Shaved clean cocks in style now?

How about those shave your cock clean commercials airing all over the place now.  I have always pushed the clean shaved cock and completely shaved pubic area when wearing micro men’s swimwear. My cock has been completely shaved forever or at least it seems that long. I find it funny that companies like Gillette are pushing their new shaving tool the Pro-Glider all over Network and Cable TV. Don’t get me wrong a nicely trimmed bush looks great on many of our designs. The shaved cock and shaved pussy thing is a personal preference but one I am happy to see go mainstream. I remember making one of my first girlfriends shave her pussy completely clean when I had never seen that before. Trying not to date myself but all the cocks and cunts had lots of hair back in the day. The standard pussy look today is completely shaved. Love it! I hope with all the ads I have been seeing that we start seeing more and more men completely shaved or at least beautifully manicured cocks.

Mens swimwear

Mens swimwear and short shorts

Yesterday was a try on suits day and I had an interesting surprise. The girls knew I was working on new short shorts and they had an idea of their own based on what I have been talking about. They showed me a pair of cheek exposing denim look little shorts. Made of a cotton spandex blend they would be used for wearing around, working out and most of all as swimsuit cover-ups but not for in the water use.  They fit perfect and we decided to make a limited run so we could bring them out with the summer collection without slowing things down. We are looking at the end of June to introduce all the new suits. We talked about the new short shorts that I want to make. They will not be ready for the Summer Collection but right after we finish the production of this 15 suit collection we are going to do a run of only short shorts. I am guessing two or three designs and will release those this summer too.

Mens swimwear

Working on shorts for swimwear and cover ups

I have a question for you boys.
Last weekend I hit the beach wearing a pair of short short’s ones that exposed the a little cheek over my micro bikini swimsuit. I feel very sexy walking around in these tiny shorts with nothing to fall back on. I don’t bring any larger shorts with me so my little daisy dukes are all that is standing between me and peeling down to my micro which is very close to nude just the way I like it to be. One thought keeps running through my twisted brain and that is a name for the shorts when we get the perfect ones done. I figure there will be three different styles from showing a lot of cheek, that would be the one I think I would choose that for more beach and hotel gear and two others one showing about half that much cheek and the other would be just a hint of cheek for the less daring amoung us. That was the long winded way to a quick question which is the name of the line. Never one to be shy about these things I love the name Pussy Boy Shorts. It sounds very sexty to me but I could be way off base. What do you guys think of that and if you hate it do you have any ideas?


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Ultra micro mens swimwear how small do you want it?

There was a blog question today that got me thinking about micro pouches. The question was will there be a pouch smaller than the Monaco Micro? The pouches that we do have that are smaller some much smaller hide the cock shaft, the balls or both. The Speck Bulge suits which I considered our smallest bulge style suits force the balls into the body and compress the shaft down to a tiny little bulge. I would say that suit makes you look like you have a ½” cock. It is a hot look but I wonder if we should make a smaller pouch for everything. Personally my penis is on the very small side shaft wise but my balls are fairly ample. The Monaco Micro sized pouch is about as small as I can go without trying to reshape the balls. My question is should we go for an ultra-micro pouch men’s swimwear design that holds men who have both a small shaft and small balls? I would like your feedback. Thanks MD

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MIcro swimwear gets even more micro

This has been a crazy week at Koala. We had a flood in our building which did not affect us directly but it did keep us working hard to help get our neighbors unit dry and cleaned out. I would much rather see water at the beach or in the pool.  In my last post I mentioned wearing one of our new designs at the beach last weekend. There is no name yet but it had a rear similar to the Streamline with a narrower front pouch and a built in cock ring to keep the pouch fuller. Since the pouch is narrower than most it needed to be deeper. For boys like me on the smaller side we need the adjustable cock ring to push everything forward and fill the pouch. We made this micro bikini/thong in the matte finished spandex. The fit was perfect and I could wear it as a thong but when I took a little walk on the beach there is enough fabric to cover a tiny bit of ass. Calling it a bikini is a stretch but on the legal side it is just that.

My standard suit is a micro bikini and wearing this new suit caused something I had not seen for a long time. My tan line is about as small as it can be without tanning in the nude. Wearing the new design exposed some virgin un-tanned white as can be skin.  Tiny triangles of white skin on the sides of this ultra micro pouch. Made me think back to the days when I switched from shorts to Speedos. Do you remember how funny your tan line looked? I remember mine!

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Mother’s day and men’s swimwear and fetish wear

All year we talk about fetish wear, micro men’s swimwear cock displays and other wild designs for men. Today being Mother’s Day I thought I would talk about twisted designs for women.  First let me say we have an interesting mix of clientele at These are estimates but I would say about 40% of our customers are gay, 40% straight and the balance made up of bisexuals, transsexuals and a-sexual men. We cater to many different lifestyles but the main thing in common with all is the love and longing for interesting Lycra creations, I too fit somewhere into the above mix.  For years we have had husbands, boyfriends, friends and the women asking us to do swimwear and fetish wear for them. There are so many companies doing women’s swimwear and even on the erotic extreme side doing a very good job at it. I feel that market is better left to them but with the introduction of many of our butt plug ass stretchers and other fetish designs we have had many customers contacting us for those styles for women. That is something I think we can do very well. We are working on a few fetish spandex designs for women as I write this blog. I would love to hear feedback from the blog readers and if any of you ladies are interested in these designs I would like to hear from you too. In fact we have some female customers who have volunteered to be fitting models and I am looking for a few more. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Next post test driving a new micro bikini/thong at the beach and fooling with micro shorts.

