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Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

We are going to be offering a new line of women’s style tights for men in the near future. These designs are made to be used with our male to female transformation suits like the Clever Girl which we have used on most of the testing. Since the transformation suits are doing all the hard work of erasing your penis and changing it to a vagina we are free to create real female styles but in men’s sizes. I would love your feedback on the kind of tights you would like, high waist tights? Scrunch butt styles? Light fabrics that look painted on?, figure control style cuts and fabrics? Let me know. koala@la.twcbc.com

The question is:

How much smarter are women?


When it comes to fashion it’s a great question. How far ahead women are with the swimwear designs they wear compared to that of men until companies like ours and other progressive men’s swimwear companies starting expanding and in our case annihilating the boundaries of what men could and should be wearing to the beach, to the gym and the pool? The same can be said for tights. I have been wearing tights to the gym more in the last month or so than ever but living in Los Angeles my default is almost always to shorts. Sometimes spandex shorts and other times baggy basketball shorts. This last month and especially the last few days have been wet and cold something we are not used to. Yesterday I had on a pair of shorts which I wore to work knowing I would hit the gym right afterwards. That said I was cold all day but so busy I didn’t stop to grab a pair of Pinnacle Tights to warm myself up. When I got to the gym it was packed and the one thing you notice being a spandex freak is every women in the place was wearing spandex tights. I have no doubt they were nice and toasty in them and of course amazing to look at. Today I came to work wearing a pair of tights, a long sleeve compression short with a tank over it. The spandex is keeping me warm it is skin tight and feels great. I can’t wait to get to the gym and strut around. Its shoulder and bicep day but I’m going to throw in some legs exercises just because.


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It was finally a cold morning.



Having a cold morning and needing to go workout can only mean one thing, spandex tights! The big question was femme or bulge? I opted for a pair of bulge style tights, the Pinnacle Ballistic Sport Tights along with a black Nike top. I have been lifting harder than ever lately and I hope to get ripped enough to wear a spandex compression top with my tights soon. There is nothing like wearing tights that look like they were painted on and a compression top that looks like a second skin. The matt grey spandex is not only one of the sexiest fabrics on the planet but it is so comfortable to wear. I can’t see a reason why any man would wear a thong or G-string with their tights (I do understand why the ladies often do) but I guess if your cock was big enough you might want to control how much of it is showing. My cock is small enough to butt up against the spandex pouch perfectly showing off the shape of the head but not the size of the shaft. I mixed up my workout today doing all the major muscle groups with light weights. There were literally hundreds of people working out with me, lucky for me it was not a shy day.


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It’s been cold in LA but oh those tights. Tights update.


It has been non-stop cold here for the last couple weeks and we even had rain! Yesterday I had a meeting near the beach and decided to do my work-out on the sand rather than in the gym, though cool outside it was nice and sunny perfect for an intense session. My beach attire for the day was a compression tank and a white pair of the new Koala matt finished pouch sport tights. Before I go on let me give you an update. If the news sounds similar to past posts is because it is but with a ray of hope. I was told all the tights will be ready by the end of next week. On the plus side this might actually happen since thankfully my girls are all feeling much better. That nasty cold/flu has left us for greener pastures.  The matt white tights fit me so skin tight I felt like I was nude and the pouch which has enough stretch to handle a much larger cock kept my little guy looking great for the entire three hour high speed sand walk.  The matt tights are such a sexy look. I was jazzed to see a number or other male runners and walkers wearing tights. I wonder how many of them go without underwear and let their cocks enjoy the cool ocean breeze? I can’t be the only one. Virtually all the female walkers/runners are wearing tights so how amazing would it be if all the men switched to tights too. Even though the workout was intense the sound of the ocean and humming my favorite Bowie tunes made the afternoon awesome.


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The fitting ended up being on Friday with a big surprise!


We ended up doing the fitting this last Friday and it went extremely well. Over the next week I will blog about a few more new designs and about all the days I spent at the beach this last week. The big surprise was all the new men’s workout tights the girls had ready for me to try on, this was completely unexpected. Let me first bring you up to date on my men’s tights odyssey. I have mentioned tights numerous times in past blogs. I love wearing and working out in men’s tights also known as compression tights. I think the concept of skin tight leggings that you can wear to the gym is a wonderful idea and I have been seeing more and more guys wearing them. I need to go to the West Hollywood gym to see if even more men are wearing them there. West Hollywood is usually well ahead of the fashion curve. The tights Nike, Under Armor and all the other sports gear companies make are sexy and look great but they are sexy in a Speedo sort of way which is to say they are sexy functional but not overtly made to be sexy. I had not been able to find my dream pair of tights and if any of those sports companies were making them then we would not bother doing it. The fact is no one makes tights that sexy and I have ordered over thirty different brands. A Koala customer told me about a company that makes amazing form fitting work out tights for women in Europe. I contacted them, told them what I wanted and a hundred dollars a pair later I received the closest tights to my vision. Close to what I was thinking about and super sexy but not perfect though they did give me a base to work off of.


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