Dancing, working and getting the new suits ready while playing it safe!

What a crazy time it has been. Like all of you I have never seen anything like this. I’m following all the rules. I’m still working but all the employees are safe at home. At work I am literally in total seclusion but still getting all the orders shipped every day working hard does help with my sanity. Making sure to get out and walk 5-10 miles a day and lift weights at home. Not seeing all your friends and family for me is the hardest part but I’m happy we are all social distancing for the good everyone. One thing I have added to my daily routine is a thirty minute session of disco dancing, it makes me happy and it seems I still have some moves after all these years, it works up quite a sweet too. I might just keep it when things get back to normal, whatever normal will be in the future.  We have been way past due getting the new suits out and I am happy to say they should be posted online in a couple days!

Keep safe and do the right thing.

Peace and Love

Michael David