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New pouch only design



Most readers of this blog know what Koala is all about but for new readers let me give you a quick rundown. Koala is about the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear, fetish spandex, cock displays, extreme shorts and coming soon amazing tights. We made our name with swimwear designs that have been created to be fun, sexy, functional and most of all micro and all of our suits are made in the USA with love. One of our passions and many of our customers favorites are the pouch only designs. We have been making pouch only swimsuits for years and we are always working on perfecting the designs. This new design targeted a need specifically for me even though many other customers have asked for this type of pouch. I have included a photo of me wearing it. This beautiful little pink pouch should be able to see beach use anywhere you can use a G-string. My issue with pouches has always been penis shrinkage. I am not big to start with and once in the water my little cock becomes unbelievably small, often well less than 1”. This pouch is constructed with a built in 3 ring metal cock ring cage along with an adjustable outer cock ring. Not only will it stay on in the water and make the smallest penis look like a nice sized bulge it will keep the penis from shrinkage holding it firmly in place. I love the way this pouch only suit looks and feels, can’t wait to see it on a model.

Men’s swimwear



Do you have Holiday Day Weekend Plans?

 If we end up with sunny days here in Southern California I will try to be at the beach three out of three days. I usually hit the beach between Marina Del Rey and the Venice Pier. It would be wonderful to see a bunch of you boys out there this weekend wearing your tiniest, sexiest little swimsuits. Micro bikinis, thongs, G-strings, come join the fun. I hope to see you down there. For you boys who have never been out in public wearing micro swimwear I think this would be the perfect weekend to try. Hey you only live once and I guarantee you it will be exhilarating wearing almost nothing on a busy beach any busy beach anywhere!



Men’s Swimwear


Newsletter Sale and Fantastic beach days



The last summer sale! Click here to see the August Koala Newsletter and our awesome summer sale!

This last weekend offered some of the best beach days of the summer. There were tons of people, decent waves for body surfing in bikinis, interesting friends and hot long days. Saturday I spent time with an old beach friend. She came over to chat and asked if I was still in the swimwear business. Yes I said still selling the tiniest micro swimwear for men just like the one I am wearing. I like it she said and asked if she could bring her things over and camp out next to me. Absolutely I said. What’s up with the bikini I asked knowing that she almost always wears a G-string. Nothings up she said as she peeled it off to expose a very tiny G-string. She pulled off her tank exposing her nice breasts. Going topless I asked? No way she said and told me her friend got a $150.00 ticket last week for going topless after being warned a first time to put her top on. We hung out and had a blast body surfing all afternoon. Sunday I went down with a bunch of girlfriends. I had more than enough sun on Saturday but still needed more water time. I decide to wear a pair of Spanked Shorts. The girls that knew me asked why I was wearing so much clothing and the ones that did not seemed to always be peeking and my nice full pouch secretly kept nice and full by the hidden cock ring.


Girl day at the beach


Well it was a girl day for me but maybe not what you are thinking. The beach was packed mid-day but I found a great spot while I was walking along the shore wearing my micro swimsuit under my short shorts. I did not walk very far maybe a third of a block but I passed two guys wearing total G-strings (they looked like Koala!) camped out right on the water and around tons of people. I was very proud of them but there were so many people around I needed a little more peace after a hectic week. On the beach I spotted a number of guys in bikinis and in a group of mid-twenties guys and girls playing volleyball two men wearing bikinis. It was very sexy. I picked out a nice fairly quiet for the time being spot and went right to relaxing. The second my towel was down the shorts came off and I was wearing my micro swimsuit. There were sets of large waves but they were breaking too close to the shore so I went in for a dip wearing just my little suit. There were pretty much only girls around me at the time which makes it that much easier to do. Once out and dripping wet I got back on my towel. Relaxing on my back with my knees bent so as not to get sand on my exposed legs I could see my pouch was almost none existent.  Knees being in the up position is something you see girls doing about ten times more than guys and the look is very feminine. I like to go with the feeling and just let myself enjoy it. Not five minutes later I hear a couple walking up and I hear the guy ask wear should we sit. Let’s sit next to her and a minute later their towels were right next to mine. As it turns out the girl in her mid-forties was wearing a very nice Brazilian bikini. Five minutes later a couple of girls were walking over and the same thing happened, let’s put our stuff near that girl. They set up on the other side of me. Both in their late teens or early twenties started giggling as they put their stuff down almost instantly realizing I was not a girl. I believe girls in micro swimsuits are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet and if I am being confused for one I find that a total turn-on.


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