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The sheer joy of dry body shaving.

This is just a personal choice but it is a choice that I know many of my Koala Brothers are into. I love to be smooth and hair-free every place but my legs which at times I do shave them completely. I have had many sessions of laser hair removal on my pubic area, penis, cheeks and back. I was never super hairy to begin with but now I have very little growth at all. Like many of you, I like to make sure I am silky smooth before slipping on my tiny thong and heading out to the beach. No little hairs on the shaft popping out of my tiny pouch, absolutely hairless around the front pouch area and I love my butt cheeks and even the hole which is often visible to be completely free of hair. For years I have been telling everyone to get in the shower, soap up and use a multi blade razor to get rid of all that hair. After I do that I usually will treat the area with Tend Skin to make sure there are never any red shaving bumps. That systems has always and still does work fantastically well for me but the other day I decided to run off to the beach without any plans to do so and I needed a quick clean-up. With no time to take a shower I decided to try dry shaving and to my surprise it was incredible! I used the same five blade razor cleaning up my chest, cheeks, hole, bikini area and even my entire cock. It was smooth as ever. There are two important things to do and that is make sure where ever you are shaving it is completely dry, super dry and if not I would try putting some baby powder on, the other equally important thing to do is make sure the skin is fully stretched. Pull the skin taunt including the shaft and balls, bend over and make sure your ass is in the push out model mode. I still hit it with a little Tend Skin but the skin was so hairless and smooth I was blown away. Not using the shower saved a lot of water. It also felt extremely sensuous.



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