New designs, great weather and a photo shoot

The new design that I am talking about today is a take on the Speck Bulge suit. The Speck Bulge offers our smallest bulge style look. Unlike fem suits that hide everything away this style hides the balls inside of you and displays your shaft in an ultra, ultra micro speck sized pouch g-string.
We decided to go one step further by adding a semi sheer pouch to the design. You shaft is folded over and incredibly small in the standard Speck Bulge suit and it is even more striking in a semi sheer design.  This design is already heading into production the last sample was perfect and my bulge was not much larger than a female body builders clit on steroids.

The weather in LA this week is amazing and the last couple of days found me laying around the pool during my lunch break in my Slut g-string. Funny as I was tanning my ass today the sun was intense and it felt great while one of the neighbors had people coming in and out of their unit getting ready for a big New Years eve party. High 70s today and they tell us it should be 80s on New Years day. Sounds like a New Year beach day to me.

We did a photo shoot last night with a new model. A very handsome Asian body builder with a tiny penis. Made me feel like a man He looked great in the suits.
We had Gabe stop by to take photos of the two new Ass Spark Silicone style cock ring anal plugs. Very nice. They should be online next week.

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New websearch option and foreskin

I am very happy to say that we have re-worked our “Product Search” on the pull down menu. It now will get you all the correct information and photos for the suit you are looking for.

I have included a couple photos of my potential foreskin project.
Yes I know it is small but it feels great. Anyone else playing with the idea.

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Best pouch only swimsuits, photo of micro pouch and foreskin

One of the new designs that I tried on last week was the Ass Spark enhanced Testosterone pouch suit. It is by far the best pouch only suit I have ever put on. Not only does the pouch stay in place perfectly, much more secure than any other design it feels so fantastic using the combo Ass Spark cock ring anal plug. This is a design you could lay in for hours and doze off having the most wonderful erotic dreams. It is spectacular visually too.

I took a quick shoot of my tiny cock in a micro pouch sheer suit. This is the style I talked about the other day that we made for a customer that ordered ten of them. I had one made for me and I can’t get over how cool it feels with the longer but narrower micro shaft and the slimmer ball pouch.

My foreskin experiment is coming along nicely. After cranking on the Tempest for thirty minutes my cock looked like it had a restored foreskin. I stood typing this nude and hung out around the house waiting to see how long it would stay in that state. It was over an hour and still micro when I got dressed and out of the house with my cock still looking like it had a foreskin. Snapped a couple shoots and will post this week.

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New suits, hair free, great swimwear and fetish wear

Yesterday I spent a couple hours trying on about eight new designs all of which are ready for production, they were just amazing. I know it sounds funny but there is no doubt I get turned on as much by my own products as our customers do. I love the stuff, it all gets me wet! I will talk about one of the new designs today but I also wanted to tell you a little about the prep that goes into our sessions. When I am trying on suits I make sure there is not one hair anywhere on my cock, pubic area or ass including the hole. I want it a spotless canvas for my girls to work on and I pluck, wax and shave to make sure not a hair gets in the way.
Knowing that I had some of the new silicone Ass Spark style suits to deal with along with one Ass Hook and a couple metal Ass Spark styles the clean out needed to be complete. I do a full enema and I use only silicone lube because it makes it much easier for me to force something that big into my tight hole.
I was all prepped and ready and the fitting went fantastic. I can’t get over how awesome some of our new pouch only designs are. Will talk about all the new designs over the next week or so.

The one I wanted to talk about today was based on an idea I mentioned in an earlier post.
Based on the Tempest style with an even more streamlined ball pouch in solid white along with a semi sheer white flattening pouch which forces the shaft inside of you. The idea of optical illusion suits turns me on. Fully exposing your cock head on a public beach with no one absolutely knowing for sure what the are seeing. The Idea was to make everything appear to be in the solid pouch and the exposed head to blend in. The sample came out perfect. Even looking in the mirror I could not completely make out the exposed head and the girls looking right at it agreed. Very stealthy design, on the fem side but absolutely striking to wear and to be seen in. I can’t wait to wear it to the beach. I know I can get away with it no problem, the suit is that good.

