Your grea mens swimwear and fetish wear ideas get me hard!

I love your ideas. You should e-mail them, post them here or even call them in. If it is something that gets you hard it most likely will excite me too. The reason I am posting this today is that I received a call this morning from a new customer that had ordered a couple of new designs and asked me about a couple of others he and his partner were looking for. He went into detail and I told him that we did not have exactly what he was looking for but the ideas were so erotic and hot I told him that I would work on new designs based on what he was looking for. I am not sure the ideas will work but any cock design spandex suit or super extreme swimsuit is worth a try. I already sent the details to my girls to make samples!

Mens swimwear

New suits and cleaning info

I was looking at my personal collection of bikinis, thongs, G-strings and fetish spandex and the one thing that struck me is how old some of the designs are. I must have suits that are 15 years old! The secret to making your spandex last is how you wash it. I have posted about this over the years and I feel it is time to remind every spandex guy that the best way to clean your suits is with a mild soap by hand and let them air dry. It is amazing how long a suit can last if you keep them out of the washer and dryer.


Short short update.  Thursday of this week I am meeting with my production team to try on a number of new designs including some of the hot short shorts we are working on. I should have some detailed info on Friday.

Mens swimwear

Back and back to the beach!

Just back from my fishing trip in the mountains where I won a trophy as the world’s worst fisherman that said it was a lot of fun and very relaxing. My cravings for the beach were very strong and even though it was on the overcast side today I hit the beach in my micro bikini. Not a lot of people out for late July. Not much sun but I am sure plenty of rays came through because I definitely got some color. Once I flip on my stomach I make my suit into a micro thong and with my big butt that works great. I was listening to music a dozed off. The next thing I noticed were a couple of Brazilian girls laying out a few feet away. One had what looked like my exact suit on at least from the back. Truth is our front bulges were not that far apart in size.  Turns out they are here on vacation and she was telling me many gay men and some straight men wear thong style suits in brazil but many more wear what we would call tiny boy shorts.  I am always amazed by how nice a round most Brazilian women’s butts are. They truly are blessed!

Going fishing and maybe micro bikini mountain fun too

I will be gone the next five days. I will try to post and will also try to catch my dinner. Going up to the mountains with friends and family. I hope to get some big time relaxation in and maybe some in the mountains bikini time. Some of you might be like me, when I know I am going on a trip I work twice as hard to get everything done and end up stressing myself out. This time was no different and by the end of the day I was wiped out. My last phone call of the day made it all worth while. A new customer from Canada called to tell me he had just received his first order from us and wanted to let me know how happy he was with the designs and how fantastic he thought the quality was. He said he can’t wait to order again and to keep the hot designs coming.
That really did make my day. What a great way to end the week!  Thanks!

Michael David

Mens Chastity Blog and Locating a Slave Trainer

Mens Chastity Blog and Locating a Slave Trainer

While reading a male chastity blog the other day, I came to the conclusion that this lifestyle is more that it might initially seem to most people. I have been involved in the male chastity lifestyle for a while now, but never really thought of it as much more than wearing a device and keeping myself from getting a random erection. But this blog had a post about the training aspect and what being a chastity slave is all about, and I realized that I was missing out on this little part. Somehow, I needed to find someone that would be willing to train me.

I started paying more attention to what the male chastity blog was saying about having a trainer and I started to consider the people that I had in my life to see which one would fit the role of a trainer the best. Unfortunately, the people that I knew weren’t ready to learn that I was wearing a chastity device, let alone handle the fact that I wanted them to train me to be a slave. So I had to search around online to see if there was anyone out there that would be interested.

I spent a lot of time looking over that mens chastity blog and gained a lot of knowledge on what it means to be trained as a chastity slave, but it didn’t help me find anyone at first. The good news is that I did finally find someone to train me and I have regular sessions with them. It’s not nearly as tough or strict as I thought it was going to be, but it isn’t exactly a cake walk, either. I just wish that I had had the chance to pick this lifestyle up a bit earlier in my life, but you deal with what you have.

Men’s swimwear time to change. Time for a thrill!

