First 20 minutes are Free Live photo shoot

Join Sat April 30 at 1:00PM PST for their live photo shoot. I think we will be waxing a cute models ass, plus modeling and showing the new Ass Spark and Anal Hook extreme version.

KMC member we should be going about 1.5 to 2 hours but non members log on and get the first 20 minutes
Big news for Koala and KMC May’s swimwear model photo shoot will be something very special.
Our most popular model ever James will be back to do a live shoot with us and it should be fun!

Mens swimwear

Starting over again and a big bikini choice

Wow this pulled Ab strain is cramping my style. I just can’t get in the work outs I would like and it is very frustrating. After talking to some doctor friends I think I am ready to try working out in the pool.
I am at leat 10 pounds heavier than I would like and not quite micro bikini ready for my gym. I feel wearing a micro bikini at the gym in front of all those people is not only daring but something I need to earn by loosing the weight. I feel like I am going around in circles but I am going to work swimming into my daily routine.
So the big question was which suit should I wear, something stylish and not too extreme. My ass is one of the nicest parts of my body and the truth is it looks better with more cheek showing than fully covered up.
I took home a bunch of suits and tried them on tonight.  Tried on the Ass market, Delicious ass, Pumped up and a few others and decided I have not earned the right to wear these yet. I want to but I need to be able to motivate myself to action. I ended up choosing one I have not had on for a long time. I think with the extra weight it actually looked much better than the last time I tried it on. The winner is, The Ecstasy Bikini. It looked sexy but being cut a little higher looked better on my body (right now) and the front is narrow which looks good with my small to average sized cock, it fits great! The rear shows about 30%+ of cheek which is ample without being over the top. I hope in the next month or so to be able to get over the top. I swear if I hit my weight goal I will wear a suit with an Ass Spark to the gym and have at least on picture taken!

Mens swimwear

Feeling very young again

Hot as can be here in LA over 90 out today and needed a little lunch time micro G-string time around the pool.
Not sure what got into me but after taking a dip I decided that tonight I would shave all the body hair off from below my neck to the bottom of my cock. Actually all the pubic hair is long gone so it was just about shaving the chest and a little clean-up around the belly.
It is amazing that shaving that hair and looking so smooth makes me feel so young.
In the mirror the reflection is almost like looking at yourself before you hit puberty. It was fun!
Can’t wait to wear my micro to the beach and show off my very smooth body.

Mens swimwear

Of Sparks and Hooks Mens extreme swimwear

The swimwear designs we make featuring the Anal Spark and the Anal hook have been blazing off our shelves and I am not sure I mentioned this in the blog or just in the newsletter but we are working on some extreme versions of the Ass Spark and the Anal Hook. We have final samples coming in this week and I hope to get them before the photo shoot we are doing Sat with KMC. If they are in I will try to get the models
to use them. If I am not successful I will be forced to try them myself in front of the camera!
Cool thing about the Ass Spark Extreme (not sure that will be it’s real name but that just popped out of my brain) is that it will work with all the Ass Spark enabled suits you already have!

If you are not a member of KMC the first 20 minutes or so of the shoot will be available at No charge..Free

Mens swimwear

Do you know what A Scrunch Back suit is?

These designs are know as Scrunch back, scrunch butt and pucker back suits. They are suits that have full bikini rears but they gather up and work there way into your crack in effect highlighting the cheeks and the butt crack even though everything is covered. They seem to be coming back again for the girls and wondered what you boys have to say about the look and if it is something you could see yourself wearing?

Mens swimwear

Shy Slut- a great idea

Yesterday I decided to break in my newest g-string and the suit I plan as being one of the most used pieces of swimwear in my collection this Spring and Summer.

The Shy Slut has the extra fabric on the top and when it is being used it offers more coverage and more of a full pouch look. It is in fact an optical illusion having just a little more than 1/2″ of coverage but I found out yesterday it helps at times to half that extra 1/2″.
Folded back it is the same size as the Slut G-string.
We had a break between clouds and I took full advantage of it taking my lunch break around my favorite pool soaking up what was a very intense sun. Funny it was only around 70 out but when the clouds let the sun through it seemed as hot as a very hot Summer day. Rarely is there any one around the pool and this day was no different. Pure peace and quiet to relax and unwind. Shortly after my tan break started I heard a bunch of noise at the tennis courts, just on the other side of the pool. I looked up and there was a group of about 6 young teenage girls playing tennis. That did not last the girls were by the pool in no time hanging out and doing what young teens do. I heard them coming and flipped up my extra bit of fabric. Just that little extra flap made me feel covered up enough to stay, relax and enjoy the noise.

Mens swimwear

Love the details

I love hearing from our customers that buy our designs and have a great time in them.
Talked to a customer in the mid west today who called to tell me the orgasm he had last night was the most intense one he ever had.
He was wearing the new Up the Ass suit and went into detail about his experience. Truth is I don’t always have time to sit on the phone listening to guys telling me about their hot sex. Wish I could because it’s fun but this guy was so excited about his best ever sex and thanking us for being a part of it made me want to share it on the blog.
Spandex sex, I love it too!

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Coming up for air

Wow have not posted for a few days very unlike me.
The past few days have passed at blinding speed including a trip to the emergency hospital
(everything looks OK) and just trying to keep up with the new suit sales. It has been our most insane April in the last 16 years we have been doing this crazy wonderful business.
Some of the designs are already on the third run in just the last couple of weeks with many of the new designs selling out before we can get them back in stock.
The design that started off strong but went completely crazy this last weekend was the Changed Man. Guess I’m not the only guy who wants to see and feel what it is like to have a pussy!

Our more conservative bikinis (wild by everyone else’s standards) have been selling great. We were talking about that today and our feeling is that the winter was so nasty almost everywhere that guys are planning vacations and little trips to warn sunny places as I type this.

I will catch my breath and try to post more tomorrow

Mens swimwear

What is your swimwear comfort zone

Shorts, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, pouch only suits, sheer swimwear I have used them all in public but it took me time to build up to being able to do that and of course not all designs will work for every beach, hotel or lake though I like to push the limits of what they allow you to wear Everytime I can. My way of saying fuck you to the rules. Most of you know I go nude whenever I am at a beach that allows it but alas so few places to do that. Even at nude beaches I always wear something very sexy and enjoy peeling it off when I get to my spot. Even on nude beaches extreme swimwear designs attract attention.

Many customers I talk to on the phone and via e-mail will not allow themselves to go as extreme as they really want. Be it too shy, worried about what others might think,  not sure how far they can go (you can always ask but I have found it better to just wear what I want. It has been very few times over the years that I have been told to put on more and that includes wearing completely sheer suits on public non nude beaches)
Some men have the confidence to wear the most micro suits right off the bat for others like me it is a slower progression that takes time to go smaller and smaller and some guys will never get past their own sun deck. I am not judging but it would be great to see more men out showing their wonderful creations of nature, their bodies!

Feel free to post about your comfort level

Mens swimwear

Working on swimwear and sex wear?

I call all our designs swimwear out of habit but so many of the designs we offer are sex wear.
I can’t think of a better term then sex wear, it seems to hit the target dead on. I love wearing the suits with toys involved and as I mentioned a few blogs ago we have a couple new designs that will be here in about 4-5 weeks that can be incorporate into suit and sex-fetish (forgot about how good the term fetish wear is)
designs. These are items no one else has because they are my designs and I believe we are all going to enjoy them. I look forward to new and interesting items just like you do. On that front we are completing a deal that I hope will come through by Monday for a number of very high end products that can be added to our designs. Hope it happens it will be fun for us all!

Mens swimwear