Sometimes it’s too easy

Was it Woody Allen who said masturbation is having sex with someone I love?
My muscles were sore from lifting and playing ball. After lunch seemed like a great time to take a jacuzzi.
Still hot  here in SoCal, a little sun and a little dip in hot water would be good for the soul and my body.
Got to my little island of peace and quiet and no one was around. Not sure why but I just stripped off my clothes and walked naked over to the jacuzzi and hoped on in. Nothing sexual about it. Just out there in a public(for my complex) jacuzzi letting the powerful jets work my muscles and relax them. I rarely do this but it sure felt good. After soaking my muscles for a while somehow I slid down and let the water blow freely against my cock. I was hard in a second. Turned around and let the jets work their magic on my spread hole.
It felt amazing. Laid back down and again let the water blow hard on my shaft. When I first got into the water it was just about my sore muscles but I found myself getting highly aroused. With the jets blowing hard I grabbed the base of my shaft with one hand and fingered my hole with the other letting the water and jets do all the work. It took a few minutes before I was completely aroused and then out of no where blowing a huge load of underwater cum.  Nice break from work.

Mens swimwear

Playing with a suit always works

Playing with the Shaft suit gave me inspiration to create two all new designs using the basic idea of the suit. Laying out in public gave me the first idea of being able to pull both pouches back further. The effect is that if the suit had an adjustment between the legs you could pull it down hard enough that even a fully erect cock would be in line with your legs and have the appearance at least from a few feet away of being a very narrow micro suit. When the shaft is pulled down that far it blends in with the legs and does not appear to be a separate shaft pouch which I found to be very exciting. When I pulled my package back that far my balls completely disappeared from view between the legs and compressed very tightly. Precum flow here we cum.
The second one would be virtually identical but with a bikini rear.

Mens swimwear

2nd part of my Shaft suit surprise

Where did I leave off? tried on the Shaft suit, blown away by the fit and made some sketches of new ways to make it even more intense then decided to go to my secret pool close by my work and relax, renew and enjoy our 80 degree weather all while being better then nude because my shaft was complexly exposed but wrapped in spandex. I did not give a thought about it because even in the summer there are few people that use the pool more often then not the gardeners are the only ones there and if they want to stare at my shaft then they can enjoy. Got there and to my surprise a couple of middle age ladies that use the pool on rare occasion had the same idea. Enjoy the sun. This time of the year there are only a few spots that get great sun and they had two of the tree lounges. I was about to turn around and go back to work because the Shaft suit is very extreme and who knows how they might react. They have seen me a number of times in my micro suit but that makes my package look tiny almost fem. This suit is 180 degrees opposite of that.
I made a quick choice to take the lounge next to them and lay on my stomach, it is a g-string so my ass would be exposed but I figured it would be better then my cock.
Let me shorten the story up a bit. Took my spot said hi to the girls dropped my shorts and relaxed in the sun without them seeing the front of my suit. Talked with them for a while, housewives are very flirty and then took a little nap. Don’t know about you but when I wake up from a nap I am a little disoriented for just a minute or so but this time it was enough for me to roll over and get sun on my front without thinking about it. Hey I haven’t seen that suit before one of the girls said. It took my brain a second to register what I was wearing and how hard my cock was. Lucky the suit works great and kept my shaft pointing down. I rolled back over and said sorry I forgot I was wearing this style it is a little radical. The other girl said you don’t need to be shy we already had a good look and they both giggled. I rolled back over and thought about how wonderful Socal is and how open minded some people can be. I hope I got them a little wet I know I was!

Mens swimwear

Shaft suit surprise

Was working last night on more new designs and decided to take another look at our best sellers over the past year. While going over the list I ran into a suit that surprised me. It was the Shaft suit and it is one of our oldest current designs. This is the suit that pulls your shaft down in it’s own pouch and pulls the balls down in a separate pouch. It has always been a fun suit to wear and needless to say it is strikingly sexy to be seen in.
I was shocked to see after all these years that it is still one of our most popular designs. When I got to work I decided to try one on wondering how it felt and if I could make any changes to it. The suit fits like a super hot tight shaft glove and after a second of wearing it I realized why it has stayed a best seller for so long.
Not to make you boys in other parts of the country jealous but LA was around 80 today and once I had the Shaft suit on I knew my lunch break would include an hour of sun wearing it.
What happened next is another surprise which I will blog about tomorrow.

