Tan with my tiny bump.


We worked yesterday and today though it seems like most of the folks in our neighborhood were off. I’m not complaining because it’s over 80 degrees out and I spent my two lunch hours (maybe a little longer) around the pool working on my tan. I forgot so many people were off around and I had a nice parade of Teen girls giggling at what I guess is my tiny little man bump slipped into the smallest of G-strings. Lucky for me I love the tiny pouch look.


Anyone else heading to the beach?


I walking on my desk treadmill working on orders, new copy and other exciting things (at least I’m walking!) I decided to take a look at the coming Marina Del Rey weather and I see that tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to be 72 degrees down there. I might just sneak off for a couple hours of beach time. Anyone else have similar plans? Sorry I do know most of the country is cold but hey you can still slip on a nice pair of tights and strut your stuff.


Men’s Swimwear


So impressed with a product we don’t offer

Personally I enjoy a smooth hair free body on men. I know that is not every ones taste but I do know many Koala customers choose to go hair free when wearing our extremely small men’s swimwear fashions. I do the same myself. Much of my body hair I have had laser treatments on over the years. It’s effective and much less money than it used to be but still relatively expensive. Shaving and waxing are both great options and depending upon what area of the body you are working on it can be an erotic experience if you choose to make it so. There is nothing like a little hot wax on and around your cock to get things rolling. Most men have at least some hair on their backs and reaching back there to get rid of it is a pain in the ass. I have been using a special back shaver for years called the Man-groomer. You can get them at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as many other off and online stores. I highly recommend them and I am considering getting their new Lithium powered unit with two heads. Even for a little bit of hair they work great cleaning you up one two three!


Men’s Swimwear


Do you get something crazy under the Christmas tree?


Well did you? Don’t worry you can always order yourself something truly erotic, arousing, sensual and magically pleasure inducing. I could name a hundred of our spandex designs that would fit the bill, maybe for a nice after Christmas gift you will decide to finally try a full femme style suit, or maybe that pair of workout tights for the gym. In the Koala world naughty is nice and everyone should be at least a little naughty. If you are too naughty or too nice maybe it is time to stuff that little cock in to a nice male chastity cock cage. Like me you might enjoy the thrill of forcing your penis into the tiniest possible cage one that appears to be impossible to use. It is a huge turn on.
Been to the new store yet? I hope you have! Make sure to check out the blog section on there. Shorted posts but I am trying hard to do it daily.


Men’s swimwear

Hope your holidays have been and continue to be wonderful.

I hope you have had a chance to check out the new Koalaswim.com website. We completely changed the format to offer a much better shopping experience. I would love any feedback positive or negative to help us tune things up. Our new Neoprene bikini and thong designs should be ready early 2018, late January or early February. I am hoping to be able to post some photos here in the next couple of weeks.


Men’s Swimwear


New store is up and a spandex question for you.


The new store is online and orders are already flowing in. Thanks! It could take up to 48 hours for your internet carrier to propagate the new site to you.


I have a questions and I want your feedback….please.


I was working out yesterday with a girl that I know and she was wearing the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She is in her early thirties and a super hot Latina with an amazing build not to leave out that she is a fantastic person, having an insane sexy body is just a gift from the gods and her hard work. At this site we talk about skimpy cock centric designs the time and I don’t feel the need to be politically correct, I’m just going to say that Latin women tend to dress more provocatively them many other women and I love them for it. That might only be true here in LA but it is something I notice and enjoy seeing. This gal was wearing a spandex backless workout jumpsuit with my best guess no panties. Every bit of her body was completely there on display covered by a barley there thin layer of spandex. The suit clings to every nook and cranny. It is lucky that her nooks and crannies were absolutely flawless. My mouth was watering as was virtually every other guy in the gym. I’m sure a large amount of women were turned on too. It was such a seductive and sensuous look. I wish I could have borrowed them and tried them on. I just could not stop thinking about them and yes I know I am a spandex freak. Next time I see her I will ask what brand they are, order a pair and see how they feel. I know it would take some real changes to make them work for a man but I feel it might be worth it. What would you think about wearing something like that?


Men’s Swimwear

The Koala Newsletter Sale ends Sunday! The new store is almost here!

The Koala Newsletter Sale ends Sunday! The new store is almost here!


We are ending the newsletter sale tomorrow. It will run through the entire day Sunday but then it is over. If you missed it and you are in a jam you can phone in your order but the sale prices will go offline Monday morning. We are ending it just a little early because of the switch over to the new store which is scheduled to take place during the day Monday. There is a chance we will be offline for a few hours but I’m hoping everything goes smooth and the transition to the new store is seamless. My fingers, eyes and nuts are crossed!

I have been working with my team to get the new store going and it has been exhausting but worth it. Thursday and Friday of this past week were beautiful Southern California days in the low 80s. I was able to spend my lunch break both days soaking up a little sun wearing a tiny G-string. It’s amazing how a little time in the sun while being next to naked can relax me.


Last Chance!

The Koala Newsletter and Sale


Koala Update and more.

No I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. We have been absolutely busting it trying to get the new website all set up and ready to go. I must say I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The new Koalaswim.com will be modern, extremely functional on both computer and smart phones. It will offer what I feel will be an excellent E-commerce shopping experience.

In case you missed it the newsletter sale is still up and running. It is highly likely with the website change over coming in the next couple of weeks we will not do another sale for at least a few months so make sure to check out the fantastic deals.


Update on the male to female transformation neoprene suits. We have two new styles coming. They should be online within the next six weeks give or take. These neoprene designs feel awesome on the body, look great and do a fantastic job of transformation.

Koala Newsletter: Sale, Fun Facts and Important updates.

It’s the holiday time and though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over that does not mean the good times are over. That is especially true when it comes to The December Koala Newsletter and Newsletter Sale. Products that you love and crave are on sale and a number of heavily discounted blow out sales…First come first served limited to stock on hand are there too. There are important updates and fun facts/ information to keep you up to date on everything Koala.