Mens swimwear

Cock ring corner at Koala!

Just added the new Cock Ring Corner section to

You might need to refresh your browser to see it. I think these rings will go great with many of our designs for the times you are want a larger pouch look. If you have not tried on a head ring before they feel great and they do make your cock look larger in swimwear and underwear.

Mens swimwear

New men’s swimwear designs

Update on the new summer collection


We are making headway with all our new men’s swimwear designs. There will be a nice selection of bikinis, thongs and G-strings that you can wear any place you dare. There are even a couple of suits that are completely beach friendly (for you poor guys with no liberal wear what you want beaches) but beach friendly does not mean conservative. If you want conservative there are a ton of companies making all sorts of proper swimwear. We are a penis centric company. I get tons of enjoyment wearing the designs that show off the penis proud and beautiful. No rants today about how the girls can virtually show off their exposed shaved lips at any beach. Last week I tried on some of the new designs that are not complete yet. All of these are designed to be used with and without our custom hole spreading ass plugs.  I think I spent at least an hour of the time bent over spread eagle with the plug being inserted and removed back and forth until we decided what changes the suits would need to be perfect. This time I was able to get the larger plug in with lots of help.  It almost felt like a fist going in and out. They knew I was excited because of all the moaning and the pre-cum flowing non-stop from my little cock. The things we do for our workJ

The fun of getting swimwear in the mail!

The fun of getting swimwear in the mail!

We make a whole lot of sexy men’s swimwear at Koala. Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, sheer swimsuits, pouch only designs and of course fetish and sex spandex suits. The one thing we do get asked for fairly often is for sexy shorts. I think many Koala customers are like me in that we want a cover up to wear over our suits when walking from your hotel room to the pool or from your car to the beach or lake. We offer the Asset Shorts which are hot but I wanted something more swimsuit like. I decided to look at what other companies are making. The most important feature I want in these shorts is to show off my ass just like the girls at the gym do in those cute spandex and spandex/cotton blend shorts. The in style is for these shorts to ride way up your ass, this way the entire shape of the rear is beautifully displayed. A prominent display of one’s ass cheeks has real meaning in our evolution.  So I did something I rarely done which is look at other men’s swimwear sites. It is not that I have any issues with any other companies I do in fact have very good relations with many other men’s swimwear companies I just never have the time to sit back relax and surf the internet looking for swimwear, when there is something I want I just have it made.  In this case we were not coming up with designs for shorts that did it for me. I spent a couple hours looking at all the different spandex short shorts for men. It always has to be small or I will not wear it. I found six very hot designs (hot based on the photos) and like the old days I just could not wait to get them. A week later they arrived from two different companies. They all looked good but only three out of the size made my ass and cheeks really pop out. Of those one pair was so small it was closer to a bikini. That brought me down to two designs.  The two suits left fit like a glove, just trying on all the suits got me hard as can be. That pent up excitement is always fun. I now think I can create the perfect short shorts to wear as swimwear and as cover-ups. I will get going right away!



The beach, thongs and kite surfing.

They could tell I was a little nervous and Emily said look you are way stronger than me so you need to understand it is technique and not muscles. Steve walked over to the kite to set it ready to fly and Emily cam behind me and held the controls with me. She signaled Steve to let the kit go and we pulled back. I felt the immense pull of the kite and her tiny body pressed up against me. Not 100% sure but my guess is my bulge got bigger as my adrenaline was pumping. I was blown away by how easy it was to maneuver the kite and to de-power it (not be able to de-power the kite is what almost got me killed). She guided me through it for a while and dropped her hands from the controls. I was handling the kite all by myself.  Steve and Emily were standing right behind me and I must have been giving them a nice show. My thong by that time was so far up my ass and I was so bent over trying to balance the kite I am sure they saw my entire hole exposed at least I was hoping they liked what they saw. I asked what to do if I was going to take off on a board and Steve came over and griped on with me and guided me through the way to take off on the shore. My ass must have hit his package a dozen times and I could tell he was on the large size. It felt nice and I hoped he liked the way I felt pressed up against him. I could feel I was as hard as the tiny pouch would let me get. When I finally landed the kite with Emily’s help I was exhausted and I felt like I had just had sex. It was that exciting. We talked for a while and I thanked them for the wonderful experience. I said I would love to take them out to dinner and they said that sounded like fun. We exchanged numbers and we are going out to dinner sometime this week. I will bring a girlfriend who is very open minded and see if Emily and Steve are willing to come back to my place for a special dessert. I got the vibes they would.