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Different thongs for different days



I’m not sure why other than it’s fun to do but I have been changing thong styles much more often lately. I wear one style by the pool and another to the beach. I have used four different styles over the last two weeks. The thongs are cut close enough in size to keep my tan line intact. I was wearing the Surfer Boy Thong on Sunday which turned out to be an amazing beach day. I enjoy the matt rubberized finish of the fabric. It is totally micro with very little coverage but it does not show quite as much of my penis shape as some of the regular spandex designs I wear. The bulge is tight and compact but visually my penis does not look as small in this suit because it has a nice, balloon style smoothness to it. I’m not sure what got into me but wearing that design and knowing my penis looked larger than the sub one inch it looks like in many of the thong’s I wear I was bold enough to stroll along a very busy Venice beach with my friend. Wearing a micro thong still attracts a whole lot of attention even at a beach like Venice which has so many other distractions.


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Non-stop beach



I had to take most of Friday off and get down to the beach it was so bloody hot in the Valley. I needed some micro bikini time! Hot with great waves on Friday and Saturday with a healthy dose of exposed ass thongs. Mostly girls but some guys too. There were so many women wearing thongs and extreme Brazilian cheek exposing swimwear I felt right at home taking a walk on the beach wearing my thong on Friday and playing in the surf with a friend on Saturday. The waves were too large to thong in both days and I ended up wearing a pair of micro shorts over my skimpy suit while bodysurfing. The waves were almost huge on Saturday and while bodysurfing in on a large on I noticed what I thought as a person next to just completely blowing me away on the wave in. It turned out to by a large a quite beautiful seal.



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Spandex Love

I just purchased a tight Nike sleeveless compression shirt today in black. I caught my eye while I was in the sporting goods store. My thought is that this skin tight shirt would look perfect with my black thong and together they would look like a one piece thong leotard on me. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it. I have decided if I make it down to the beach for a little R & R this week that will be my outfit. It might even motivate me to take a run along the beach wearing both. I’m not sure if it is a personality defect or not but spandex elevates my heart rate. Guess it is just a long term love affair.


Men’s Swimwear