After all these years there are still very few things that give me a bigger thrill than being on a busy beach wearing next to nothing. I am a nudist at heart but I live in a country where there are few beaches to go nude at. This is the basis of many of our designs which is getting as close to nude as possible. I like to say that wearing men’s Speedos feels like wearing a huge suit next to most of our designs let alone wearing surf shorts which is more like covering yourself with a tent. It is hard for me to imagine anyone who would not like the feel of a micro suit. The feeling is addictive. I can still remember the thrill of wearing a micro bikini to the beach the first time. It was like sex. My cock was wet and bulging the entire time in fact there were many times I just about had an orgasm right on the beach. I talk to many men who tell me they are too shy to wear something like that in public. Guys there are no reason to hide your body. Women have blazed a trail for us and all we need to do is follow. This summer you will see women in all shapes and sizes wearing the smallest suits ever. They are truly enjoying themselves and it is a huge turn on for them too. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of real men’s swimwear designs. Do whatever you need to do but get out of those surf shorts. If our suits are too small for your comfort zone start with Speedos. I guarantee in no time you will work your way down to micros.

Mens swimwear

How fem can we go. Men’s swimwear extremes

The beach on Saturday was awesome lots of people and I was not the only one micro. There were men and women hanging in tiny suits. Needless to say that warmed my heart. I had a girl come up to me while I was playing in the surf and asked where she could get a suit like mine for her boyfriend.

Now let’s go back to last week and even for me one of my more crazy design sessions. You might say I am fascinated with making the perfect men’s vagina look swimsuit and fetish wear. Our gender bending designs are some of the most popular suits we offer and I enjoy wearing them myself. There really is nothing like being able to channel your inner feminine being and see it complete when you are wearing a swimsuit/underwear panty that changes you from male to female. We deal with extremes from bulge suits to pussy wear styles.  I had three new ideas for vagina look designs and I brought the girls over a couple photos of nude girl’s in the doggie style position and said that is the exact way I want a man’s vagina suit to look if the wearer is in that same position and when he is standing up the lips are in the most realistic position. They were not sure if it could be done. Playing with my cock all the time I know it can be molded into that shape perfectly but I too am not sure it can be done with fabric. I got on their table completely nude and while one of the girls held my shaft completely inside of me I had the other pull my balls back hard while pulling the skin in the middle so it appeared as pussy lips. The balls pulled back hard enough will go almost to the anus which is identical to the female body. The girls had the best view of what was going on and they said it looked almost identical to the girl’s in the photos.  We talked about it and we had a third girl come over and carefully trace the position and shape of my balls in the pulled back position. I hope to know next week if the suit shape I am looking for can be done and if so will it work. We are working on three different styles to do the same thing but each in its own way. If it works I can also say having one with a butt plug attachment is a must. I think being bent over with a vagina that looks that hot one needs to be penetrated too.

Mens swimwear

My crazy swimwear world.


I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I had a lot of fun with friends and even got a couple hours of beach time in. I have been very bold this summer. I don’t care if I am with or group or just getting a little sun by myself. If the beach is packed like it was yesterday I am just going to slide right in and force myself to be almost completely nude around all these strangers. It turned out great, I was next to an older couple who had their late teens grand kids with them and both girls had on thongs no bigger than my own. There were a number of guys wearing G-strings scattered around the beach even smaller than the one I had on. That almost never happens.

The new collection is out and I hope you have had a chance to take a look at it. We are very proud of the new designs.  Wednesday  we started working on three more new short shorts designs which I hope to have ready in August and another collection of swim and fetish wear for the Fall. I have three ultimate vagina look designs that we started working on and what we did while working on those ideas will be my next post. Quite a crazy design session.

Mens swimwear

New men’s swimwear, short shorts and vagina look suits.

I am so happy the new collection is out and now I can completely turn my attention to having fun, just kidding. Now I can turn my attention to the short shorts of my dream. The new Daisy Dukes are the creation of two of my designers from their own ideas. I like them a lot but they are not my dream shorts. I want shorts that plunge deep into the ass showing off the size and shape of the cheeks in graphic detail. Speaking of graphic detail it is summer again when a young man’s thoughts turn once again to making the ultimate vagina look suit. Not sure about the young man part, at least young at heart but definitely driven to find what I believe to be the holy grail of pussy look wear for men. I wish I was driven to find a cure for global warming or world hunger but I guess I will need to settle for making people happy and excited.  I am working on some wicked twisted ideas. Will keep you boys informed.

Mens swimwear