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Male chastity

Tight tight fit for a custom suit

We have a a very good customer that likes us to make little changes to designs and some of his ideas end up as regular suits in our line up like the Smoking Gun Micro. We only do these special runs if the customer orders a minimum of 10 of the same exact designs and it takes a few weeks. His new idea was another take on the Smoking Gun Micro. He wanted a longer shaft but more narrow and he wanted the size of the ball pouch decreased. He had us make it in sheer nude and the out come is beautiful. I had one made for myself just to see how it fit.
Fantastic. It almost looks like the shaft would be to narrow but there is so much stretch in the fabric that it fits very snug around the shaft as an almost completely sheer second skin. It feels great and looks small but sexy! Anyone else interested in a suit like this?

Mens swimwear

Waxed and smooth, favorite bikinis

I had a friend last night give you a full Brazilian wax. She was doing her own and I was helping her. I asked if you would clean me up and she said no problem but she had never waxed a guy, lots of her girl friends but no guys. I told her I was not to far away from a girl down there and she laughed and agreed. Though we are just friends we have always changed in front of each other. She did a great job with very little pain and almost no skin loss! Later this week we are going to a friends fetish party, leather, dress up all sorts of stuff and you know I needed to be hairfree because I am going to either go total fem, or wear something like a Diablo. Maybe I will bring both and see which works better with this group.

I was looking over some of our bikini styles and making a list of my favorites when I came across this photo of the Blue Boy Bikini
very high on my favorites list!

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Male chastity

More on my spandex compression idea and I am jazzed!

I was giving more thought to my spandex shorts and how they compressed my cock so intensely that it look like I had found my long lost foreskin. Relaxing by the pool today for my lunch break it hit me that maybe one of the designs that we already have (actually two) might just do the trick. The Tempest suit completely flattens the shaft while giving the balls room to breath. I took the g-string Tempest home with me this weekend and will experiment on my self to see if the results are the same as my extreme compression shorts.

I am jazzed because our all new silicone Ass Spark combo cock ring plugs  came in today. They were supposed to be in two months ago but what the hell they came out fantastic. They will be online in a couple of weeks though I will try to snap a photo and post it here. We will be making special suits to work with the two new models. For you boys that have the metal Ass Spark and the suits that work with that model, yes the new silicone Ass Spark will work with suits like the Penetration bikini and all the other designs but it is a very tight fit getting the silicone unit through the straps.

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Spandex fetish wear and why

Thought I would post a photo and talk about the details of why our Diablo line is so popular.
The entire concept came about because I like having my own cock manipulated in ways that make sex more exciting, make my cock harder, let me last longer and work on stimulating the balls too.

Look closely at this photo and check out the adjustments that have all been created for one purpose. Better sex! It does not really matter if that sex is with a women, man, both or by yourself. It is about super charging your stimulation.

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Sheer swimwear. What is your favorite color?

I enjoy wearing sheer swimwear my favorite being the small sized penis shaped pouch suits. I like a suit that I can completely fill all the time and I enjoy a design that shows my cock in all its micro glory.
Wondering if you have a favorite sheer color. Mine are gray and nude sheers…yours?

I was wearing my compression shorts this morning while playing basketball for a couple hours. I wear my super tight compression spandex under my b-ball shorts. If I wore just the spandex everyone would be grabbing my ass even the straight guys
I noticed today after peeling them off all dripping wet spandex, ready to get in the shower that my cock was as small as it had ever been. Compressed by the shorts it looked like I still had a foreskin which I do not. I was aroused by it and wondered if I should work on a suit the takes a cut cock and compresses it just so to look like a foreskin cock? Next time it happens I will take a shot and post the photo.

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