Link to October Koala Newsletter, tiny penis, girl or boy ass? sometimes it is hard to tell

Here is the link to the October Koala Newsletter

Did the beach thing Sunday with a friend and what a beautiful day it was. We walked along the beach and had a chat about cute butts. I know my ass is full and round and kind of fem. I once was showing photos to our models on how suits should look, these were shots the girls took of me in samples and one of the models said after viewing a close-up shot of my ass, why was a girl wearing one of our suits.Many times I have had guys stroll up to me while I was tanning in a g-string just to be disappointed to find I was a guy. It is funny how close you need to be to tell the difference between some boy and girl butts. I even tend to assume that a cute round ass in a bikini, thong or g-string belongs to a girl. Back to the beach, we were spotting nice ass views and being Venice you know there are going to be many guys in spandex. There were more guys in thongs then girls but the funny thing was many are very hard to tell until you are right up on them what sex they are. Thin twinky boys do look like girls until you get very close.

I see other men in my gym’s locker room and I feel that when my penis is soft it is very tiny maybe the smallest I have seen but I am fine with that. The swimwear styles I choose seem to work perfectly and look great when I am at my very smallest.  That seems to go against the grain with most men wanting their cocks to look and be as large as possible. Sometimes I wonder if there are other guys out there that think a very small cock is sexy. I know there are many women that enjoy cocks that are small. Am I the only guy proud of my very small cock?

Mens swimwear

Male chastity, cock sucking andwhat a great day at the beach

I was working on webs sites for hours on Friday posting so many photos of cocks in male chastity devices and I was getting very aroused.
That night I needed my cock sucked and played with. I brought home the Half Pipe male chastity device. I think that seeing the photo of the cock head coming out of the unit made me want to have it sucked while wearing it. Had a friend come over to play with me. She loved the way the Half Pipe looked on my instantly swollen cock. Having just the end sucked as it pushed its way out of the sleeve was teasing torture. There is no way to orgasm wearing that but the build up of sexual tension is just amazing. Once it was removed I was free to have my cock  completely  drained.

As I have said before summer seemed to pass us by in SoCal, not many  great beach days but October is making up for it. Went to the beach today and there were loads of girls a few  boys in bikinis and thongs, a nice looking topless older lady (police passed by her a few times but happily did not bother her) a few guys in shorts( more in skimpy then shorts which is unusual, there must of been a lot of sports on TV) Perfect beach day in the 70’s blue skies, perfect early October day. Who could ask for more?

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My shots and your shots

I just checked the Dregga group on yahoo and the six photos I sent him are in this group of photos.
Let me know what you think.
Now as for your photos, please share, be brave and show the world your beautiful body wearing a skimpy Koala suit or even better show some cock. You know deep inside you want to. Over come the fear and do it.
You can post photos and see tons of photos at KMC  and Dregga groups.

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Photos…what do you like?

I have just spent the last few hours going through photos from last weeks shoot trying to pick out the ones that will be used to show the 2011 collection. I was wondering what type of shots you enjoy seeing?  Since some of the designs are so new, unusual and different from anything out there I have picked many extreme close up shots. They are very explicit, maybe even too explicit.
I wanted to know if there is any such thing or do you like seeing the extreme detail of how the thongs, bikinis, fetish suits, cock displays and such are put together?

Mens swimwear

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