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Which designs are best for sex?

I get this question all the time which suits are best for oral sex and which are best for sex in general.  We have been making penis display suits for many years and we have a number of designs that have been built for more than just displaying that handsome cock of yours. We have many designs that were created for the purpose of keeping your cock as large and hard as possible and for the longest amount of time. In addition we have designs that go a step further and control the tension on the balls. Ready to add to those feeling and we can dial in anal stretching along with full penetration via attached butt plugs or the vast choice of Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plugs that work directly with some of our penis display designs.  All of these designs increase the pleasure and efficiency for oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex or an awesome round of masturbation something everyone should do more of. Make sure to check out the designs under “Penis Displays” at Koalaswim.com