I love the French attitude

Hate to boast about our insane weather for the end of November but it has been in and around 80 degrees. Perfect. I spent Saturday in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas wine tasting and enjoying the great weather. Sunday I just had to get to the beach for a few hours of by myself time. 80 on the sand, lots of people out and me in my micro g-string. I had a group of French vacationers put their blanket almost on top of me. Grandmas, babies, toddlers and their parents. I am sure I could have been completely nude and they would not have given a second thought to taking that spot. My suit really is ridiculously tiny so much smaller than anything else on the beach today just the way I like it.
Most of my time on the beach was eyes closed relaxing and listening to music. I did chat with one of the Grandmas while she was watching the kids. Not even a second look at my tiny g-string. I am sure they are used to nude beaches in France. I wish everyone had that sort of relaxed attitude about nudity or almost complete nudity. Maybe I will make that my New Years wish. How can you fight or be angry when you are hanging out naked?

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Great ideas new designs

A couple of the new designs we are working on came directly for customers asking us why do not we offer this! Sometimes we all overlook the obvious. It this case a number of customers wanted to know why we did not have the Testosterone pouch and a suit like the Main Valve pouch in an Ass Spark variant. We have completed and road tested two new Ass Spark designed pouch only suits last week and they are perfect. These will be beach ready if you are brave enough and I can tell you from wearing them last week that the Ass Spark turbo charges these suits. Unbelievably is the only word that comes to mind.

Mens swimwear

New fabrics your idea and new designs

I have said this before but my favorite part of the swimwear business is creative. I love designing the suits, seeing the new samples being created and yes trying them on.

I have a quick question for you. I was downtown shopping for new fabrics and found some that are so beautiful and sensuous that I can’t wait to make new styles out of them.
I would like to know what you want most. Penis shaped suits, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, anal penetration suits or? Let me know your ideas and thoughts they are aways appreciated.

Yesterday I tried on some new suit designs for next season. These would be designs that we are hoping for a March release, I have some stories that I will post over the next few days on these crazy amazing new designs but I wanted to tell you about how even wrong turns turn out right sometimes. Most of the time it is like a Vulcan mind meld. My girls know exactly what I am looking for when I give them a drawing, most of the time. The few times we do not make a complete meeting of the minds on a design we most often need to go back to square one.  One of the suits I tried on yesterday was so far off it was funny but it looked interesting so I tried it on anyway. She was not sure about the style I was looking for and made two. One was exactly what I was looking for and the other was a mutant that I was about to slip on, a design that never occurred to me. Once on we all agreed it looked great. Not like any of our other designs but hot never the less. It was a mix of sheer, almost a penis shape but not quite, it that packaged my soft cock into a firm beautiful display. We all agreed that this suit is perfect for when you are small but once I got hard the suit had enough stretch to look even better. Funny how a mistake can (rarely)  make such a great looking design.

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New stuff ,cleaning your suits, cleaning your suits the sexy way

New stuff is always fun and we will be getting some new male chastity cages in next week and they should be up on site within the next week or so. These are all silicone male chastity cock cages and they are designed to be used all day long. They should be absolutely perfect under many of our swimwear and fetish wear designs. Can’t wait to show them to you.
I have mentioned this in the past but thought it would be worth repeating. You should wash your Koala swimwear, fetish wear and spandex sex wear by hand with a very mild soap and it should be air dried afterward. The suits will last so much longer than throwing them in the washing machine and dryer. Our girls spend way to much time making our suits with love for you to do that. Once in a while I will wear my suit into the shower to clean it. A wet suits feels so sexy and arousing to me. I rub my bar of soap over it getting it nice and lathered. Funny how the more I clean it the harder I get. I take the suit of rinse it and of course stroke my cock until it blows a nice load making sure the cum does not get on the suit. Sometimes I do all of the above without taking the suit off

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The most popular new swimsuit

Thanks to all our wonderful customers all the designs are selling at quite a clip but there is a runaway best seller and I am not all that surprised. The Cock Magic Bikini has been selling like crazy in fact we are almost out of our initial production. There was no doubt it would be popular but for me it serves as a reminder to make more bikinis. I almost always wear a micro g-string and sometimes I forget that in other parts of the world a bikini is a very extreme piece of swimwear and a sheer bikini is extreme everywhere!

Mens swimwear

The new suits are online now! Tiny penis play

All the new designs were just added this afternoon to Koalaswim.com
I would love to hear your feedback about them and I hope you enjoy the model photos.

