We just did another photo shoot and an afternoon at the beach


We received a number of new male chastity products this week and we have more coming in next week. We did a photo shoot the other night staring my penis and some very intense male chastity gear. We have three new male chastity cock cages with built in Ass Sparks. They are extremely stimulating designs and we have a new super heavy duty male chastity cage with an adjustable cock ring that has a range of just under 1.5” up to 2”. This design weighed a ton on my little cock but it sure felt good. This was one of the must secure cages I have ever used.

The new items should be on the website in a week or so.



With all that going on I got to spend a beautiful afternoon at Venice beach the other day. There were a number of guys wearing spandex shorts and a few in bikinis and thongs. It must be a fact that thongs and extreme Brazilian cut bikinis that show a ton of ass are what are going to be huge for the girls this summer. Less fabric and from the looks of it larger butts are the in thing.


Men’s Swimwear


Sneaking Off

It’s mid day and I am dying to go to the beach so I think I am going to slip on the smallest suit I can find and get my little penis down there to bake in the sun. Hope there are other micros there on a Tuesday.



Update on a website issue. We found a couple more problems with not being able to order suits without metal plugs and have fixed them. One was the new Sex Doll. It can now be ordered without an anal stretcher.


Beach withdrawals!

June is the most difficult time of the year for micro swimwear lovers in Los Angeles. June gloom is a real downer. I love the cool weather but I know for most of you in other parts of the world that you would think June the start of summer and our beaches would have some of the best weather of the year. The truth is we have better beach times during some of the winter months than in June. So far most of June has been socked in with a thick layer of fog and what drives us crazy is if you go in a few miles from the beach it is beautiful and sunny. I am literally going through beach withdrawals. My cock is dying to be slipped into the smallest possible spandex pouch my ass is craving some sun and attention. If it clears this afternoon I will have to go get some. The combination of spandex, bodies on the beach, the waves, the sand and the sun are too strong to fight.


Link to the Koala Newsletter and our huge summer sale!!!!!


Silly bikini man


I had a silly thought the other day and had to check it for myself. Lebron  James the best basket ball player on the planet, a great looking guy, super rich, supposed to be a super nice guy (a few people I know have met him and tell me it is so) had a wardrobe malfunction. Caught on TV was him doing an adjustment to his shorts and all of a sudden the world caught a glimpse of his penis. Could it be that he also had a huge cock too? All us guys at Koala had to have a look and when we saw it we were like a bunch of high school girls giggling and giving high fives. He has everything in the world going for him but a rather small but cute penis. He could easily fit in one of our micro bikinis! I know it is totally immature but it was fun seeing he was not completely super human.

First time trying on male to female transformation swimwear


With all the stories in the news right now about male to female transformation aren’t you at least a little interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Most of what you read is about men who feel they are living in the wrong body which is a tragic thing but it is wonderful that it is being discussed so openly now and though it is a huge undertaking changes can be made and complete transitions are becoming more common place. Not every man who feels he was meant to be a women wants a to go through a complete male to female transformation that is why we offer so many extremely realistic and popular transformation designs. We also market our designs to men who do not completely identify with male or female and many men who identify as men but are interested in tasting and playing their femininity, this is the group I fall into myself and I do enjoy the thrill of my inner feminine. For all of you who are thinking of experimenting I ay you only live once and you might as well experience as many interesting things as you can. Be brave be yourself.


Men’s swimwear, transformation designs

Bikini waxing for men


If you have been into wearing micro swimwear for a long time you most likely have checked into getting a bikini wax. For those few that are unfamiliar with what a bikini wax is here’s the info. You go to a beauty shop or a waxing studio and you strip down most often completely nude for a full bikini wax. Most of the time it will be a woman working on you but some spots feature men. You are more apt to find male at salons doing waxing in major cities. I have had both men and women give me Brazilian wax and there is no difference. It all has to do with skill and experience (you do not want to be one of their first) Using hot wax that is spread on the bikini line, the butt, the hole and if you choose the shaft and balls, on in small areas at a time and then ripped away with a fabric strip. The hair comes off with the fabric along with the wax. It hurts but in a strange way feels good too. There are few things as sexy a freshly waxed full Brazilian. The great thing is no versus just a few years ago most places will do a full Brazilian on a man. It used to be hard to find places that worked on guys but now you can find them all over the place. If you decide to go with a full Brazilian wax make sure to have Tendskin (a product we stock but you can also find at most beauty supply stores)to keep the red irritation bumps away.

The beach has got me very excited.

I can’t wait to see the new fashions men and women will be wearing to the beach this summer. I spent the day at Venice Beach on Sunday with friends. It was a little cool and breezy but overall just about perfect and way better than the almost 100 degrees today in the Valley. I was wearing my micro bikini as a thong the girls with me were wearing Brazilian style suits with half their butts showing. There was a man near us wearing an ultra micro G-string that looked very much like a Koala suit, another guy playing catch on the beach wearing tiny micro shorts (unfortunately not Koala but they still looked great) and a number of young ladies in string bikinis and very small thongs. Overall I was surprised and delighted to see so much ass showing so early in the season. I can’t wait for summer to get cranking!

The Koala Newsletter should be out in a few days.


Penis shaped pouches on public beaches

Summer is coming and it is almost time to start shedding the clothes and wearing skimpy swimwear, the smaller the better. The fact is that Koala only offers risqué style swimsuits and I would not have it any other way but risqué is all relative. The question: is a micro-pouch that just barely covers your completely shaved cock right up to the shaft and balls as risqué as a swimsuit that offers more coverage but has an exact cock shaped pouch? In many respects I think that wearing a suit that fits skin tight around the shape of the penis especially a penis that is fully erect is even more stunning and extreme than wearing a completely sheer suit. What do you think?