Going metal with swimwear

I will get a little pool time today and have have decided to wear this new as yet un named micro bikini/thong designs that is in a very cool bright grey metal shiny fabric. I figure it is hot and lots of people are off so there might be a lot of people at the pool. The suit is very daring but it has this hight fashion appeal to it. Not only because of the design but the metallic look of the suit is particulary striking. Will let you know if I hear any comments.

I work on a number of blogs and just started one that deals with male chastity. It is not all me writing but I think you might find it interesting to follow. The photo of the guy laying down in a fem style pussy look suit is me. Love the way that suit fits. I feel almost 100% female when wearing it. An amazing feat to be able to feel a little bit of the other sex.

Just a great morning at the beach

Sometimes you have no choice but to get away. Today was one of those days. I
have been working until 10:30 every night and I was exhausted this morning. The one
thing that always recharges me is the beach. In an ideal world that would be
lounging on a nude beach but none to be found in LA…how weak is that. The
capital of liberal ideas and with a hundred miles of beach not one nude one.
Second best is wearing a micro so small your cock feels exposed and that is what
I did. Got down to the beach by 10:00AM and stayed about 2 1/2 hours just
recharging and enjoying the slight ocean breeze. The beach will be extremely
crowded this weekend but today it was picture perfect. I was the first one to
spread out my towel but many others followed and I had a few young families
around me in no time. The police for some reason patrol the beach even when it
is quiet, a total waist of tax dollars and since I was wearing my micro bikini
as a thong I thought it would be fun to give them the full spread eagle view.
Hope they enjoyed it.

Could use your help to spread the bikini gospel

My purpose in life is to get men out of surf shorts and into bikinis, thongs and g-strings. I think the beach would be so much more interesting if men would show way more skin. This is a work in progress. We know that trying to get videos up on youtube is very hard to do when showing men. It is completely OK to show just about anything you want on a women’s body but if you show a man wearing a thong or a little bulge it gets kicked off almost everytime!
I have started posting photos on Pinterest.com which offers tons of beautiful photos and over the past few weeks they have allowed shots of men wearing bikinis with nice bulges and even thongs. You see many with women but ours are the few with men. I want men to feel it is has normal for men to wear sexy swimwear as it is for women. This is something I work on everyday. Yes I would like to see all men wearing Koala suits but I would still be very happy seeing more men at public places i.e. beaches, lakes, public pools, hotels and so on wearing sexy swimwear no matter what brand it is. I will ask you to visit my photo postings at pinterest.com  here is the link http://pinterest.com/koalaswimman/ and add some likes to the photos if they move you to action. The idea is to make men in sexy swimwear a more main stream. Please try to drop by there!!!  Thanks Michael David

Getting them right for you! New swimwear designs

Working on perfection is always time consuming. I met up with my top pattern makers and seamstress on Friday to go over three of the new suits in the collection. They just did not think they were perfect so the remade the samples. I tried them all on and the first do over was perfect. The second suit which takes time to put on, the design keeps your shaft at full length maybe even stretched a bit while it is incorporated in two separate pouches one for the balls and one for the shaft. Problem was that they look separate and I wanted the two pouches to blend as one. I wanted it to look even right next to the wearer that it was an interesting single pouch. In actuality it is the exact shape as the penis but I wanted the shaft to lay tight against the ball pouch. When we finished it was perfect. I was so happy we got it done. The third was trickier. It is a new design with a built in adjustable cock ring a push out pouch and a micro bikini rear. It looked great but when I got hard the fabric pulled away on top and you could see shaft. At the same time it was pulling in tight against my anus. So we had a perfect looking suit but we needed it to feel great too. One problem is the gold rubberized metal look fabric. Just awesome to look at but hard to work with. The girls had my lay down with my legs up (I just needed the stirrups to complete the picture) I was tired from a late night out and told them to do what they wanted I was going to nap.  The suit came off and on about ten times, measuring, tighten the cock strap to different settings, pulling the strap the was rubbing against my hole In and out all while my cock was as hard as it gets there was even a point where I felt like I might have an orgasm, lots of hands playing roughly with my shaft and balls.  The pouch looked perfect and the back seemed to be correct. The answer came when they removed the cock strap, than put it on my cock tightly on its own not attached to the suit. My cock was instantly hard and they crammed it back in the suit. The pouch now fit great, it was not pulling away and the rear was just right. As it turns out the cock strap needed to be moved. It was that simple but not visually apparent until the hands on work was completed.  The design is just fabulous looking and I can’t wait to get my sample next week and wear it to the beach.

Mens swimwear

Bikinis at the beach

It is Wednesday and I am just finishing the post from this weekend. Lots of fun things happening. Lets get right to the Russian family. Husband a strapping tall handsome man in his late thirties wearing boy cut style shorts, his wife in her early thirties wearing a thong and their two young kids I would guess 2 and 3. The wife was stunning even after recently having two kids. A tall blond nice boobs and a great rather large but firm ass. She was chasing the kids all over the beach and she just loved showing it off. You could see that she enjoyed the attention from the men and women on the beach but there was more to it. She enjoyed running around in almost nothing with her ass cheek moving in rhythm as she played in the sand, jumped over the white water and really just had a wonderful time. I was standing near by with my friend when her youngest child was hit by a little white water and tumbled over. My instinct was to pull the child out of the water which I did. The mother came over and thanked me and gave me a big hug. We talked a little about their vacation and how they were all having a great time. She walked back to her beach towel with the little one and I could not help but stare at her wonderful ass. My friend smiled and said you might look like a girl from the rear but I can tell your a guy from the front. The excitement must completely filled my micro pouch bikini to its max and even with my small cock you could see it was very full. We went back to our towels and it was time to pack up. Got everything put away and my friend said hey don’t put your shorts on I want you to walk to the car wearing your suit. Here suit was about the same size and I said I will if she will. We all know it is less of a big deal for a girl even one wearing a bikini/thong which she hiked up all the way just for fun. It was now just a thong. I was not quite as brave and left mine as a micro bikini but still at least 70%+ of my plump ass was exposed,  we walked carrying our chairs and bags about three blocks. Every head on the beach turned as we walked by on even more when we were crossing the street. We had a couple young guys whistle at us and a younger guy smile and say nice. You see girls at Venice in thongs all the time but no matter how many you see people are always going to look. We got to the car, put our things in the trunk and got in. I started to slide my shorts on and she said wait, leaned down a gently pulled my bikini down just a little freeing my cock which immediately got a ride on her tongue. The perfect way to end a day at the beach!

