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Laser touch up



I have very little hair on my bikini area that includes my shaft / balls and after many laser sessions I get very little re-growth. A friend of mine hooked me up with one of his friends who just got into the laser hair removal business. I called and told her I needed a touch up for a small part of my bikini area along with my penis. That should not take long she said and that was without seeing how small I am J

I went over yesterday after working out, taking a shower and making sure to shave off any bit of hair still there. If you are going have laser done for the first time you need to make sure to be completely shaved.

The session was interesting because she had not worked on many guys. I stripped down and she started on the bikini area which took all of two minutes, she had the laser on a higher setting which feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. I told her she might want to turn it down a little for the penis. This is the first one I have done she said with a slight giggle. I was hoping she was not going to be nervous about it and asked. No problem she said as she pulled the skin taunt on my balls and started working her way around them. Even with the laser setting down it still hurts and in a strange way is stimulating. By the time she finished the balls my shaft was rock hard. This should make it easier she quipped which is true because the skin is fully stretched and in my opinion it hurts less when you are hard. It only took another two minutes to finish. My penis was red and starting to swell a little. This happens when you are getting laser done at a high enough level to permanently remove the hair, lower settings are just a waste of time. The vagina lips tend to swell after laser treatments she said but asked if it the swelling had happened to me before. I assured her it was normal. She told me to leave it air out for a little while and we just sat around and talked. I had not remembered how much bigger my cock looked after an intense session. It was quite a bit larger than normal but unfortunately it was back to its normal size in the morning, at least it was completely baby soft with no hair to be found!