Feeling very young again

Hot as can be here in LA over 90 out today and needed a little lunch time micro G-string time around the pool.
Not sure what got into me but after taking a dip I decided that tonight I would shave all the body hair off from below my neck to the bottom of my cock. Actually all the pubic hair is long gone so it was just about shaving the chest and a little clean-up around the belly.
It is amazing that shaving that hair and looking so smooth makes me feel so young.
In the mirror the reflection is almost like looking at yourself before you hit puberty. It was fun!
Can’t wait to wear my micro to the beach and show off my very smooth body.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling very young again”

  1. michael it is a great look and feel.
    i have been shaving my body from the neck to the toes for yuears.
    i love the look and feel.
    my partners enjoy the smooth body also.

  2. I’ve been shaving my body from nose to toes for the past six years and love it. I think that every adventurous guy should try it at least once. If you don’t like it, it will only take a month or so to look “normal” again. Here is my story.

    I have been wearing sexy swimwear for years. For most of that time I was able to trim my pubic hair so that it blended in with the rest of my body hair. Then about six years ago my Koala suits got so small that I had no choice but to shave my pubis. I have a lot of body hair. It is fine, but it’s all over me. After I shaved “down there” it looked odd to be bare “down there” and hairy everywhere else. So one day I picked up the scissors and the razor, put my mind on autopilot so that I would not think about the consequences of what I was doing, and shaved myself smooth.

    My transformation was dramatic! I could barely recognize my own body. When I looked down it was like I was standing on a woman’s legs, and when I looked in the mirror it seemed like the only male thing I had left was my penis. My Koala fem suits looked great on me too. As for the rest of my life that was going to be rocky.

    At first my wife was pissed. “You look like a girl!” But then she got into my smooth skin, and before I knew it she was buying razors for me and had instituted the no stubble rule. “That was a crazy thing you did to yourself, but now that it’s done I’m not going to bed with a porcupine. You made your choice; you live with it. You are going to have to stay like this permanently,” she told me.

    My first day at the beach shaved was wonderful. When I took off my cover-up I had not felt that naked on the beach for years. A few guys asked me what I had done. “Did you lose weight? Is that a new suit?” It was a lot of fun and rubbing on suntan lotion and stepping in the water were wonderful experiences.

    A few guys who noticed that I was shaved thought I had gone too far. “You should have left some hair on your legs and arms,” one of them said. “How can you wear shorts and a t-shirt when you are shaved like that?” That comment didn’t bother me because I’ve “different” in the beach so long wearing my tiny suits that negative comments didn’t bother me.

    My life away from the beach was a bit more difficult. The first two months of having my body totally shaved were difficult both physically and psychologically. My skin had always had hair on it before, and now when it came in contact with anything the sensations were intense. Stepping into gulf or pool water was divine. Wearing wool clothing was torture. Keeping myself shaved perfectly smooth helped and perfect smoothness seemed to inhibit ingrown hairs (a.k.a. red bumps).

    During the first couple of months I was very embarrassed about my shaved legs and arms. Every time I went out in public it felt like every eye was on me. Men and women would look me up and down and smile. But after a while my skin got used to its hairless state, and I’ve grown to embrace my new l

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