More tiny penis stuff. The last post I was talking about how much fun it is being small. Sure a large cock is a thing of beauty but many men and women think that small cocks are very cute and cute gets lots of attention. Some of my funniest hook ups are at the gym and since I have been working out at the same gym for many years always at about the same time there are literally hundreds of people that know each other. Some just by saying hello to when I see them and some with deep conversation. Many fall somewhere in between. Many women that work out are single and very flirty which I enjoy to no end. Sometimes conversation flows to sex and last week I was talking to a friend that I have known for years we have kissed and played a little but really just friends. Not sure how the conversation drifted to penis size but I was honest and told her I was on the small side, always better to be honest. Her eyes lit up. How small? At the moment I was wearing super tight compression shorts under my b-ball shorts and they keep me very small. I took a Chapstick container out of my pocked and said smaller than this. She laughed and said you are kidding. I said no right now it is that small but it can grow 6-10X that size. She said that was impossible. I said no that is the truth.
She said show me. I said I will show you but if it is that small you need to do more than look at it. She said she would but was sure I was not telling the truth. We got off the treadmill and walked out to my car. I pulled out my chapstick again and pulled my pants down. It was not only smaller in length but it was much smaller. I have never seen one that small on a man it looks like a little kids penis. I said It won’t after you are through. With that she put my entire cock and balls into her mouth. It only took seconds before she was gagging and could not believe my growth spurt. She held up her end of the bet by swallowing something some girls don’t do. She said I never new that it could shrink so small and I said most men do not but some of us do. We went back in and got back on the treadmill. She asked if I had ever pulled the Chapstick routine with anyone else. I just smiled.

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Tiny penis fun, still some sun and new suits

My fingers are still crossed and it does look like the new suits will all be online this week
I hope by Thursday!
We are in fact working on a number of new designs for Summer 2012. The collection going online this week has 18 designs which is way more than we usually do. I have so many wild ideas in my head and so many interesting ones coming from customer ideas that we might end up doing even more designs with this next batch.
Still sunny here in LA. Yesterday was a nice day to lay out and get a little sun at lunch time and I think I will do the same today. Micro g-string of course. Not sure how many more g-string days we will get this year but I will try to use them all.
I have heard this many times before and you can search it online that most men’s cocks can grow up to 3 times the size of their non erect size. Maybe that is true for most men but not for me. One of the reasons I get used for trying on so many designs is my flexibility. My cock at it’s smallest can be well under one inch. Maybe I have much more shrinkage than most men but it can grow to well over five inches still on the small side but big enough to do the job. I see lots of male models and my cock at is smallest is smaller than all of the models except for a T-girl we used once. Her cock was even smaller maybe under 1/2″ soft.
My size range lets me fit into almost any suit. Soft I can fit into many women’s suits
There is a point to this rambling and that is there are a lot of fun things to do with small cocks.
Sometimes just being small gets me into mouthes that might not be open to others.
More on that and my funny bet in the next post.

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Mens swimwear photo shoot

We had the photo shoot last night and it was a marathon session. We went about four hours of non stop shooting in order to get all the new designs done. I went through all the photos this morning and I was for the most part happy with them. Many of the shoots involved two male models and it is more than twice as hard to get good shoots but the models worked well together in fact they ended up knowing each other and the shoot had a sexual tinge to it. Yes there was a little to much playing going on but we got it done. 18 new designs, all will be in stock next week and if everything flows just right they will all be online late next week. The copy and photos are already been delivered to the webmaster.
I can’t wait to get your feedback about the new suits. I know they turn me on because I get hard looking at the models wearing them. I hope the designs have the same effect on you!

Mens swimwear

Crazy idea, micro beach stroll and photo shoot

But not in that order.

First let me point out to KMC members that Thursday 3 at 5:40 PST there will be a live shoot with two models wearing out very latest suits. Should be fun!

This last weekend we had beautiful weather in Los Angeles and of course I hit the beach. No idea how many more beach days we have this year but I am sure not many. Saw a friend there and we took a stroll down the beach. She is older but loves wearing tiny bikinis with most of her still decent ass showing. Me in my micro her in very little we got plenty of looks. While we were walking an Idea for a new design came to me. My feeling is that guys like me who wear these tiny suits to the beach and other public places because we enjoy being seen. That is sure true for me. This idea is even wild for me! A design that pushes the shaft in, all the way in so just your head is there flat against you and cover by two layers of sheer fabric. The balls are in a solid color pouch completely covered. What this g-string will accomplish if we can do it, I already have the girls working on a sample is the balls in the solid fabric will make it look like you have your entire penis in there it but they will think you are on the small side unless your balls are big. The head of the shaft will be on full view under the two layers of sheer fabric being help against your body. Everyone will see your exposed head but this optical illusion will make it so people looking at you won’t know that it is you head exposed. They will figure it is all in the solid pouch and you will get the thrill of being in public penis exposed. Sounds like fun to me. In fact if it works I will take photos of me on the beach wearing it!

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