite really does not come to mind. I can tell you that the best selling design is the Ringmaster. Hope that helps.
It is November 1st today here in beautiful sunny California and it is starting to warm up again. Monday for me is like a sperate week and it is 2:00PM and I am still playing catch up. I was told it will be about 90 degrees by mid week and if that happens some beach time will be a must. Might even try the new Penetration bikini.

Mens swimwear

New suit info, help us grow, underwater frozen balls

Up bright an early this morning and will be out of the house in a few minutes to meet with my girls and see how the production is going. I am hoping to have all the new designs in stock by today. That may be wishful thinking but we are planning on launching the new collection next week. I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know. Help. I don’t ask to often but since this blog is growing everyday I thought why not ask for help to get even more guys and girls checking it out. Here is what you can do to help: forward links to friends, list us in the signature section of any forums you belong too, add links for this blog where ever you can, links are very helpful! and just try to let like minded sexually open people know about us….thanks. We did our last underwater photo shoot of the summer for KMC yesterday and there should be a few free clips posted in the next week or so. KMC members should have an hour plus of all the new designs underwater. It was so cold my balls are still thawing out. I can tell you this, the new anal spark enhanced suits especially the full bikini style is more fun then you can imagine. The idea of being violated at the beach with no one knowing is very exciting.

Mens swimwear

Nut cracker Sweet! or the micro of micro pouches

In the search for the ultimate and never ending micro swimwear bikini, thong or g-string I try and sometimes fail at finding excellent combinations. Today I received a sample of a micro thong with a Slut style front pouch but about half the size. For those of you not familiar
with the Slut g-string it is already one of the smallest pouches in the world so making it half the size and still getting my rather small cock into it is no small feat. I gathered my inspiration for this design by wearing the Slut G-string(presently my tanning suit of choice) all summer long. My idea is creating a heavy duty elastic base that will hold my insanely compressed cock inside this ultra small pouch without it popping off. One of the blog commenters was telling how he retracts his balls inside himself on some of the fem style suits.
This design is not a fem style but visually should take you back to your more youthful days. (that is before your cock started to grow) This sample is not completely right yet but it is promising. The down side to it is my shaft and balls were so compressed that they started to retract on there own. I am looking for extreme pressure to get that small, ultra small pouch look but I need to work on the base of the pouch so it captures the balls before they run and hide from the pressure. Upside is you feel, intensely feel your cock and in its own way it feels hot or in this case nut cracker sweet!

mens swimwear

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