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The wet spot.

The wet spot.

I have found in my many years of wearing hot spandex micro suits, shorts and tights that when you mix, penis, spandex, activity, lounging and the spandex mindset you are almost always going to end up with a wet spot. That wet spot as we all know is Precum. If the water is close by and it is hot out taking a dip clears up that pesky little wet spot every time but if you don’t feel like getting in the water you might think about preventing wet spots. Once a tight little thong is pushing hard against your penis you are going to have some wetness it is totally natural it happens to use all but if you what to hide that wet spot you might think about taking a small piece of a women’s sanitary pad and put it over the tip of the penis head. I have done that many times especially when I take a run wearing spandex and it works great. One pad can be cut into many mini pads and they will last you for many outings. I know of some men that get so wet they actually wear a condom. My penis is too small for that but if you can use one it is a 100% fix. I’d like to hear your opinion as to if you would try to hide your wet spot or be proud to have it there?

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Garter Belt Question and a working out hard.



We received an interesting e-mail the other day from a customer asking about having garter belt accessories for our male to female transformation designs like the Pink Lips and Girl Crazy along with are many varied pussy style suit designs. I would like to know if you that sounds interesting and something you might like to have.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I wanted to mention how much fun I had yesterday at the gym wearing spandex tights and sporting an erection I could not get rid of. The more I worked out the harder my cock became rubbing against the spandex until it was so solid I felt like I was eighteen again. The Predator bulge tights can handle that type of pressure without breaking a sweat but you have to be OK with all the details of your cock being on display. Lucky for me it is something I enjoy and while I was working out I was busy talking to people I know, I did not get one funny look like it was out of the ordinary. I thank the girls for blazing the spandex trail right into the gym. Girls virtually nude barely get a second glance, I’m talking about single ply leggings that are stretched so tight across their butts and pussies you can see if they are shaved and if there is any birthmarks on their asses. I guess sporting a huge almost 5” erection must look to most like a flaccid penis to people catching a glance no matter how hard it is.


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Going all out at the gym



If you are anything like me on occasion you decide to do something completely crazy on the spur of the moment without much thought behind it. Sometimes it works out great and the experience is amazing while other times not so much. Yesterday I was working out with some gym buddies and two of the girls in our group wanted to swim laps then take a dip in the Jacuzzi. I had a few suits in my car so I agreed to join them. Both girls know I am in the swimwear business and have seen me wearing micro shorts in the pool. When I went out to my car and looked for a swimsuit one in particular jumped out at me it was the Spicy Girl. Immediately and without much thought I decided to wear it, a total feminizing bikini at my very busy gym. Once I got back to the locker room I started having second thoughts. The locker area is always crowded with guys and there was no way I was going to slip on a tiny bikini that made my cock pussy like in front of all these men. I decided to undress and put everything in the locker and wrap a towel around me. I figured you need to rinse your hair before you go into the pool so I went into the shower rinsed my hair and slipped on the Spicy Girl there. Once I had the suit on I needed to walk to the pool past a lot of people. I just wrapped the towel around me and walked out to the pool, something I see many guys and girls do. Once by the pool my gym buddies were waiting and wondering what type of swimsuit I would be wearing. I decided to give them a little warning of what I was wearing which just made them more eager to see it. Neither one could believe how completely my bikini bottom me look like a girl one even said mouth gapping open where did your penis go? Once in the pool I was completely comfortable but still aware that many ladies and a couple guys gave me confused looks while other might have assumed I was wearing a very small Speedo. Speedos are popular at the pool and I guess with enough rear coverage this suit could pass as one but oh what a thrill it is to have that wickedly sexy front pussy look pouch. Once we were in the Jacuzzi everyone was chatty with no undue attention my gym buddy girls loved it and were blown away that a design like this existed. I have to do it again soon.


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New Design

This is the rear of our new sheer pink male to female transformation design I was talking about the other day. The fit is awesome and the camel toe which can be seen at https://twitter.com/Spandexfreak  is very lovely and intense. I love the way the penis is hidden even though it is completely sheer.

There is more to come, make sure to check out the dscf1599 and join me on twitter.

Last Day of Sale, Playing with a Strap-On Vagina and Labor Day Weekend



Today August 31 is the last day of the Koala Newsletter Sale and it might be as much as three months until we have the next one. If you have not yet checked out the amazing deals please do so now. Here is the Koala Newsletter Link.

I believe I mentioned on the last post that we found and have ordered the Strap-On Pussy they are on their way from a supplier in Germany! The latex strap on functional pussy fits over your anus to make a beautiful feminine love tunnel. I have been experimenting with it and if you tuck just right you can completely hide the penis. The Strap-On Pussy can be used under panties while tucked to show a realistic visually beautiful vagina outline and you can use it to cover the penis or the anus with penis exposed or if you are great at tucking like I am you can spread it over the hole and cover the penis.


Labor Day weekend is one of my favorites. We have a pool party to attend and I will be rocking a very tiny suit but I have not yet decided whether to go thong of bikini. I am leaning to bikini because there might be some kids there. I know with three days to the long weekend I am bound to get some beach time too.

I grabbed the wrong suit last Sunday and ended up wearing a Streamline instead of my usual Ballz swimsuit. The Ballz has a smaller pouch but the interesting thing was it makes my cock look larger than the larger pouch on the Streamline. (Keep in mind when I am talking about one pouch being larger than the other I am still talking about extremely micro pouches on both) The Ballz pouch fits my tiny package ever so tight and smooth where as the Streamline pouch offers me a little more room and my shaft has room to stand leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination when it comes to size and thickness. You can clearly see when I get out of the water the shaft is about one inch and not very thick. I enjoy wearing both styles but I think for all day use the pouch that keeps me smooth works better.

