Summer is upon us. Yeah

Wow it is almost here with this weekend marking the official start to the summer season. I can’t lie as most of the blog readers and Koala customers know that summer is my favorite part of the year. I can run around our wonderful beaches here in LA wearing almost nothing and being seen by thousands. Lounging around almost naked is extremely sexy and stimulating as is being seen by so many people, it is one of my favorite things to do. I am a little pissed off at myself for not being quite ready with my summer weight target and that I wanted a six pack to be showing. My goal for the next two weeks is to drop five pounds. My plan is to be brutally honest about everything I eat by keeping an exact log of everything that goes in. If that works I think a little run on the beach in my Spicy Girl Bikini would be in order.   Have a great weekend!


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Ready for insanely micro?

We just added two new male chastity cock cages (three if you include the catheter option on Thimblelina) to the site. The Thimblelina cock cage is the smallest one I have ever seen anywhere. It was amazing to wear this design for a day and I can’t wait to try it for a longer period. I had to ejaculate the second I pulled it off and it was one of those rare limp penis sissy style full loads. PS if you know of a smaller one e-mail me a link to it! The other cage is a beautiful and incredibly secure cock cage called Emasculate. This is a heavy cage that you will feel imprisoned in all day long. You know you are locked up and not getting out in this design, no chance what-so-ever.



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Keeping your skin looking great and ready for wearing micro suits.



I had a skin doctor appointment this week, all was fine but it reminded me of a product that he gave me the last time I was in. First off my check-up was great but of course he said I was way too tan, what can I say I enjoy being outside. He gave me a new sunscreen which I will try and let you know how well it works. Most sunscreens irritate my skin more than the sun. I might have posted this before but it is worth telling you about again. The skin lotion is CeraVe and I get it in the large jar. Over the years I have used many different skin lotions and my skin was so sensitive to them that I always had to stop using them and at one point that I was not using any for years. The CeraVe is a miracle and you can get it anywhere the local drug store, Target, Amazon and most supermarkets. It is not very expensive but I think it is worth its weight in gold. I get compliments on my skin all the time and that never used to happen. I love this stuff! PS I use it liberally on my face. No expensive face creams needed!


Make sure to post your skin secrets!



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More on Male Chastity



We have built up a huge following of male chastity customers. There was really never a plan to do this it was just an aspect of sexuality that appealed to me just as extreme men’s swimwear, transsexual fashion, cock rings along with other exciting sexual based interests do. Variety is after all the spice of life.

We have a few new male chastity devices coming online in the next few weeks. Following our latest break-out best seller micro male chastity cage the “Little Joe” we have found an even smaller almost unimaginably small new stainless steel cage called the “Thimblelina” It is a tiny thimble of a cock cage created for both secure imprisonment and total humiliation. We will be offering two styles, one with a catheter and one without. The other new un-named design is an insanely secure stainless steel cage made to handle small to larger cocks in complete comfort.



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