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Fitting and tights surprise part 2


I feel tights should show off the male form. The pouch should show the bulge and maybe even a hint of the penis shape. (If tights take off like the shorts have I will definitely do a male transformation camel toe style pair too) I want the tights to go deep between the cheeks and show the legs as sexy and hot as what the girls are wearing. Like I said in the last post the custom tights that came from Europe were very sexy but not perfect fitting. The craftsmanship was fantastic something we at Koala appreciate but the pouch and legs were just not perfect. I want perfect. My girls surprised me Friday with perfection. They had tried making samples a few times and kept getting closer and closer to perfect. They had three pairs for me to try on which were all amazing. These were my dream tights. I asked if this was something they could actually produce and to my delight the answer was yes. The tights were form fitting beyond belief, the pouch was incredible showing a bulge which could not be mistaken for anything but cock. The girls decided not to listen to me and made the pouch area double fabric which turned out to be the way to go. These are sports tights. They are compression tights that you would wear to the gym, tights you would go running in and might even wear just going out around town like the ladies do with their hot skin tight fashions. The design not only showed off the beauty of the bulge but went deep between my cheeks as far as is possible showing off the complete ass shape. Because spandex is such a huge turn on for me it is no surprise tights get me horny. The fact is when I was a kid I loved seeing girls wearing leotards and I guess things have not changed much only now I like seeing them on men and women. There is something so masculine and yet so feminine about tights for men. My biggest test might be trying to workout wearing them and not being hard every moment. We will be making a tights in white four way stretch spandex, black cotton spandex, grey cotton spandex and maybe the most interesting pair will be made in what is called a suntan cotton spandex which is like a tan nude skin color and should make you appear completely nude. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

My guess is we will have tights ready in time for the holiday season.

More about new designs in a couple of days.


Men’s Swimwear

Beach withdrawals!

June is the most difficult time of the year for micro swimwear lovers in Los Angeles. June gloom is a real downer. I love the cool weather but I know for most of you in other parts of the world that you would think June the start of summer and our beaches would have some of the best weather of the year. The truth is we have better beach times during some of the winter months than in June. So far most of June has been socked in with a thick layer of fog and what drives us crazy is if you go in a few miles from the beach it is beautiful and sunny. I am literally going through beach withdrawals. My cock is dying to be slipped into the smallest possible spandex pouch my ass is craving some sun and attention. If it clears this afternoon I will have to go get some. The combination of spandex, bodies on the beach, the waves, the sand and the sun are too strong to fight.


Link to the Koala Newsletter and our huge summer sale!!!!!


I tried on tights today


I find it amazing that when we start working on new designs my girls always seem to blow me away. I tried on one of the new work-out tights/yoga pants today and they were fantastic. This pair was done in a supplex style spandex that is a very soft fabric and with its four-way stretch looked like it was painted on my body. This is one of our first samples and the fit was perfect. If you can imagine the best fitting tights/yoga pants you have ever seen a girl wearing at the gym these were just as form fitting and complementing to my body, my ass has never looked so good.  The pouch stood out firm and proud of being filled with cock(in my case not that much but it still looked great) We are still trying to make sure we can produce them to our standards and efficient enough to be able to do them in the USA. There are a lot of companies that make them in China but I am not willing to do that.

I wanted to tell all the wonderful people who follow this blog that I am going to double my efforts and try to do at least two to three posts per week like I used to do.


Men’s swimwear, spandex micro shorts and fetish wear

Happy New Year!


I hope and wish you a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness and lots of sexy swimwear and fetish wear!

We will do everything we can to help you with the sexy stuff and adding additional happiness into the mix.

We should have an update in the next few days on how the production of the new collection is coming along and how long it will be until it is online. We will also be shooting some new chastity and anal gear products in the next week or so.  I am even thinking about adding men’s spandex workout tights to our line. I am just exploring this right now but I would love to hear what you think about it. Would you be interested in wearing workout tights? Do you think they are sexy?


Best wishes for the New Year

Michael David



Men’s Swimwear

Most of my posts are all about men’s swimwear, fetish spandex, micro shorts, cock displays, being completely shaved and other things that for the most part have to do with what is going on at Koala. So before I get off on a different tangent let me make one announcement. We ran out of a bunch of the sale suits in the Koala newsletter sale that started earlier last week but today we received a bunch of suits from the girls and now virtually everything on sale is back in stock. Feel free to check out the newsletter and the sale items at this link:  Koala newsletter

On to other things of interest this has nothing to do with Koala at least at this point but everything to do with spandex. Most readers know my fetish for spandex goes back to when I was a kid seeing the girls wearing their cute leotards. I still love seeing the grown-up girls at the gym in their very cute little outfits. As it gets colder I am seeing more of them wearing tights and I must say it is a huge turn on. So much so that I ordered a pair the other day and I am planning to wear them with just a tank to the gym. Very few guys wear tights because they show off most everything. My tights will end up showing off everything. They came with a liner panel of spandex in the front to almost completely hide the penis which I think is a shame. The way they are constructed I found that I could have my girls put a slit in the panel so my cock is held between the front and rear layer of fabric. Wearing the tights now shows excellent detail. Now that you can see the shape of my shaft and balls I just need to get the balls to wear them to a work-out. I will let you know when I do it!