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More guys in micro swimsuits. Thanks ladies!

More guys in micro swimsuits.

I really do feel the environment for wearing men’s micro and ultra micro swimsuits to the beach is better than it has even been for us boys. I also feel we need to give the ladies most of the credit for making that possible. I was at the beach this weekend hanging with friends wearing very little, just a Man Power thong which just covers my totally hairless penis, no pubes at all but if I had any they would all be exposed since the suit is cut right at the shaft and extremely narrow. As is the case with all thongs my ass was totally exposed which here in Southern California no longer raises an eyebrow. There are so many women wearing suits showing so much ass it is no longer something that is a real head turner. If you were looking at every exposed butt on our beaches your head would be spinning all the time. I think people no longer think of it as risqué rather it is what many ladies just do. The fact that there is so much skin makes it easy for guys to do the same and I know from years of personal experience that attitudes have changed. No giggles or people pointing. It is standard fair to wear to see little guys going bikini and less. There are always other guys at the beach wearing thongs, every time I go. I love that! Can nude sun bathing be far behind? I hope not. How are the beaches in your area?

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Do you remember your first time?

Do you remember your first time?

I remember my first times wearing a tiny bikini in public have a hard time not be erect and aroused the entire time. I often would be on my towel getting some sun and the precum would just flow out. It was unstoppable I was highly aroused every time I was wearing a micro suit. It was almost uncontrollable and a few times I had little orgasms right there on the beach without touching myself and with other people around. Lucy there is always water to cool off and clean off in. I still have great fun and joy wearing my tiny suits and I’m often aroused. But it is not non-stop like it used to be. Sure I miss the times when I was so young and so easily aroused that the wind would blow on my pouch and I would get wet. It’s funny because thinking back I’m sure I would have been happy in my younger days if I could be out on a busy beach or even strolling on the beach without having to jump in the water to hide the wet marks. I would love to hear about you first time and a little about then and now.

Men’s swimwear