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Collecting male chastity cages.

Collecting male chastity cages.

Are you hooked yet? It only takes one chastity device to start the stream flowing into a raging river. Some jump right into collecting the different styles of male chastity devices after all variety is the spice of life and that is quadrupled it comes to jailing your cock.  Make sure to check out the new ”Hand-Made” Line of jewel like quality craftsmanship on cages like the Munchkin, Eunuch, Little Toot, Canned Heat and so many more. These are cages that will get you hooked on chastity, micro chastity which like micro swimwear are my favorites.

Male chastity and spandex: why are they together? Part 2

Male chastity and spandex: why are they together?  Part 2

Offering cock rings enabled us to reach interesting new markets that turned out to be closely aligned with the same customers that are into wearing spandex suits and spandex fetish wear. The same can be said about men who are into male to female transformation and male chastity; both are interestingly enough interconnected too. Not that all our chastity buyers are into transformation in fact I would say many are not but the connection between the two is what got us started with it. As it turns out lots of guys that enjoy wearing bulge style spandex suits also love caging their cocks and over time we have built a very large following of men who live a chastity lifestyle along with the many fans of chastity play in their sex lives.

Male chastity and spandex: why are they together?

Male chastity and spandex: why are they together?

That is a question I have asked myself many times and the reason why I ask is that Koalaswim.com for many years was only swimwear, micro swimwear. We are known for our extreme designs, micro shorts, micro bikinis, minimal styles, extreme tights and more. We are at the core total spandex freaks and proud of it. Over the years we have added more and more products. Our store within a store “The Cock Ring Corner” has one of the largest selections of top quality cock rings and that all started via customer requests. Personally I have always been a cock ring user but I never made the connection between wearing a cock ring and wearing spandex fashions, when you think about it wearing a cock ring with spandex makes a ton of sense. We just needed our customers to guide us in the right direction. That brings me to our store within a store “Male Chastity Store” which offers as far as I know the world’s largest and most complete collection of male chastity devices.

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Male chastity

The new male chastity products are on the site. Here are links to them.

The new male chastity products are on the site. Here are links to them.


We have added some truly amazing cock cages to our gigantic collection of male chastity devices. There are some very tasty offerings. Please have a look. As always we include total close-up photos so you can see exactly how they work.












We just finished a photo shoot! New chastity gear and new suit info.

We have a bunch of new male chastity devices coming online in the next few days. As many of you know we consider koalaswim.com as having the largest selection of male chastity devices on the planet. I don’t know that it is absolutely true but I have never found another company anywhere offering anywhere close the selection we have. I love wearing male chastity devices almost as much as I enjoy spandex, almost.  There is something so sensual about putting on a cock cage for the first time and falling in love with the way it feels. Keep your eyes peeled to the site so you can be one of the first to see our ten new male chastity cock cages. So many different designs and so many different styles we are bound to have a few that you will crave. Also coming next week will be a very cool new triple cock ring and an extremely hot combination stainless steel butt plug with a pull out flow plug. I hope you enjoy the new close up cock photos and our cute helper. There is actually news on new swimwear and femme wear designs. We are in production with the new designs. We kept having delays on production because our core styles are selling so well that there has been no down time in our LA based factory to add any additional production. We are bringing in more seamstresses to get us up and humming along on the new styles. Keep checking the blog for more updates to come.


Men’s swimwear, Male chastity gear and so much more!

Now I can fly with male chastity.

Now I can fly with male chastity.


As I post this blog I am wearing the new Mission Control lockless cock cage in fact I am flying tonight to the East Coast and I will wear it when I check in and my flight there. In the past wearing a cock cage especially a metal one is risky when you enter the TSA scanners. Nothing like the thought of being pulled to the side and have to show your little cock all locked up to the officers before you are let on the flight. With the Mission Control being all silicone and extremely comfortable my flight should be a dream although a sexless one!


See the new Mission Control at Koalaswim.com

January beach weather.


I hope everyone has had a chance to see the new chastity and cock ring gear at koalaswim.com. Right out of the gate the best seller has been the Lord of the Cock Rings. Yes it was named after one of my favorite multi part movies but if you see this ring with its massive weight and size you will understand that no other name would have worked as well.

The weather report says 72 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday! Wow that is some crazy weather for this time of the year. Those are the numbers for the beach this weekend in Southern California. My guess is we will be seeing lots of men and women wearing very little at my favorite Venice Beach spot I will surely be one of them. Earlier this week I got some quality sun time near our office wearing my micro bikini but since it was just a lunch hour or so break it was just me by my tan little self.

Last week I did a post on the Koalaswim blog about working on my ass. The first week has passed with a ton of ass work. It is not my imagination; the muscles are starting to bulge. Can’t wait to see how they look in six or seven weeks maybe like some of the Brazilian girls at my gym with big round butts.


Some of my favorite things: Male chastity cages, cock rings and exposed penis.

Some of my favorite things: Male chastity cages, cock rings and exposed penis.

We just added a number of new exciting products to Koalaswim.com and as much as I would like them to appear under a “New Products” section on the front page we can’t show them that way because there is a lot of exposed penis. If we set up the “New Section” we would be showing that beautiful penis on the front page, something I am totally cool with but then many places and many parts of the world would block the site. That said you can go directly to the Male Chastity section and Cock Ring Corner to see them or you can just click on the links below.


Lord of the Cock Rings


Raging Nipple Play


Puppy Pound Cock Cage


School Boy Cock Cage


Virgin Cock Cage


The Servant Cock Cage


Playmate Butt Plug


Detention Center


Full Service Cock Cage


Crowned Head Male Chastity Cage


Sad Boy Cock Cage



Less news more spandex!

I’m so happy that 2017 is over not that I didn’t have fun but I am so tired of all the political news. It seems like an endless bombardment of the same stuff every day. I have been reading Denis Leary “Why we don’t suck” and no matter what side you are on its funny. He slams everyone, just what we need a good laugh and maybe some cooperation in DC to start the year off fresh. Come to think of it I say we strip off all our politicians clothing men and women and force them to wear tiny little spandex suits. I would be honored to supply them Koala but any companies designs would do. My thought is if you get them wearing something as sexy as a tiny little thong they may not be such big tight asses, that is with their asses exposed, just a Tuesday morning idea.


Men’s swimwear and for you boys too cold to wear a tiny bikini might I suggest a male chastity cock cage. We have many flavors.

Do you get something crazy under the Christmas tree?


Well did you? Don’t worry you can always order yourself something truly erotic, arousing, sensual and magically pleasure inducing. I could name a hundred of our spandex designs that would fit the bill, maybe for a nice after Christmas gift you will decide to finally try a full femme style suit, or maybe that pair of workout tights for the gym. In the Koala world naughty is nice and everyone should be at least a little naughty. If you are too naughty or too nice maybe it is time to stuff that little cock in to a nice male chastity cock cage. Like me you might enjoy the thrill of forcing your penis into the tiniest possible cage one that appears to be impossible to use. It is a huge turn on.
Been to the new store yet? I hope you have! Make sure to check out the blog section on there. Shorted posts but I am trying hard to do it daily.


Men’s swimwear