My dream has come true!


The first part of this post will not be a surprise to long time readers of the Men’s Swimwear blog or the Koala newsletter but let me expound a little about my love for spandex tights and the female form. I have always enjoyed seeing how beautiful women are in their spandex. When I was a kid I loved seeing the girls wearing leotards it gave me a tingle all those years ago and that tingle is still with me. The spandex tights women wear today while working out are just awesome. Some are so thin and body hugging it is like they are working out with no clothing on at all, a dream come true for a spandex perv like me (most other men too) and of course there are all those wonderful spandex camel toes to help motivate me during my workouts. All this brings me to my fitting today. I tried on the most perfect pair of sport tights. As I mentioned in other posts we have been working on male to female transformation workout tights for men. I tried on two different styles today and one was better than the next it was like perfect and perfect plus!  I can honestly say that seeing myself in the mirror gave me the same pleasure as seeing girls in hot tights.  Our design came out stunning.. It is a total feminine experience. I slipped the form fitting workout tights on and low and behold I had a beautiful little camel toe. If you saw me working out or running at the beach wearing these sport tights there would be no way to know I have a penis. The vagina size is adjustable from a big fat lipped pussy all the way down to a beautiful tiny little clam. If I had only two words to explain how hot they looked, how incredible they felt and how totally complete the transformation is I would say “Fucking Amazing” I know that’s a little crude but it is hard to contain my excitement! We will be making at least three different fem tight styles and they will be introduced after the next collection. I hope to have them ready late December or early  January.

Fem style sports tights.

I received so many e-mails about sport tights and many of them wanted to know about a male to female transformation version. The first styles we will be introducing all have bulge shape pouches to show off the penis making it a central part of the designs. I am excited to let you all know we are already working on a fem style design. Skin tight sport tights with the same vagina look front as the Lady Gear Shorts. This is an ultra sexy look. How hot would it be to work out in tights that show off your tiny little pussy to the world? It sounds like fun to me!


Men’s Swimwear


Working with a new person and a new design


One of the new styles we are working on is a pair of slinky micro shorts with the same hot fabric found on our best selling Party Girl Bikini. These shorts will feature a wonderful sculptured front pouch that pushes everything out but is completely usable for sports, swimming and even working out.

We hired a new seamstress recently and like all the people who work at Koala she needed to be relaxed and OK working with nude men( fitting models) and specifically with working with her nude boss, myself who ends up doing most of the fittings. Most of the people that have worked for us over the years have first worked in women’s swimwear and are used to working with female fitting models. The new girl had mentioned to the head seamstress/pattern maker that she was a little nervous about working with a male fitting model for the first time. I came to the fitting the other day she was working with us for the very first time. I have a great relationship with the other people and we get down to business right away which entails me getting completely nude and trying on the new styles, sometimes we are standing around talking while one of the girls makes minor changes to a sample. I had introduced myself to the new girl and we got right into it. If she was uncomfortable about being around me I could not tell. Many of the designs require me erection and my body is handled a lot by the girls. Everything went great and we finished taking a little over an hour. Later in the day I talked to the head seamstress and asked if the new girl was freaked out by anything. Mireya laughed and said that she was completely fine with it and that she had joked afterward that seeing me completely hairless reminded her of working with girls or kids. Not sure if that was a compliment but I have always thought that having no pubic hair makes all the cock handling and close inspections of every part of me much easier for them. When they are working on me often my penis is almost touching their faces. It just does not get much closer than that. Saying our work is intimate is an understatement.


Men’s Swimwear

Laser touch up



I have very little hair on my bikini area that includes my shaft / balls and after many laser sessions I get very little re-growth. A friend of mine hooked me up with one of his friends who just got into the laser hair removal business. I called and told her I needed a touch up for a small part of my bikini area along with my penis. That should not take long she said and that was without seeing how small I am J

I went over yesterday after working out, taking a shower and making sure to shave off any bit of hair still there. If you are going have laser done for the first time you need to make sure to be completely shaved.

The session was interesting because she had not worked on many guys. I stripped down and she started on the bikini area which took all of two minutes, she had the laser on a higher setting which feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. I told her she might want to turn it down a little for the penis. This is the first one I have done she said with a slight giggle. I was hoping she was not going to be nervous about it and asked. No problem she said as she pulled the skin taunt on my balls and started working her way around them. Even with the laser setting down it still hurts and in a strange way is stimulating. By the time she finished the balls my shaft was rock hard. This should make it easier she quipped which is true because the skin is fully stretched and in my opinion it hurts less when you are hard. It only took another two minutes to finish. My penis was red and starting to swell a little. This happens when you are getting laser done at a high enough level to permanently remove the hair, lower settings are just a waste of time. The vagina lips tend to swell after laser treatments she said but asked if it the swelling had happened to me before. I assured her it was normal. She told me to leave it air out for a little while and we just sat around and talked. I had not remembered how much bigger my cock looked after an intense session. It was quite a bit larger than normal but unfortunately it was back to its normal size in the morning, at least it was completely baby soft with no hair to be found!

Sneaking Off

It’s mid day and I am dying to go to the beach so I think I am going to slip on the smallest suit I can find and get my little penis down there to bake in the sun. Hope there are other micros there on a Tuesday.



Update on a website issue. We found a couple more problems with not being able to order suits without metal plugs and have fixed them. One was the new Sex Doll. It can now be ordered without an anal stretcher.