Issue with ordering Fuck Shorts



First issue is we are out of most sizes of Fuck Shorts but should have them back in stock on Tuesday so get your order in ASAP!  Second issue pointed out to me by one of our customers is that you could not order the Fuck Shorts without the Ass Spark. I know many of you would like to own a pair of these awesome amazing shorts but you did not need another Ass Spark. That issue has been fixed this morning and now you can order the shorts without the Ass Spark.

New idea for a micro swimsuit…what do you think? 2 posts in one day WOW!!!!



While getting a little R&R the other day an idea came to me. Some of my best design ideas come when I am wearing a sexy swimsuit in fact most of them do. I wear my suits very low and extremely close to the shaft with balls and shaft in a very small skin tight little pouch. The thought came to me to create a design that cancels out the shaft by incorporating it into the waist band and making and even smaller pouch just for the balls. We offer a few designs now that cancel out the balls and have our most micro pouches just for the compressed shaft but this would be just for the compressed balls. The visual effect would be an extremely small pouch with no room for the actual penis which would be right at the waist line of the suit compressed down and held in place with no one knowing it was right there. Any thoughts on the designs…can you visualize it?


See through Yoga



The other night I went to my Yoga class and a friend of mine joined me. Denise has practiced Yoga before and was eager to start a new class, the class I have been raving about. We met in the parking lot and walked up together. She immediately noticed my tiny little skin tight yoga shorts. Those are cute she said. Once in class I set up my stuff near the back wall. Why all the way back there she said. I told her I was more comfortable in the back because I was still in the early learning phase. The truth is it is less embarrassing to be in the rear of the room when I am not completely sure what is going on. I am just more comfortable while I am learning to just blend in. She set up right next to me. This class featured my regular instructor and another female teacher trainee. I have been working very hard in this class to get the poses correct and I appreciate all the help they offer coming around to correct me. I have noticed the more I practice the fewer corrections maybe I am making some headway. If you take Yoga you understand it is a very individual practice and there is no time to talk. Denise and I shot smiles at each other during class and I noticed that the teacher trainee spent most of the class behind us the few times I looked over she was smiling too. She would come over and correct me here and there but the class progressed smoothly though it is a very intense workout. After class was over Denise came over and said she loved the class and then asked a funny request of me. Could you do a downward facing dog for me? Sure but did you notice me doing it wrong. No she said I just want to see something. I did my best downward facing dog and she walked behind me. That was great she said but when I got up I noticed a huge smile on her face. Am I doing right I asked? Yes it is looking good really good she said with a wicked little smirk.  Ok what’s up I asked? Denise told me she had noticed the teacher trainee standing behind me most of the class with a big smile on her face and was wondering what she was so happy about. Did you ever hear about the problem with the Lulu Lemon Yoga pants she asked? You mean the batch that was see-through when the ladies bent over. Yes that’s it she said. Your little Yoga pants are completely sheer when you bend over. I can see everything. The spandex is so thin that your butt completely shows. I can see your tan line it is so sheer. I thought for a moment and wondered if you could see my hole and asked her. Yes you can see it all. You can’t see me cock I said the front has a double panel. No I can’t see your penis but your ass is another story. Does it look fat I asked being my vain self. It looks nice she said but it is so sheer it’s like you are doing naked Yoga. I guess that is why early on there were some giggles from the girls but it seems like everyone is used to it. For now I will stay in the back of the class until my inner exhibitionist takes over!

Our most popular design of the new collection

Memorial Day weekend is the start of the busiest time of the year for us. It is the unofficial start of the summer season. This last weekend was a real shocker for us, crazy busy with orders coming in from all over the world. I am taking a second to post this blog on one of our busiest Tuesdays ever to let you know there will be many guys joining me this summer wearing the Lady Gear Shorts to the beach. If you have not checked them out yet please take a look at They are listed under the 14 new designs and that is me modeling them. I knew they were going to be amazingly popular but it seems that this last weekend every other order had a pair on it. The fit and feel from this new design is almost indescribable.


Holiday Weekend

The sun is hiding here in mostly sunny and running out of water Southern California. It was nice enough to get a little sun just one day this last week. Of course I broke out a micro suit and got a lunch break tan. This Memorial Day long weekend is just not going to off us any beach real days. That said after the weekend is over I would love to hear about your days in the sun wearing a micro swimsuit this weekend. Please post it here so I can live vicariously through you!!!!! Have a great weekend!


Michael David


More on tights: I wanted to run an idea by you.

Yesterday when I was modeling those luscious tights one of the girls had said that I looked naked she than laughed and said it would be funny if we made the same tights in a nude fabric. You sure would get a look of shocked looks running at the beach I said. People would think you were naked. The more I think about that the better it sounds after all Koala is all about the shock value. What do you think about nude colored painted on tights?


I tried on tights today


I find it amazing that when we start working on new designs my girls always seem to blow me away. I tried on one of the new work-out tights/yoga pants today and they were fantastic. This pair was done in a supplex style spandex that is a very soft fabric and with its four-way stretch looked like it was painted on my body. This is one of our first samples and the fit was perfect. If you can imagine the best fitting tights/yoga pants you have ever seen a girl wearing at the gym these were just as form fitting and complementing to my body, my ass has never looked so good.  The pouch stood out firm and proud of being filled with cock(in my case not that much but it still looked great) We are still trying to make sure we can produce them to our standards and efficient enough to be able to do them in the USA. There are a lot of companies that make them in China but I am not willing to do that.

I wanted to tell all the wonderful people who follow this blog that I am going to double my efforts and try to do at least two to three posts per week like I used to do.


Men’s swimwear, spandex micro shorts and fetish wear

All the new suits are up and online now!! Go to and refresh the page.

All the new fetish designs, swimwear designs, anal suits and more are up on, in stock and ready to go!  Many of these designs were amazingly difficult to produce and I was beginning to think my girls might leave me. They were going crazy trying to get them done. As usual all the new styles exceeded my exacting standards and the finished products are incredible.

To view the new styles you might need to REFRESH the page


I hope you enjoy our new creations. I am already having fun with them!


Michael David

The photo shoot

The photo shoot on Friday went great!!! The model worked out very well and he was willing to take the Anal stretchers and Ass Sparks without any complaints, you never really know for sure how models will react to having something jammed nicely up their ass. The photos all looked great and Carlos is busy at work getting them ready for the website. I hope to have all the new products online by the end of the week.