Fun clips,Happy Turkey Day and g-strings

I agree with the feedback we received that a fixed size g-string with super narrow 1/8″ or less string sides
as a bikini would be a nice addition and I will work on that design. I like the idea of doing an Ass Spark G-string, a real g-string with a g-string rear that incorporate the Ass Spark.
If you haven’t tried a suit with an Ass Spark yet like the Penetration Bikini, You should. It has been a world wide best seller. Men ordering them for themselves and friends, women ordering them for their husbands and BFs
we have ran out and made a 2nd and 3rd run of these designs in a 2.5 week period. Just amazing the attention and excitement these suits have created. Again we are all adults reading this blog and I feel free to share personal details with you all the time that said when I use an Ass Spark cock ring anal plug my orgasms are so much more intense and my cum loads are bright white. Not sure why but next chance I have I will talk to a urologist friend to see if the Ass Spark can be making my loads larger and whiter in color.
Buying yourself any of the designs which feature an Ass Spark would be one of the best gifts you ever bought yourself or a friend.

To my friends, customers, blog readers and kindred spirits in the USA I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A little more fun. Let me know what you think of these clips. They were fun to do!
Pool Fun      Pool Fun 2   Pool Fun 3 Mens swimwear

I would love to show my hole too

I have mentioned the idea of getting a pair of women’s tights, work-out tights like the ones they wear at the gym, the ones that turn me on to no end and wear it with an ultra fem design an idea I am working on that will make a man pussy that  both men and women will think they a looking at a real vagina. Still working on the idea and I am going to buy the tights today. I want to use it as motivation for weight loss.
There was a girl at my gym this morning wearing a pair of tights so sculptured to her body that when she was bent over doing an exercise with weights I was relatively sure I could see her hemorrhoids the tights went so far up her ass the detail was breathtaking.
One of you bloggers posted the idea of an ass spark style g-string and I wanted to let you know I like the idea


Mens swimwear

Do you need a sting bikini?

One of my earliest memories of a spandex swimsuit was a tiny brown g-string that I bought from a company that was in Arizona. It was my first string bikini and it really got me hard. It was so sexy and for the time extremely micro. Times have changed and I would almost call it a full bikini. I wonder if we should be offering a string bikini with very thin 1/8 or less side strings that are fixed. We offer a tie side string bikini but some guys think it is to fem. Do you need a string bikini in your collection of suits?

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Another customer Idea

One of our customers sent us a photo of a g-string with a zippered front and a small open area on top that exposes the chastity device the model had on. He thought it would be interesting to offer something like that.
I am working with the girls to offer a suit that can handle all the different devices. This style would have a standard shaped pouch not one that is shaped like the device as our others are. I like the idea of the peek-a-boo top that shows you are in fact caged up. Do you think you would wear a suit like this in public, we might even make a bikini style one.

Mens swimwear

Customers great idea

I had a feeling the new designs with the ass spark cock ring anal plug would be
very popular but I have been surprised by just how wonderful koala customers
have taken to them. I received a call today from a customer who asked if we
offered a thong design like the penetrator bikini, without thinking I said yes
and he asked which one it was. I told him to give me a minute so I could go
online and show him. To my shock it hit me we did not offer a true thong and in
fact we did not have a true g-string either that used the ass spark. I thanked
him for letting me know and told him I would make both in the next batch of  new designs.
 The g-string will be a micro similar to the slut and the thong will be
more a standard front and rear something you can do the beach in with a plug in
I can’t wait to get started on them. I would love to hear some of your color choices on these!

Mens swimwear

Percolating New Ideas and a big cock which ones best?

Never my problem but I get many calls saying that my cock is way to big for that tiny pouch what should I do?
First let me say that even with some of our most micro pouches we have shoved large 8″ cocks into them and they fit fine. There is a lot of give in 4 way stretch Lycra that we use on many of the designs. Oh yes they can handle your little 2″ or your very large cock We do have a couple suits designed to show off your cock fully erect that work well for me and work well for men with large thick cocks. These designs will handle the largest penis and if you are blessed with a large cock they look full even without you being hard. Us mere mortals need to be hard to fill these designs. They are the Man Load Supreme and the Fully Loaded, these are both very good sellers and on top of that both are of the more difficult suits to make so they are generally back-ordered a week or so. They are well worth the wait!

Percolating ideas. New ideas come and go all the time but some are so hot that you need to play with them.
We have a very large following of men who are into the male to female transformation look. I love the look and enjoy wearing these designs myself. My goal has always been to make the absolute most realistic looking fem pouch area. I want it to look exactly like a vagina and many of our fem style designs do just that but I want to go a step further. I am working on a suit design and if it proves viable will be so amazingly real that the test will be to duplicate a womens camel toe if she was wearing tights like the kind that drive me crazy at the gym. It want the effect so real that guys looking at close-ups on online sex sites get turned on and rate the photos highly. I want it so hot that it would pass for a girl on a major site like That is a guy wearing workout tights(maybe girls workout tights) and my new design suit to duplicate the look to the T.
That is the target and I am working on a very promising design that I hope will do the job.
I will give you more details as I test it.

Mens swimwear

Lazy Day at the beach and what to do about precum

It is Saturday Nov 13 and I am sitting on the beach in
LA with a friend on a beautiful sunny day. It seems like even native Los
forget how beautiful the beach is this late in the season. It is still bikini
weather sitting right across from us
Is an amazing looking younger girl in a bikini no larger then mine and you know
how small that is , while her surfer boy
Is busy catching waves. Sure it will cool off soon but a couple more weeks of
summer would be quite a gift from the weather gods.
We might have more friends dropping by so I went conservative with the Ass Market bikini, the
front pouch is sleek and form fitting. It’s funny how Having a full back on my
suit feels like I am wearing so much fabric. At one time this suit would have made me very
nervous to wear in public, so small and my cock head out-line is easy to see but
after all summer wearing a tiny micro this suit feels like it has as much coverage as I
will ever use again. My days of wearing baggy swimsuits are over. Today I have
decided never to wear anything larger then the suit I have on. Yes that means
some family members and friends may be surprised but I need to be true to my
love of spandex.  Typed this out on a 3g Apple IPad which worked out nicely.

we did have a few friends drop by and I was glad I used my little precum secret before we left for the beach.
Spandex always gets my clear fluids flowing, always has and most likely always will. I think it is the excitement of wearing it plus how great it feels on my cock. After all this times it never surprises me to get a random erection from wearing spandex swimwear. I never worry about it when I am wearing black. With black fabric the wet spot is not glaring and if there is a lot you can always take a dip in the water. This time of year the water is to cold and the suit I was wearing was blue. Wet spots jump out at you on blue suits. If you are trying to pickup on a guy and you see he is getting wet is a very exciting but being with friends and having them see you get wet is not always a great option(sometimes it is). I take the top of a condom, just cut off the top and use it as a head cover. It collects any precum and keeps it from getting on the fabric. A simple trick.

Mens swimwear

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