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Must be a lot of first timers

This was not your typical Monday at
Something was stimulating Koala customers like a mass epidemic. All the boys at work referred to today as Saint Ass Sparks day. From first thing this morning until the very end of the day we were flooded with 
orders for Ass Sparks and for the suits that are designed to be used with them. Guess it was just one of those days where everyone thought about pushing something special up their ass. Wonder if there were many first timers?
I think so since guys that are already into anal fun were most likely early adopters.
I would love you to post your experiences no matter how graphic using your Ass Spark with or without one of the new designs…….Thanks!

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Sex, spandex and photos

Just the words alone are a wonderful mix. In my case as most of you know I love wearing spandex, I love having sex and I love taking photos. The only thing I can think of to improve the above statement is if I mix them all together. As winter approaches I seem to get more into the extreme cock suits. The ones that fully expose shaft,balls or at times both. There are few things that feel better then having my cock strapped into restricting spandex straps, metal rings and metal cages getting hard and being played with. Switching around my spandex play to include anal designs have increased my range and pleasure. The new Explosive sex suit makes my cock tingle thinking about wearing it and then looking at the photos of Gabriel wearing it makes it that much more exciting. I have always had some issues trying to get on the Explosive sex micro suit but after seeing Gabriel do it with his much larger cock has motivated me to work on it. My cock gets insanely hard when I put on the Micro version. I have found that taking a nice hot shower first loosens up my sack and makes it easier to get it on. Once my hard cock is caged I then insert the anal hook which gives me the perfect start for super hot foreplay.
Holiday fun at its best.

Mens swimwear

Favorite suit style?

I’m interested in hearing about what styles you like best and where and when you will wear them.
Please be honest with your answers
Bikini  Thong  G-string  Tiny boy shorts  Big baggy suits  Micros  Pouch only  Cock exposed suits Fem wear

Favorite style for your own backyard when you are alone?

Favorite style in your backyard with friends and family?

Favorite style for the beach, lake or hotel?

Favorite style around your friends at their homes?

Favorite style to wear on vacation including a cruise?

Favorite style for water sports?

What do you wear at the gym?

I am interested in your answers because they help me decide what types of styles to offer in the future and I think sharing these details may help other men move on to more extreme suits in new and different settings.

Mens swimwear

I’m pissed at Youtube, real lips and best photo site

First let me say how backwards and completely full of shit the men who run are.
If you go to youtube and search bikinis, thongs, swimwear or underwater you will find tons of clips with cute girls wearing tiny bikinis, thongs and g-strings and it seems no one in the youtube censorship department has any issues with that and of course why should they. Showing a beautiful body and wanting to see a beautiful body is completely natural. The total bull shit comes in when you put a man in a bikini, that is a bikini not a thong or g-string but a bikini. They get one asshole homo-phobic person that complains about seeing a man in a bikini and they shut down your account. Talk about the dark ages. There are so many things in the world that piss me off and yes this is a minor one but I believe if we send our views to youtube explaining how unreasonable there actions are to people who enjoy seeing men as well as women in swimwear maybe they will change. 
My last clip was up for less then 24 hours. We are posting clips on gaytube and xtube with no issues.

I would like to know what your favorite major sire is for posting photos. A customer told me that voyeurweb’s red cloud section allows posting of men, I thought it was only for women. He mentioned privatevoyeur and truevoyeur, just wondering if you have a major site that is a favorite.

Last but not least my new vagina look suit for creating an amazing realistic camel toe vagina look is coming along with some snags but I think we will get it right. I have had some e-mails about this and wanted to straighten two things out. Yes we have the Mangina Redux which gives a magnificent camel toe vagina for men. With the new design I am striving to duplicate a vagina at the skin level. I mean I want any man who wears it to be able to pass for a nude women at the pussy level. I want it that extreme that we actually mold a man into a women, one with a beautiful exposed camel toe, one that looks real enough to eat!

Mens swimwear

P.S. a note to the guy who posts that I am a perv…no shit genius, was that difficult to figure out?
why is it there are some many stupid people on this planet?
Back to being positive..In time even people let that may be enlightened!

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