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Service with a smile and a handful of exposed ass.



Let’s start off by talking about global warming. It is Mid October and the beach this weekend around Los Angeles was approaching 100 degrees. I have been here for a number of decades and I can’t remember it ever being anywhere near that hot this time of year. It rarely gets that hot during the most intense parts of summer. Saturday I hit the beach with friends and family. I decided to pack some large garbage bags and gloves thinking it would be nice to clean up while getting some rays. I’m not sure why our beaches have had so much trash in the surf line but it has been a problem all summer. The beach was packed so I decided to wear my bright yellow micro shorts. We got busy right away cleaning up. It is such a huge overwhelming job but we were concentrating on just a few hundred feet of beach. A number of people walking the beach stopped to thank us while a few others said we inspired them to do the same. We try to do this every summer for our beach. If more people would grab a bag and pick-up trash for an hour or so our beaches all over the world would be so much nicer. I found so much pleasure in cleaning up Saturday that doing it Sunday seemed to be a given. I decided to add a little more sexiness to my clean-up effort by wearing a micro bikini while doing my work. I filled three bags of trash, strained my sore back a little more and received more thumbs up signs and thanks than the day before. Bending and picking up trash with lots of exposed ass has its benefits, my rear was very tan when I got back home. It was so much fun I might just do another clean-up next week wearing a male to female transformation suit. Why not mix work and pleasure.


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Yoga and spandex shorts continued



I have been wearing these very lightweight and expensive running shorts from Japan. I needed something longer than the Koala micro shorts. Since these shorts are single ply spandex you can see the entire shape of my penis which during the intense workouts is extremely small, I would venture to say not much larger than most of the girl’s spandex bulges. It is mostly girls in my class and they are all warm and friendly.  I might try a yoga class in West Hollywood to see what they hip young boys are wearing. I can already see that there is a better way to make spandex yoga shorts for men (the Koala way) and that is something I am going to start on right away. I might even get a couple designs ready and introduced well before the summer collection. I would love your input.


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Thong stop at the beach


I had a meeting in Los Angeles for lunch Friday and after I got to relax for a few hours at the beach. I used the Sweet Boy Thong again and I must say that the orange color sure attracts its fair share of attention and on top of that is almost completely sheer when it is wet. Lucky for me my cock is not large enough to scare anyone and is just big enough to warrant a quick glance:-)

I was very brave on Friday wearing just the thong while walking from the car to the beach. I was walking with a little swish in the hips to really show off my ass as I passed the few girls that were lying out. This is something I see the girls wearing thongs do all the time and I love the way it looks. I did notice a couple unusual things as I got to my spot. It was not very busy for a Friday afternoon considering how beautiful it was outside and there were just three guys other than myself lying out by the water in my vicinity. All three men were wearing thongs or G-strings. One of the guys was amazing. Exercising by the water, boogie boarding and running up and down the entire beach all while wearing a tiny little G-string, too bad it was not a Koala. I have to give Kudos to him. I went in the water and my towel was right by the shore so all the runners and people walking the beach could see me. Not quite the level of exhibitionism the other guy was showing but still there showing up to be seen. When my time was up I packed up and headed back to my car wearing nothing but my little thong. I felt great about it but still a little nervous. I hope one day to be able to be as relaxed as all the girls that walk all over the beach to their cars and even to the stores wearing nothing more than me and being so ridiculously at ease with themselves.


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What a pain in the ass! Oh and all the new suits are now online!

Our shopping cart was offline most of the day yesterday. Our cart and a thousand or so other companies! This made it very difficult for our customers to order and for that I apologize. The cart is now back online and working wonderfully which is good news because all of the new designs are now in stock and online!!! Just in time for fall! The fact is most Koala customers buy designs year around and they are not just used for the beach or pool. Many guys wear them as underwear or special occasion wear. I think fall is perfect for this collection and I hope you agree. This group of swimsuits, fetish suits and cock displays has a decidedly sexual flavor to them.

Hope you enjoy them! Michael David


Make sure to refresh your browser if the new designs do not come up.

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