Bikinis at the beach part 2

The older Italian women on the side of us were in their mid 40s, both over weight, both wearing ass exposing bikinis, both so dark they look like they had been in the sun for years, and both laying out with their tops un-clasped in back. If I was forced to wear a top you know I would un-strap the back while on my tunny but for the life of me I can’t understand why women let the laws stand in most of the USA that makes going topless for females illegal. The dumbest of so many personal freedom robbing laws. Back to the ladies, here on vacation they were busy taking photos of one another with the ocean as a back drop. When they got up they clasped the backs of their tops but left the shoulder straps hand off. Both had big boobs and when each stood you could see nipples and virtually all of their breasts. They snapped off shots of each other without a care in the world. Though neither was very attractive unlike the beautiful German teen there was something even more sensuous about the way they carried themselves. Again not a thought about what anyone else thought, something I wish more men and women here would take to heart. It was so much more than body image it was cultural. So different. If our population whould just loosen up how fucking fantastic would that be.  More next blog…this one is just too long for one post!

Male chastity

Bikinis at the beach and an interesting group

LA is on fire! It is so hot here that unless you are at the beach you are stuck inside. Hit the beach both days this weekend and it was just fantastic almost to hot but so much cooler than anywhere else. Both days it seemed like I was at the United Nations of beaches. That would be Venice Beach, LA. If you have not been make sure to visit Venice when in LA it is a totally international destination. I was surround by a German family on one side, a couple of older Italian women next to us, a much larger group of Italians on near by, a family from Spain a family from Russia and so on. Seems like laid back beach had a total European vibe going this weekend. I was with a girlfriend both days and wearing a micro bikini/thong the entire time. I love how relaxed the Europeans are about nudity and their bodies. Here are a few examples from just this weekend. The German family was a husband and wife with a three teenagers all around 16-18. The mother had a full but nice figure and was wearing a very high cut one piece with at least 50% of her ass showing, very nice. One of the teenage girls got out of the water and decided to change her string bikini bottom. She was standing no more than 15′ from us a very good looking red head with fair skin. She was standing up and pulled the new bikini bottom over the old one and tried to pull the wet ones off. No luck but lots of visuals of her cute little bottom be flashed at us as her mother laughed. The girl tried in vain to pull the wet suit off. Finally she pulled off the new suit and just like that still standing there pulled off the wet bikini bottoms, she still had her top on but her vagina was eye to eye with us and she was a real red head with a tiny red landing strip. Off went the old on went the new and she did not even give it a thought. I loved that it was so natural for her to be nude that she did not even look around to notice if anyone was looking. We were not gawking but she was right in our faces! Lovely.
More next post!!!! 

Mens swimwear

Working on the thong tan any secrets?

Yes I slipped off to the beach for just a couple hours yesterday and worked only on tanning my ass. For some reason it has always seemed harder to get my ass as dark as say my legs. Am I missing something? does anyone out there have any ass tanning secrets? If so share them. I would love my ass to be a nice dark brown. I have been wearing the Streamline suits and as you can see from my quick snap-shot this morning that I wear it like a thong. I think the tan line is sexy.

Mens swimwear

Drives me crazy two ways

It so so hot at the beach this weekend that half the girls I saw riding bikes were doing it wearing bikinis, Brazilians and I even caught a couple thongs when t-shirts rode up. This drives me crazy two ways. First just seeing the girls looking so fucking hot with the bike seats up their ass’s just drives my wild. I can’t tell you how horny I get. The second thing is I get so jealous because I want it to be fine for any of us to ride our bikes to the beach wearing bikinis, Brazilians or thongs with the bike seats pushing up our butts and being able to show how sexy we are without being harassed. We are just not quite there yet but how awesome would that be to do it?

The beach was a must today in this heat

Spent the first half of the day at the gym and the second half at the beach where it was very close to perfect maybe a little hot because everyone was burning their feet on the hot sand
I did another very bad job of picking a spot today. I enjoy laying out around men wearing briefs, bikinis and of course g-strings and thongs and always girls mostly because we are wearing similar suits and that seems to be just the right karma. Found myself a nice spot not to close to the water since the beach was so busy and I wanted some quiet. Within thirty minutes there must of been ten guys and a few girls with them laying right next to me. Young guys in their twenties wearing surf shorts down past their knees, at least the few girls all were in string bikinis. Not sure why they picked right there to camp out. I was already laying out with my micro bikini hiked up my ass making a perfect thong. The guys were all volleyball players, many were very handsome. I wondered if my style of suit which is not that un common at MDR and Venice beaches are just getting more acceptable. I kept catching one of them starring over at me and my guess is that he was more interested in my bikini rather than the girls. No one said anything negative and they all seemed nice but for whatever reason It would have been more fun just hanging around the girls and bikini boys.

Mens swimwear