The Worlds Smallest Bulge Swimsuit

I figure my newsletter readers should always be the first to know. We received a final production model today of the worlds smallest bulge style male form swimsuit. It is a G-string with a tiny penis bulge and other then a swimsuit that changes your penis to a vagina it is the world’s smallest swimsuit. One of our best-selling new products is call the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve which is a $13.00 marvel designed to train your penis to be ultra-tiny. It has been so popular with Koala men and I love it so much that we decided to make a G-string that will work with or without you wearing the Micro Penis Maker sleeve. Being ever so creative I decided to go with the obvious and name the new suit which should be out in July the Micro Penis Make G-string swimsuit. Here is how this suit works. Your micro-sized penis most likely at first wearing a Micro Penis Maker Sleeve is slipped into the shaft pouch and the balls go in their own pouch. The suit is adjustable which allows the balls to be pulled down between the legs and out of sight. What is left is the largest possible nude tan area of skin along with the micro spandex pouch showing off what everyone will know is the smallest penis ever seen on a grown man. If the suit is adjusted just right the penis bulge is a fraction of an inch. How amazing is that!

2 thoughts on “The Worlds Smallest Bulge Swimsuit”

  1. That suit looks good but I prefer the sits like the Blade
    g-string and the Blazing Blade g-string the best. Another one that was fantastic to wear was in white with an adjustable c ring with a g- string back called Rare Meat. A fun design to wear would be the front of the blazing blade g or the bad boy thong with a snug ball splitter pouch with strong g string with maybe adjustable sides.

  2. Hello Michael. That design looks good should make a second version like the Wicked Boy thong or the Blazing Blade, maybe add a snug ball splitter with same front as the Blazing Blade and Wicked Boy. That suit looks good in white, a second version like I mentioned would good also look good in white or a wet look orange/bright yellow .

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