What would your wife/BF think?

We sell a ton of the male to female transformation designs. Our most popular thong is a MTFT style, our most popular pair of shorts is a MTFT, our most popular bikini is a MTFT style and our most popular pair of tights is a MTFT style. As far as what men like to wear these designs are extremely popular. I understand because they not only look hot but they feel amazing and the transformation experience is intense and exciting. I have noticed that many of the orders get shipped to PO Boxes and other addresses that are not the home address, that is all good because our packages are extremely discreet and we never mail out any advertising. I do have a question maybe some of our readers can answer. I would like to know if your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband knows you are into wearing these wonderful creations and what they think about it. If it a secret have you ever thought about telling your significant other that it turns you on? What do you think they would say about it?


If you have not seen it yet we have added a separate section at Koalaswim.com for tights and leggings.


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Me wearing a Spicy Girl at the beach.

New item that works with Ass Spark suits and shorts

We just received a bunch of our male chastity products on Friday including a number of new items. The one I have been looking forward to the most is an all new as of yet unnamed anal plug/prostate massager made of stainless steel. I ordered this item with an idea in mind that it could be used with our swimwear styles and shorts that use an Ass Spark. It was a little larger and heavier than I had imagined but in a way that got me even more excited and aroused to try it for the first time. I lubed myself up liberally with Anal Ease and lubed the unit too. It took a little time for me to work it in but unlike many items it felt great going in the entire time, once it was in place it felt like it belonged there.  When you use an Ass Spark with a suit it needs to be attached to the suit before the Ass Spark is inside of you. Once it is attached you slip the suit on and slip the Ass Spark cock ring and plug in place. With this new device it can put inside of you and the suit added after. Once it was deep inside of me I grabbed a new Ring Bearer Thong and easily attached it to the exposed parts of the plug/prostate massager. It worked perfectly (better than I could have hoped for!) and it should work with all the Ass Spark powered suits and shorts in our collection and yours. I can’t wait to takes some shots of it.


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The relaxed penis.



There are some benefits to getting older. I have been in the swimwear business for many years now and without talking much about age I can tell you there are some differences now than say twenty years ago. If we go all the way back to my early teen years when I started wearing sexy bikinis I can tell you it was almost impossible to slip on a little spandex suit (little was more like Speedo size back than) and not have a raging hard-on one that was clearly visible off and on no stop. At times it was a problem because I wanted to be able to walk around without my cock looking like it was ready to burst out onto the scene.  On top of being hard all the time the feeling of wearing a bikini was so exciting that I was constantly wet. Sometimes with pre-cum and other times little ejaculations from the pressure of my cock rubbing against the spandex. I was in the water all the time trying to get rid of the huge wet spots. Arousal is almost always wonderful but sometimes it was too much of a good thing. As I have aged my penis is much more relaxed. I do miss the days of having a raging erection from almost anything but having a relaxed penis has it benefits too. I can wear the smallest swimsuits and not be worried about my cock getting so hard that the suit cannot contain it and it comes spilling out. That has happened to me and my guess is you have experienced that to. In the wrong setting that can be embarrassing.  My penis is so well behaved I can take it anywhere. I can walk down the beach with friends and not worry about an escaped penis. Let’s face it we get enough attention wearing the suits we love and I get more of a thrill having it seen small and even extra small.


Men’s Swimwear

A few hours at the beach, yoga and getting wet.

Ok I know I am a spandex freak and there really is no doubt about that. A few weeks ago I posted that while wearing a Clever Girl thong at the beach just lying in the sun minding my own business an unusual feeling came over me and it felt like I had just squirted. I looked down and noticed my repackaged penis shape exactly like a vagina had a large wet spot. For all intensive purposes my pre-cum felt more like a pussy squirt and nothing like that regular feel of a penis wrapped in spandex arousal wetness. Since that time I have received at least a dozen e-mails from Koala customers telling me they had the same amazing experience wearing male to female transformation swimwear, shorts and tights. One customer told me on the phone his pussy was getting so wet that he was going to make a little pad like a tampon to absorb it. I just dabbed mine with a hand towel until it was dry, I’m not quite ready to be at the beach showing off my wet pussy. Speaking about the beach I am hoping to get in some time this weekend, it looks like it is going to be nice. If you are in Venice and see me out in my Ballz G-string say hi!

I did take a few hours earlier in the week on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy the beach. It was beautiful out. I have always said when the sun is overhead the beach can be in the high 60s and style feel amazing. It was not very busy which is why I was able to do yoga with no more than a couple dozen people seeing my happy baby pose.


Men’s Swimwear


Something new in the pipe line for all Ass Spark powered suits. April Newsletter Link!

 April Newsletter Link!


I have ordered a new deep penetrating anal plug designs that is completely different than the Ass Spark but should be able to be used the same why with the suits which is to hold the front and back together while ramming you deeply up the ass. We should have them in for testing in a few weeks. They are they fantastic stainless steel ribbed plugs and I have never seen anything like them. They might even work well with regular non-Ass Spark designs. I will keep you informed and yes my ass is the first it will be tested on.


Don’t Cry and sorry to be so late posting.

We have been crazy busy at Koala the last couple of weeks and I am sorry to have missed my posting duty. I promise to do better!

The April Newsletter should be going out tomorrow and it is unusual. The April Newsletter sale is unlike anything we have done for quite some time. I will add a link to the next post. Make sure to check your e-mails for it. It is a definitely an act fast sale.  I would not want you to miss it and cry:-(


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