Mens swimwear new idea, bulge break and the beach

Maybe not in that order.

Los Angeles Monday 11:43 and it is over 80 outside. The Sun God is calling for me to pull out my tiniest g-string and spend my lunch break around the pool, it is a holiday here though we are working a normal full day.
Hope I have the pool to myself. If not  some neighbors are going to get an eyeful!
It was beautiful here all weekend, Saturday was a great beach day the first in quite some time. Grabbed my Slut oiled up my body and found a great spot. Funny there were almost no guys on the beach, maybe watching football games lots of girls walking by a more then a few comments like that is tiny, wonder if they are talking about my suit or my cock, one for sure was talking about my cock but if you are going to wear a suit that starts at the base of your shaft and just barely covers shaft and balls with your entire lasered pubic area tan and showing I expect it. Sometimes us micro suit wearers forget that many people actually have pubic hair down there and when there is absolutely nothing it is going to attract attention.

Wanted to talk about our new exposed vagina look suit. This is not the one we are working on that not only shows the lips but works in such a way that the penis is transformed to a clit thus showing a complete pussy.
This design shows exposed lips completely hides away any thought of a cock shaft and does so in a stunningly beautiful fashion. Everyone who took a peek agreed 100% that I looked as if my anatomy was female. Very hot.
If I lose a little more weight maybe I wear it as a girl eats my pussy and I will take some shots and post it.

Mens swimwear

8 thoughts on “Mens swimwear new idea, bulge break and the beach”

  1. I know it’s off-topic, but there won’t be a newsletter this month? I usually take advantage of it not only to get updated news on your work and read your thoughts, but also to buy some suits at great (reduced) prices…
    Thank you!

    Sorry we took January off just trying to get caught up from the holiday madness!
    We will have a February issue

    Mens swimwear

  2. This suit design sounds great, I love shits that hold me like you describe>>>and I hope you loose that weight soon so we can see pictures of a girl “eating your pussy”

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