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In between the rain



Wow January 8 and I eked out a little quality micro bikini time at the beach today. Amazingly enough there were even people in the water and I was not the only one showing off some ass, there were at least three others wearing string bikinis and thongs nearby.  What we had was a nice seventy degree day right after a rainy day and tonight we are in for a huge downpour maybe the biggest in the last ten years. Looks like rain for most of the next week which might come close to what we had in total last year. Guess it’s back to tights and a hoodie.



Men’s swimwear and more

The beach has got me very excited.

I can’t wait to see the new fashions men and women will be wearing to the beach this summer. I spent the day at Venice Beach on Sunday with friends. It was a little cool and breezy but overall just about perfect and way better than the almost 100 degrees today in the Valley. I was wearing my micro bikini as a thong the girls with me were wearing Brazilian style suits with half their butts showing. There was a man near us wearing an ultra micro G-string that looked very much like a Koala suit, another guy playing catch on the beach wearing tiny micro shorts (unfortunately not Koala but they still looked great) and a number of young ladies in string bikinis and very small thongs. Overall I was surprised and delighted to see so much ass showing so early in the season. I can’t wait for summer to get cranking!

The Koala Newsletter should be out in a few days.